Chalkboard Fonts

Chalkboard fonts is designed to emulate hand lettering, a distinctive and hand-made look. 3 different fonts on this font cartridge. The font features include shadows, bonus letters, and flourishes. Perfect for invitations and events.

Chalkboard Fonts Binder

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  1. Hilary Burch says:

    Isn’t this Chalkboard font adorable?? Chalkboards are really in right now so this is just the perfect font! The Chalkboard Fonts cartridge gives you the distinctive look of hand lettering. Featuring three different fonts, this cartridge lets you make “custom” lettering for invitations, signs, wall decor, and more. The script, extended and condensed fonts all include shadows, bonus letters, flourishes and ligatures. Give your invitations, signs, wall decor and more the look of hand lettering with this on-trend cartridge!

  2. Carol says:

    Looks good! We needed more fonts.

  3. Dianne Lane says:

    Can you do personal quotes with this cartridge??? For wall decor..For likes of sayings etc..

  4. BETH W says:

    the chalkboard font cartridge is not listed on the price guide

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