Botanicals Lite Cartridge is another nature themed cartridge, this time focusing on plants and trees and growing things. All these shapes have a certain extra flair of elegance that will work well with home decor projects and scrapbooking as well.

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  1. Momtocollegekids says:

    I totally want this!!!!!

  2. Teresa Brigham says:

    I got it. It is soooo pretty but you have to be careful because it is also delicate. I have gotten to where I use my less sticky mat when working with this cartridge. It makes it easier to peel off without damage from the lifting tool. I have gone as small as an inch with some complex designs and a 1/2 inch on the pear. You can do it but why? Also, if I use card stock, I have gotten to where I turn the paper face down to avoid white spots on the front from small paper tears. I recommend this one!

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