Cricut Craft Room

Cricut Craft Room software will work with all Cricut machines, (original Cricut, Cricut Create, Cricut Expression, Cricut Expression 2, Cricut Cake, Cricut Imagine, Gypsy and Cricut DesignStudio). The Craft Room software will work with both PC, and MAC computers.

What is Cricut Craft Room? Cricut Craft Room is a free online design tool. The software is expected to be available in April of 2011. Cricut craft room will require an internet connection and access will be made with your account.

You will be able to link a Gypsy to Cricut Craft Room, or if you do not have a Gypsy you can link your cartridges to CCR using the USB cable and your Cricut machine.

cricut craft room screen

“Cricut Craft Room is the solution to many of our customers’ requests,” says Jim Colby, Senior Vice President of Product Development. “With this new software, anyone can design with our complete library and add their personalization by welding and manipulating our artwork on the virtual mat. Customers must own a cartridge in order to cut images from it, but they can design and get inspiration from everything.”

CCR sounds like it is going to be a web-based tool very similar to the current Cricut Design Studio software. CCR will work like a virtual Cricut mat.


  • drag and drop
  • one-touch welding
  • image grouping and sizing
  • search for specific images in a vast library

Q: Can I save my cut files/designs on my computer hard drive?
A: Yes, You can save your cut files in your account AND on your hard drive as back up.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think about the Cricut Craft Room Online Software!

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  1. cindi says:

    Has anyone else had problems getting into the Craft room?
    I get the message that I don’t have permissions.

  2. carol says:

    I have tried for months to get into the craft rm. and I still NEED permission,,,I am disapointed that PC still has not fixed this problem

  3. JUdith Burkhard says:

    Is anyone from Provo Craft ever going to answer ANY of our questions concerning getting into Craft Room?

    I have also tried for months to into the “Craft Room” and can’t.

    • Barbara Patton says:

      am sick and tired of trying to get into craftroom. I am still paying on this cricutmini and can’t do a thing. What are you people doing to correct this problem? Help….

  4. Karen says:

    I just purchased design studio and now there is a free site that will let me use ALL of the cartridges FREE????

  5. Cindy Salomon says:

    I would love to get into the Cricut Craft Room to try it out. How long before I might get the invite to gain access? I have a Cricut account already. Please let me know.

    In addition, is this access going to eliminate the need for people to purchase the cartridges?
    It might appear that could be the case.

    Thank you,


  6. DEB says:

    I too just bought DS and am a little bit peeved to think it may be the same thing free.. is it? What is this about? I was looking to see as a newer user if I could buy CUT files seeings that I can’t use the SVG files on sure cuts alot, ( which I never purchased but was about to) you have to be invited to this site or what? A circle member? I dont understand how this all works..

  7. DEB says:

    AH now I see the issue, PC needs a bigger computer and a better network connection.. at least the blog isn’t as slow, or seemingly as slow as it used to be. With all the graphics files going on of COURSE they are going to lag.. and be slow. BUT PC should know that for goodness sakes. Is there a place to buy the cut files or no?

  8. James Griffith says:

    I down laod cricut craft room on both of my computers i is labtop computer with vista windows outher is desktop computer with xp windows on both of the when i enter my usermane and password it said your not in public beta i well like to us it for my cricut imange. I can not get in i do not understand i wach this veido i did everthing right did not work i need help to get it working i got it from website were i down load it from to my computer used it for brithdays,cristmax,easter for grifts and cards becouse i have a big family and thay have kids too.thay all love it thay used my cricut too.

