When I Was a Kid

when I was a kid binder

When I was a Kid cartridge features lots of great scrapbook page layouts. Quickly build pages that look great using these pages along with all the great images and fonts. Includes 50 different scrapbook page layouts to get your going fast. Read more »

The First Few Years

A great scrapbooking cartridge to create pages of your kids growing up, features a ton of great images and scrapbook page layouts. Use this cartridge to fast-track your scrapbook pages by using a pre-set layout and save yourself time and get caught up! Read more »

Chalkboard Fonts

Chalkboard Fonts Binder

Chalkboard fonts is designed to emulate hand lettering, a distinctive and hand-made look. 3 different fonts on this font cartridge. The font features include shadows, bonus letters, and flourishes. Perfect for invitations and events. Read more »


Cricut Southwest Binder

Southwest is a Cricut Everyday Cartridge is themed just as the name describes, the southwest. Filled with the iconic southwestern style images containing geometric style shapes, and desert themed designs. Perfect for home decor projects that are done in southwest style. Contains a number of pre-made phrases in all sorts […] Read more »

Outdoor Man

Cricut Outdoor Man Binder

You have asked and requested, and now Cricut delivers! One of the most requested cartridges on this site. Outdoor Man is filled with those great outdoor activities. Hunting, fishing, camping, tents, cabins, and so much more. Outdoor Man is going to be a super-popular cartridge. Also a full outdoorsy font […] Read more »


Suburbia binder

Suburbia Cricut Cartridge is a super-fun retro themed cartridge that will be a blast to use for invitations and scrapbooking. These beautiful art-deco style images will add fun and style to all your projects. Read more »

Create a Critter 2

create a critter binder 2

Extend your critter collection by adding the Create a Critter 2 to your cartridge inventory!  The critters are ready for your seasonal decor or events. Perfect for creating kids party invitations or sprucing up their rooms and play places. Something appropriate for just about every occasion. Read more »

Dr. Checkup

Dr. Checkup Binder

Dr Checkup is a very unique themed cartridge, but I am sure just about everyone has a use for these images. Who hasn't had a child break an arm, or have to get some medical care? What better way to cheer them up than with a home-made creative card! Other great […] Read more »

A Quilted Christmas

A Quilted Christmas Binder

If you love the classic Christmas look,  than you will be excited about "A Quilted Christmas" cartridge. Filled with all traditional types of Holiday imagery. Santa Clause, Carolers, snowmen, and even Jesus in a manger. A wide variety of images are suitable for cards, decorations, and everything else. You could […] Read more »

Garden Soup

Garden Soup Binder

Get a head start on spring with the Garden Soup cartridge! This fun-loving cartridge is loaded with garden bees, butterflies, snails, and more. All the garden tools needed are here too, like shovels, gloves, sprayers, shears. And.. don't forget all the great phrases and crop shapes! Includes some great 3D […] Read more »