Library Fonts

The Library Fonts is just as the name implies! A "library" of fonts. A bunch of great unique fonts you can use for everything from Scrapbooking, to home decor, and cards and invitations. Let you imagination go with these great new fonts. Read more »

Edge to Edge

The Edge to Edge cartridge is a Jo-Ann exclusive through 2013. Edge to Edge is designed to let you create full pages of patterns. Edge to Edge is very useful for making backgrounds and frame matting backgrounds and more.
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Monster Bash

Monster Bash is another great Halloween themed cartridge. Filled with lots of fantastic Halloween shapes. Perfect for throwing a Halloween party, and making all kinds of decorations. Make uniquely Halloween cards and invitations as well. This is more than Halloween shapes, it contains favor boxes, luminaries, banners, cupcake toppers, doilies, bottle labels, and masks.
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Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland cartridge is great Christmas themed cartridge designed by Anna Griffin. Winter Wonderland has all the timeless classic Christmas iconic images. The perfect shapes that work for any Christmas party or decoration. Make your own Christmas cards or notes with Winter Wonderland. This one will surely be an instant hit.
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When I Was a Kid

When I was a Kid cartridge features lots of great scrapbook page layouts. Quickly build pages that look great using these pages along with all the great images and fonts. Includes 50 different scrapbook page layouts to get your going fast. Read more »

The First Few Years

A great scrapbooking cartridge to create pages of your kids growing up, features a ton of great images and scrapbook page layouts. Use this cartridge to fast-track your scrapbook pages by using a pre-set layout and save yourself time and get caught up!

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Home Decor Vinyl Wall Art

A very cool way to create awesome vinyl wall art. Use the Home Decor Vinyl Wall Art cartridge with your Cricut machine to make incredible and extremely stylish wall art for your home, or anywhere else. Includes 50 new designs that can be used to brighten any space.

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Simple Holiday Cards

Are you looking for that one cartridge to handle all your basic holiday card making - here is the cartridge for you! Simple Holiday Cards is the "Swiss Army Knife" cartridge for holiday cards. Featuring content for all the major holidays like: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. The versatile cartridge has a total 48 cards packed inside. Read more »

Chalkboard Fonts

Chalkboard fonts is designed to emulate hand lettering, a distinctive and hand-made look. 3 different fonts on this font cartridge. The font features include shadows, bonus letters, and flourishes. Perfect for invitations and events.
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Tiny Treasures

Cricut Famous Friends , Creative Memories Tiny Treasures Cartridge.  A great baby-themed cartridge features lots of baby creatures, both boy and girl themes, also includes 2 full fonts. Tiny Treasurers is available only from Creative Memories.
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Boho is another great Iron-on style cartridge. Unique and creative images Designed by Linsey Stiles. Add even more mediums to your creative side by creating great styles on just about any type of clothing by using the Boho iron-on cartridge. Peace, animals, flowers, unique shapes your teenager will love.
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Iron on Cartridge Brooklyn will transform your creative flow from paper to t shirts! Unique and individual designs you will not find anywhere else. Created by designer Linsey Stiles. Don't worry though, all these great shapes can also be used on paper too.
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Southwest is a Cricut Everyday Cartridge is themed just as the name describes, the southwest. Filled with the iconic southwestern style images containing geometric style shapes, and desert themed designs. Perfect for home decor projects that are done in southwest style. Contains a number of pre-made phrases in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Also includes a full southwest style font. Read more »

Cartridge Price Guide

cricut cartridge price guideIntroducing the Cricut Cartridge Price Guide!

We have taken sampling of actual "sold for" pricing data for each cartridge in NEW condition, and calculated the average sale price for each.

The data was used to create a new searchable, and sort-able page to make the information easy to find and read.

The page has been designed to be viewed on cell phones, and tablets as well as computers.

The plan is to update the pricing once every few months to make sure the data stays up to date.

Also remember, this is just a general guide and actually market prices will still vary a lot from the data presented. This is meant only as a general pricing guide.

Please share your feedback and ideas on how the price guide could be improved.
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Extreme Fonts

Extreme Fonts BinderYou will find 5 fonts on the Extreme Fonts cartridge. Designed for home-decor, they feature sizes up to 23 inches high, so these will be noticed. They also scale way down for small print too. So when they call it extreme... they mean it! Turn lettering and creating phrases into an art all its own. If you have been looking for that perfect font cartridge to make that vinyl lettering project, don't wait any longer, this is the cartridge for you.
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What one Cricut Cartridge would you most recommend?

paper doll dress up recommendI often get asked, "What is the best Cartridge?", or if you could buy just one cartridge what would it be?