  9. Rochelle says:

    I think this is a lot like the design studio i could be wrong but i think they should allow us to design our own images to cut. When i first got my cricut I didnt have any kids but now i have 2 and one on the way and i just cant afford to buy cartridges which even with this program you still need them. i had a couple but when we were building our house we put our stuff in a storage unit and they all got stolen so i had to start over. and i had kids by then it sucks to have to buy them all again especially because i can not afford to keep buying cartridges. they need to make a cartridge with tons of images and fonts on it or offer them for a lower price because i dont ever use ever image on the cartridges i do have. even if they offered a program online that you could use all the cartridges but charged a yearly fee to use that was reasonable i would condsider that. even

    • Pkedrm says:

      I recommend buying your cartridges on Ebay. I have over 60 now and my average cost per cartridge is about $22.00 due to auctions. My favorite sellers offer free shipping, and that is a big plus when you live in Alaska like I do. Try it! Craft-e corner and Proudparents are my two favorite sellers.

      • Nancy says:

        I downloaded the Cricut Craftroom, but have not been able to purchase the digital items, I live in Puerto Rico, USA and Puerto Rico is not on their dropdown list.

      • QueenofQ says:

        I buy most of my cartridges through Proudparents also and have just purchased almost all of the Imagine cartridges from $7.60-$13.50 each! I got the Imagine for Christmas left over from Walmart Black Friday for $187. I am so excited! I started out 2011 with 10 cartridges and now have over 60. Craft-e-corner & HVcrafters are also good. Hoping to try the Craft room soon!

      • caryl says:

        I looked for proudparents and craft-e etc.. and couldn’t find them.!!

  10. Susan Kilbourn says:

    I think that it is just si neat that you will be able to do all of those things with cricut crafts room is the a place you have to go to get the software from.

  11. Myrtis says:

    I have put it on both of my computers and it seems to run pretty smooth. My question is …..How do I put my carts from my Gypsy to craft room? I have a lot. Is there a manual somewhere? And does it disable my carts on Gypsy. I still like its mobility. What kind of cart. purchases can you make online and do you also get the package when purchased?
    I love my cricut and related products.

  12. Silver says:

    I really wish CCR had the ability to let us make our own designs. Some of us are very creative and have that perfect IMAGE in our heads. However, with my IMAGINE, my IMAGINATION is limited to Provo Craft’s designs. I would be willing to pay an annual membership fee to make my own designs. Also, They should allow people to design with CCR and purchase a one time use for the pieces they need, like $2.99 per completed design if they don’t need the entire cartridge. I guess paying $500 for the machine and $70 per print cartridge for IMAGINE wasn’t enough for Provo Craft so they have to charge up to $80 per design cartridge when I might only need 1 of the 25 pieces for one time use. They have made it to where you can’t possibly afford the thousands of cartridges they have made. Let’s say you find a deal at $30 per Imagine cartridge… and you only want 100 of their thousands, that’s $3000 Come on Provo Craft, surely you can do better than this? Make it affordable and sell more product!

    • Jo Oakes says:

      I completely agree with you on everything you have said. Why don’t they just listen to their customers. I have actually considered selling my machine to get one that is compatible with Sure Cuts a Lot.

      • Summer says:

        I agree too. Make something like sure cuts alot. I am thinking of getting a new cutter and going away from provo craft too.

  13. Dolly says:

    I have the Cricut Craftroom on my computer and have been using it for some time. Now when I go to use it I get a message that says I need to update my firmware. I followed the directions and even repeated them and I still get a message that my update failed. I cannot use the program if I cant update my firmware. Anybody have any suggestions?

  14. Norma Payne says:

    Where can I obtain the software for The Craft Room? Sounds like a fun place.

    • Tresia says: and I still cant get in ,.. something about having to have an invite im not sure if I missed my invite by e-mail or if I just have not been put on the list,…

  15. Pauline smith says:

    In all the blurb about CCR it mentions being able to get digital cartridges, can anyone tell me how do we get them? Also can the digital cartridges from the gypsy be used with other cricut machines

  16. Caroline says:

    Hi All I have now bin on the craft room it looks good. I have cut with my miagin and have had now problems.

