Cartridge Release Dates

cartridge release datesList of release dates for past cartridges, the newest cartridges are at the bottom, the oldest are at the top.

Cartridge Name - Month - Year

2006 Cartridge Releases

2007 Cartridge Releases

2008 Cartridge Releases

2009 Cartridge Releases

2010 Cartridge Releases

2011 Cartridge Releases

2012 Cartridge Releases

2013 Cartridge Releases

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  1. Cynthia Sarbox says:

    Awesome, this is so helpful. Thanks! :)

  2. Cindy Schaeffer says:

    Thank you! This sure is great to have! !

  3. Cindy Schaeffer says:

    Just curious, I updated my gypsy to the 0210 version. Are all of these cartridges on there?

  4. Marcia says:

    Yes, this is going to be super handy!!! :)

  5. Donna Wunderlich says:

    Thanks so much! It is kind of interesting to see the dates of the cartridges. Will they add new ones to it as they come out?

  6. CL says:

    Thank you for creating this page! I found it through Google & it’s just what I was seeking. :) I’m new to Cricut, so all of the cartridges seem new to me. Haha. It’s nice to know which ones actually ARE new. I’ll check out the rest of the site, too. Thanks again.

  7. christina says:

    I saw on cricut website a divine wedding cartridge not listed on your release page.

  8. Harriet Stieve says:

    Question: will you be doing the Limited Edition of Thanksgiving any time soon. Would love to purchace that and October 31 but can not find them anywhere?
    Thank you Harriet Stieve

  9. Day says:

    Does anyone know how can we find out the date which cartridges are To Be released and which shop or .com will be selling them first. Today I found 2 cartridges that are not yet listed. The first is “Over the Hill – Cartridge” and the second one is “Tablescraps Spring & Summer – Cartridge.

  10. Kim says:

    How often is this updated?

    • Janeane says:

      Kim, we updated it as best we can…if we miss something, please let us know… sometimes it is hard to keep up!

  11. Day says:

    Cricut has Released 3 New Cartridges.
    They are ready to order and Ship!

    1. Cricut Seasonal Art Cartridge,
    ‘To The Cabin’ (05.17.12 I think)
    2. Cricut Imagine Art Cartridge,
    ”Word’ (05.18.12 I think)
    3. Cricut Imagine Pattern Cartridge,
    ‘Spring Chic’. (05.18.12 I think)
    They are available and ready for shipping.
    Glad to help, Day

  12. Day says:

    I really appreciate all your work on this sight!
    I, as you might be able to predict, especially love having a Cricut Cartridge Release Timeline.
    Thank You and Your Staff!

  13. Ella Mosby says:

    I am still looking for Paper Trimmings an can’t find it anywhere. Please HELP !

  14. Sharon says:

    Thanks, I enjoy your site, lots of information .

  15. Barbara says:

    When I checked the list of released cartridges, there are 60 odd cartidges not included. Most of them were ‘Lite’ ones, but some other ‘Lites’ were on the list. Is this just an oversight, or is there a reason for them not being included?

  16. Romy says:

    How about the Solutions Cartridges (baseball, basketball, camp out, christmas, blackletter, san serif, soccer, stamping, stone script, wedding etc) and the other Creative Memory cartridges (cheerful seasons, reminisce, stork’s delivery, traveler)? The list is awesome and very helpful. Thank you for compiling the information. The only thing that would make it easier would be if it said “Lite” or CM or CTMH or “Imagine”. Other than that…it is great!

  17. Edie Kane says:

    I love the (American) Alphabet cartridge that seems to be loaded on most Expression 2 machines…will the Alphabet cartridge ever be released separately to buy???

  18. Lisa says:

    Thanks so much for putting this together. This is a great reference. I have the Cricut Lite Playtime cartridge and noticed it wasn’t on there.

  19. Charleen says:

    I had a question, is there going to be any other Disney/Pixar cartridges released?

  20. Rachel says:

    Love this site. This list is great, maybe if you can put an asterisk next to or render the cartridges that are retired a different color. Thanks again

  21. Mary Hooten says:

    Thank you so much for the list. I’ve been looking for something like this. Much easier to scan this list when buying a cartridge. There is several I have that I’m not finding on the list.

    George & Basic fonts, Office Help, Dude, Handy Man, Wildlife, B is for Boy, Beep Beep, 9 Months, Accent Essentials, Wedding, Camp Out, An Ocean of Words, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Street Sign, Indie Art.

    Thank You!!!

  22. Mary Hooten says:

    Block Party and Recess are also not on the list.


  23. Day says:

    Today, on Feb 7th 2014, I purchased NEWLY Released Cricut Cartridge which is called BOX IT UP. It has 50 various Shaped BOXES, LIDS and embelhishment type die cut PATTERNS, (patterns r similar yet, very different patterns like the Edge To Edge Cricut Cartridge). I like the shapes. I just wish their machines would cut a BOX larger than a 12″ by 24″ machine can cut then fold down to a 3-D size, the boxed will come out fairly smaller than I would like. They are cute though!
    It will be shipped Feb 12th which is the same day HSN Introduces the NEXT NEW Cricut MACHINE RELEASE from Cricut.. HSN airs the initial unavailing just after Feb 11th 11:59:59: PM on Feb 12th at strike of midnight Feb 12th @ 00:01 AM, then again at 1:00am, and 5:00 AM. The New Cricut Machine is named The CRICUT EXPLORER MACHINE. Start saving your cash, I believe this one will have the highest PRICE TAG, EVER!! Lots of $$$$$ has been spent on PRE RELEASE DATE ADVERTISMENTS.
    Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL Ty all, Dat [email protected]

  24. Day says:

    I viewed a video on Cricuts home websiteabout details on the NEW Cricut MACHINE,
    Cricut Explore™ design-and-cut system! It appears that this machine is attempt to compete with the Silhouette Cameo 12″ die cut machine. The Video stated we can draw our own drawings then via the Cricut Explorer, we can cut out our personal drawings. Im not sure, but I do think in order to do our own drawings we will need to transfer our personal drawings via being “wired” onto our personal Cricut Craft Room accounts in order to transfer our drawings to be free to cut our personal drawings, which is very unlike any of the competitors Die Cut Machines.
    I’m a little concerned that any of my personal drawings, pictures, made into cut-able designs, via the ” plugged into” Cricut
    Craft Room, will become the real legal entity of Cricut’s, Intellectual Property as do any profitable personal creative ideas we share on and with the various, on line, direct Cricut web pages sights. Considering The Angle Policy, and the Terms and Conditions, we must agree to- in-order-to- use-our-LEASED, Cricut Owned property, it concerns me especially for practicing ARTIST That we will not own our Personal Creations once uploaded on Cricuts Craft Room? I don’t know for sure, so if any Artist read this and have ant debunking data to my concerns, please inform me before I give away any of my own drawings, pictures, and paintings.
    Perhaps some one from Cricut™ will log on and address this concern?
    Thanks for tolerating my ranting, I’m another Inquiring mind who want to know, before uploading my personally drawn artwork on the IP address at Cricut™
    Working on Lovin’ the double edge of this new “high wired” world. From another on of the OLDER BABY BOOMER GENERATION craftes and artist just trying to keep up!
    Ty Day
    : ” )

  25. Shirlynn Eskew says:

    Would love to see a primatives cartridge introduced.

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