The answer often depends on the persons interests, their family, and their own personality. But setting all those things aside, what ONE cartridge could you not live without.

I often recommend Paper Doll Dress Up, which on the surface may sound like a strange cartridge to recommend. But it really is a great cartridge with a ton of really useful images.

So what other cartridges are great?

What cartridge would you most recommend to someone brand-new to Cricut?

Integrate Facebook into your Scrapbook

You have a great vacation pictures of your family on Facebook, and because it's Facebook, that picture is has some great comments by friends, family, and probably even responses from you.

Place that same picture in your Scrapbook, and you write about the picture, maybe add a paragraph or two to describe the picture. What, where and when. Read more »

The Value of a Scrapbook?

scrapbook page of oldWe all remember how picture taking used to work.

  1. Buy a roll of film and install it in your camera.
  2. Take the 20-some pictures that fit on the roll.
  3. Remove the roll out of the camera
  4. Take the used film to your local film developing shop.
  5. Pick up the film a few days later (or hours).

This was all a process that produced a physical picture, you could hold in your hands, pass around.

Each unique picture cost around $.0.25 cents by the time you purchased and developed the film, so folks generally kept and cherished each picture…even if it wasn't perfect. Read more »

Outdoor Man

Cricut Outdoor Man BinderYou have asked and requested, and now Cricut delivers! One of the most requested cartridges on this site. Outdoor Man is filled with those great outdoor activities. Hunting, fishing, camping, tents, cabins, and so much more. Outdoor Man is going to be a super-popular cartridge. Also a full outdoorsy font is included! This is one you won't want to miss. Note: Outdoor Man is also available digitally.
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Restick a Cutting Mat

Everyone who uses a tacky cutting mat knows that over time the effectiveness of the mat declines.  While the cutting mats aren't terribly expensive at only about $5 each, that can add up quickly over time.
Can cutting mats be re-conditioned and have the life extended? Yes!
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Dino Play

Dino Play lite Cricut Cartridge lets you bring dinosaurs (cute ones) to life on all your paper projects. Create a party all kids will love using these adorable and playful dinosaurs. Includes other related prehistoric type images as well, Dino Play can provide lots of uses for any nature, outdoor theme you might need. Read more »


Suburbia Cricut Cartridge is a super-fun retro themed cartridge that will be a blast to use for invitations and scrapbooking. These beautiful art-deco style images will add fun and style to all your projects. Read more »

Create a Critter 2

Extend your critter collection by adding the Create a Critter 2 to your cartridge inventory!  The critters are ready for your seasonal decor or events. Perfect for creating kids party invitations or sprucing up their rooms and play places. Something appropriate for just about every occasion.

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Team Spirit

The Team Spirit cartridge is just in time for the school year. Be the hero to your school be creating fantastic posters, banners, and window clings. Tons of mascots, icons, this cartridge will be a favorite for schools boosters everywhere!
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This Fontopia cartridge is especially for the font-lovers. Awesome retro themed fonts that come from the 1930's, a great artistic and inspirational time.  Open up your creativity to these art-deco fonts that are beautiful all by themselves. Create unique home decor, cards, and more.
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Artiste cartridge that is only available from Close to my Heart. It has some really interesting 3D shapes like boxes, cones, and purse shapes. Create all kinds of crafts and themed items with this cartridge. It also includes some great phrases. If you love crafting, then you will love what you will find on this cartridge. Read more »

Dr. Checkup

Dr Checkup is a very unique themed cartridge, but I am sure just about everyone has a use for these images. Who hasn't had a child break an arm, or have to get some medical care? What better way to cheer them up than with a home-made creative card! Other great uses are for Doctors and dentist offices to brighten up the waiting and treatment rooms with custom made decor!  Great pictures of all kinds of medical tools, and conditions, along with a great set of phrases that are ready to go. Read more »

A Quilted Christmas

If you love the classic Christmas look,  than you will be excited about "A Quilted Christmas" cartridge. Filled with all traditional types of Holiday imagery. Santa Clause, Carolers, snowmen, and even Jesus in a manger. A wide variety of images are suitable for cards, decorations, and everything else. You could even use this cartridge to create a wonderful nativity scene as well, with baby Jesus, camels, the Angel, and Mary & Joseph! Check out some of the samples on the image below to see the great classical looks that can be created. Read more »