  17. elsie says:

    I am having problems with layering. For example if you get your image at 3, when you get the layers, they come out bigger than the base image and you have to manually sized it to the base, when you do a cut from your machine and set to a size everything cuts to fit…

    I don’t know what to do, I love the CCR , but i haven’t been able to do this steps right. Anyone knows what to do? I tried a video instruction I saw in YouTube and was doing it with the lady, and still did not work for me.


    • Caroline says:

      Hi Elsie I havent Tried to do that with this craft room. I will have a go. If you have a gypsy it may work.

      • Caroline says:

        Hi elsie

        I have tryed to do the layers on the ccr and if you do your first imag.

        Then you marry up the second layer on top and pick one section on it and in larg it slowly to what you think is ok.

        And do this with all the layers.

        I have do it with the hello kitty.

        If you have three peaces in one peaces just pick one in the three and the others will marry up fine.

        hope you can understand it.

  18. Ute from Germany says:


    I have use CricutCraftroom online, but I couldn’t cut.
    Then I have installed the CricutCraftroom App on my Desktop, but when I want to open the Desktop CricutCraftroom, then I get a error ccrbridge.exe doesn’t work.

    Can anybody say me, what I do wrong.

    When can I use the completly CricutCraftroom? (Not the Beta-Version)

    Thank you

    • Agathe Gabor says:

      have the same problem. Have they already know why?
      Write to me please email enes when they came foran. ‘m Quite desperate that I can use the Craft is not room.
      Thank you,
      Gabor A.

      • Ute from Germany says:

        I have the same problem yet.

        I have install the CricutCraftroom (19,1MB), installed is everything o.k., but when I want to open CCr, than is the same error: ccrbridge.exe doesn’t work:

        The Cricut Bridge application has unexpectedly quit. Cricut CraftRoom must close down now.
        You may try and re-launch Cricut CraftRoom.
        If this problem persists, please contact customer support.

        I have vista home basic, adobe air is correct installed, my internet connection is about 500kb.
        I don’t know, why I can’t work with CCR.

        I need help….

        • SUSIE WELCH says:

          Good luck…that is the exact problem I’m having. I to have Vista Home, adobe air is correctly installed and my conection is fine….have talked with the “cricut” people and they say the are still working out bugs!

          • Ute from Germany says:

            Dear S. Welch,

            thank you for the information.
            I wait until the problem is solved.
            I’d like to work with CricutCraftroom.

            Can you remember me, we talked together…
            Thank you so much……

  19. Caroline says:

    Hi I have the beta version and it works fine . Try to uninstall it and then reinstall it

  20. Alina koludrovich says:

    I used my username and password to try to get into the cricut craft room,only it won’t except my password or username.which is strange since I can get on with my username and password.Ive tried several times and then tried different days.but it still will not except my information…..thank you for your time.Sincerly,Alina from Battle creek MI

  21. Renna says:

    Is cricut planning on coming out with any software similar to sure cuts alot or makes the cut that would allow users to create their own images for cutting using scale rather then using only cricut cartridge images as a base? If I already own a gypsy what perks would the craft room have over it?

  22. doris says:

    How do you cut the layers, it seems everything is cut real size. It is too time consuming layering them manually to cut.

  23. Katie Widener says:

    Love CraftRoom! I have a Cricut Jukebox and am wondering if I will be able to use it with CraftRoom like I could with Design Studio. This would be extremely valuable!

    • cindy p says:

      i understand from a tutorial and a friend that your cartridges can be stored in the CR.She said it is not necessary to hook your jukebox into your computer.Your cartr. will be stored in the CR.Too bad.I just bought a jukebox and I feel that it won’t be as time saving as the CR.Maybe just for small familiar projects.Also the Cr by passes the prompts on our machines.I think I will learn more about the machines and why I have mechanical problems before I try to tackle the CR.But wow!I love the welding and sizing of letters.Will relieve some stress and frustration!!!!Hope this is posted.

