Cricut Craft Room Single Images Now Available

Cricut Craft RoomProvo Craft has announced that for the first time the company will offer full-color images for individual purchase, with hundreds already available and plans to add more during the upcoming months.

Single images are available starting at $.99 each and were selected from some of the company's most beloved cartridges, including Create a Critter, one of the most popular cartridges of all time, and Team Spirit, a consumer-favorite sports-themed cartridge. Consumers can download these single images from Cricut Craft Room(R), the free online design software that allows users to see and design personalized craft products using a library of Cricut(R) digital images. These single images are in full color to help consumers better visualize the projects they are designing and foster additional creativity.

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source: Business Wire

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  1. Darla says:

    Wow, sounds intriguing… but not sure if it is something I would do…

  2. Sandy says:

    No thanks for me… I prefer having an entire cartridge….

  3. Janis Ussery says:

    I like owning the whole cartridge. In the future I might purchase a single image if I need it for a project and do not own the cart.

  4. Carol Horton says:

    Many times, I want a cartridge just for a single image. For example, I got the Joys of the season cartridge just for the Hanukkah images. It may come in very handy indeed.

  5. Angie Torp says:

    Would we “own” the image”? Would their be a way to download it to know that we would be able to use it even if the online Craftroom is down? I agree with Janis, it may be nice for a project.

  6. lin willett says:

    Love the idea, when I do an image search in the craft room I often find images I would like but do not currently own. A four star idea for me. Thank you.

  7. Kristina M. Anderson says:

    Love the idea! Other places offer individual images for sale and I am glad that you are as well. I was going to buy a different machine and now I might re-think my decision. Thank you!

  8. sandi says:

    I’m not sure what they mean by “full-color images” – does that mean we can use them on our Imagine machines?? That would be nice since provocraft doesn’t seem to want to issue any new carts. If so, I would probably use them. I just used my Imagine to make over 500 ornaments for my tree and after adding some stickles glitter-glue they are so beautiful. I wanted something different this year and everyone who sees it is amazed.

    • mercedes says:

      I will love to see some photos on that. Do you have a blog or a place where I can go to see it, if you do please email me the address I will love to see it. Thanks

  9. Karen B says:

    Although $0.99 does not seem like a lot of money for ONE image, YOU must put this in “perspective.” If a cartridge contains 700 images, would you pay $700.00 for the cartridge?? At $0.99/image, that is how much it would cost to purchase all the images on that ONE CARTRIDGE!!! So, does $0.99 per image now seem like a bargain???

    If you paid FULL RETAIL PRICE for a cartridge, it would still be cheaper to purchase the cartridge than $0.99 per image. I realize that this is a “convenience” Provo Craft is offering, if you only want a few images from a cartridge. But, one image for $0.99 is outrageous!!! It does NOT seem like ANYTHING ProvoCraft does is “customer friendly!” Setting the price at $0.99 for 5 images, 10 images, etc., would have been a better strategic move for ProvoCraft!!

    This is just another poor marketing decision that will backfire and anger more Cricut owners to stop “supporting” ProvoCraft!!! I do NOT mean to seem so negative, but honestly it does NOT seem like Provocraft even cares about retaining its’ customers!!! Have you seen all the “used” Cricut machines and cartridges that are being sold on Ebay and Craig’s List!! Hello! Provo Craft!! Are you listening!!!! You NEED us, your CUSTOMERS, to stay in business!!! Like it or not, YOUR FATE is based on having happy customers!!! If you do not focus on CUSTOMER RELATIONS and your image soon, you will not have many/any customers!!

    There are several companies selling electronic die cutting machines for home use now. Lots of “improved” machines to choose from. Provo Craft did not have this “competition” 6-7 years ago.
    Do I have your ATTENTION yet, Provo Craft?! The failure of successfully marketing the Gypsy and the Imagine machines should have been a wake up call!! Provo Craft, YOUR CUSTOMERS are NOT happy and until YOU recognize how IMPORTANT we are to YOUR SURVIVAL and act accordingly, ANY new device you launch will not be supported! It’s just a matter of time before your “competition” will win your customer base.

    • Grace says:

      You are absolutely right. The price is outrageous! And as far as Provocraft’s customer base weakening and moving over to other brands, that is exactly what’s been happening! All you have to do is go online and look at projects people are making. Even the Cricut message boards contain cards that proudly announce “not Cricut made”. Personally, I don’t think people should use the Cricut message boards to advertise non-Cricut items but that’s a rant for another day.

  10. Jessica k says:

    I think this is a very smart thing to do. I own a Silhouette and use it constantly because of the images that can be purchased and kept in my library. I think this is a win-win situation for everybody! I will definately use my cricuts more often! As for purchasing a whole cartridge; no thanks, I don’t need them taking up precious storage room, and I definately only want the images that I want! I think once everybody sees how easy this is, it will definately take off! Thank you!!

    • gert benton says:

      I agree as i also have a Sihouette and buying only what I want or need is the way to go its easier for the storage space.I have so many cartridges too much time is spent in findind designs where as I go on line and put in what I want and they do the work for this is I would definately like this idea.

  11. Roxyie says:

    I would love to purchase certain images. However, I would really like to also purchase images from the “cricut circle” group cartridges. I could never afford to join the group, but they have some pretty cool cartridges.

  12. gert benton says:

    I think singles are great I have so many cartridges take up too much space and do not use some but a few times. I have a Silhouette and like the idea.

  13. Liz S. says:

    Perhaps a good idea. While I’m speaking my mind, I prefer the cartridges with actual books in them. Why mess up a good thing? Also, it should be stated whether the cartridges has an actual book in it. I have many cartridges I would never have purchased had I know there wasn’t a book included.

  14. chinajo says:

    I am only interested in cartridges. I hate using the computer. Why can’t they sell some of the digital objects on cartridges ex. the digital christmas ornaments. I’d buy them.

  15. yvette says:

    I would LOVE if I could buy some SVG files from other website ,I love my cricut but sometimes I see some silhouette Images,and peachy keen has SVG files to go with there stamps. I would like to use along with my cricut images. But I can”t you can not cut SVG files with your cricut TO BAD.Now I am going to sell my cricut and my cartridges to buy a silhouette.Because not only I could buy images form the silhouette website. I can get svg files cut from other website as well and the Silhouette will cut it for me. If cricut would fine a way we could cut images from other website’s.Like you could do with the Silhouette people like me would not sell there cricut.and we will still buy cricut cartridges as will.

  16. Margaret says:

    Do you mean 1!single one already cut out tp help with our other patterns or s single image cartridge which seems a rather long winded way of working. Unless ready made items seems no go for me.

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