Cricut Circle

What is the Cricut Circle?

Cricut Circle is a Cricut membership club that allows members exclusive access to Cricut Circle cartridges.

Cricut Circle

Circle members have access to an exclusive cartridges each quarter. This will total 4 cartridges per year.

Current List of Cricut Circle Cartridges

As of right now it costs $275 per year to be a member of the Cricut Circle.

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  1. cindi says:

    The four cartridges per year that is offered thru the cricut circle do you purchase those it is that what the $275 cost is for?

  2. sandra jones says:

    When will the cricut circle be available to uk,or will it not ever beavailable.

  3. I did not see a reply to the question about the cost of membership to cricut circle – does this membership mean automatic receipt of the four cartridges that are released – are the automatically mailed to you? If so that is approximately $70 per cartridge. Are there other benefits to this membership?

  4. louise ortiz says:

    I am thinking about be coming a cricut circle member.Can you please e-mail me all the information on be coming a member,like cost,benefit and perks.

  5. Maria Nestor says:

    If I were to join for a 1/4 (I believe it’s $75?) — what cartridge would be sent to me upon registering? If I don’t wish to remain a member, what needs to be done to cancel the membership?

  6. Cindy Phillips says:

    can you send me the information to sign up for the cricut circle?

    • Jett P. says:

      Here’s the link with the prices and benefits listed: www cricut com/circle/sign.up.aspx

      This forum also discusses the circle and if members feel like they’ve benefited from joining: www scrapbook com/forums/showtopic.php?tid/1565799

  7. Jett P. says:

    As of this date, the price is now $249/year, $69.99/quarter

  8. Jennifer WEiler says:

    I am having issues purchasing the membership from When I purchase it brings me to a regular shopping page; where can we purchase the membership, am I missing something?

  9. Deb says:

    To spend $275.00 per year for membership you should have a list of choices and then there is only you might like out of the whole year. WOW! That is a very expensive cartridge. I love Cricut products but not that much. I was very excited to come across this cartridge, what a huge let down.

  10. Shirley says:

    If I join the circle, which cart is given?

  11. Patricia Little says:

    I very interested in purchasing a Crucut 2…..maybe tomorrow I Will go to A C Moore’s and do it……BUT after becoming interested in .french Manor and the cost of $275 a year……I’ll find another way to craft PL

  12. Cindy says:

    I joined Cricut Circle through rewards and still haven’t seen any perks. Actually had to call three times just to get the cartridge that came with it.

    Can anybody explain to me what the big deal is about it?

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