  24. sonal jethwa says:

    i do like the ccr however how do you connect the ccr to the gypsy and how do you update the gypsy with the digital cartridges that i bought thats ccr exclusive? i still would like to have a physical cartridge on hand . at this time i am not able to connect gypsy what needs to be done/

    • Julie says:

      I would like to know this too! anyone know? It says in the description “You will be able to link a Gypsy to Cricut Craft Room, or if you do not have a Gypsy you can link your cartridges to CCR using the USB cable and your Cricut machine.”

      so how does one go about linking the gypsy to the cricut craft room?
      please advise. thank you!

      • Jennifer says:

        I have been trying to figure this out all day! I thought I was going crazy because it clearly says you can link your Gypsy to CCR, but I have found no information on it. I guess they are still working on an update to allow us to link the Gypsy (according to some investigation on forums and such)…hopefully it will be here soon!

  25. tracie says:

    this is horrible!!!! i can’t finish any project without the program crashing! :( i’ve wasted several hours today trying to create different projects to print and cut on my brand new imagine and i’ve accomplished nothing. every time i reopen the program after it crashes, i can’t open any of my saved projects and have to start from scratch. this is beyond frustrating! i’m thinking of returning all of the cartridges and imagine. i was so excited to buy this product (i’ve FINALLY saved enough for it) and it has been nothing but a let down and a frustrating experience. :( this product costs too much to have such inferior software.

    • Robyn says:

      Tracie — did you ever get it figured out? I just opened my Imagine and have tryed all day to get the word CLASS of all things to work on and nothing will – so frustrating. I didnt no that the imagine didnt weld words together either — I have the cake cricut and love it – hard to use because your dealing with fondant but so much eaiser then this one — just wanted to no if you had got yours to work with the craft room…thanks!

  26. barbara mcguire says:

    I still cannot login to the craftroom. I downloaded it, got my pass word and still it won’t work.
    I am unhappy due to the fact that I can”t use the cricut mini that I bought from HSN. So now I will have to return it. I waited on hold for 47 minutes to talk to someone who could help me. In the end she did not have any answeres. So if you have a solution to this let me know.

  27. aimee says:

    Where can I find the cartridge for the carnival theme that is on the commercial? The one with the mustache straws.

    • Tammi says:

      I got mine on ebay for like $15.00, thats the best place to go to find cartridges at a resonable price! My library consists of over 90 cartriges, most from ebay, I refuse to pay more then $20 for them!! If I get outbid, so be it, another one will be up for bid soon, just be patient and don’t give up, you can save hundreds of dollars this way!!!

  28. Susan Dickson says:

    I own a Gypsy, Create, Expression, and 62 cartridges including the digital 2 included with my Gypsy. All my cartridges are linked to my Gypsy. I am chomping at the bit to be able to link them to CCR!! Do you have any kind of a time line for that major improvement? I feel like a huge carrot is being dangled in front of me, and I just can’t get to it. :-)
    (Everything can be compared to food, by the way!)

  29. Deborah says:

    Hi, I cannot get my “MINI” cricut to CUT! When I do push cut it says I’m in the” design” something.
    I am pretty sure I did everything right. I also followed Jinger’s instructions on HSN. I am not computer savvy. But it doesn’t work. If you could walk me through it I’d sure appreciate it. I did register it, Maybe I did something wrong?? Thank you for your help. Deb

  30. Robyn says:

    I am having problems with the craft room as I see alot of you are =( So frustrating! I just got the imagine and was bummed when I found out I couldnt “weld” from the machine but can in the craft room – but I worked all day to get the world CLASS – for my sons school — Class of 2011-2012 headstart – for his scrapbook and it would say it was sending it – and it would pull in the mat then spit it out and then act like it was going to cut then stop — GRR – any one else have this problem? I just want to use the darn thing!!!

    • SUSIE WELCH says:

      Yes, I am also having that problem! I printed some really pretty pics from the Imagine collection, printed fine, then when it came to cut it acts like it is going to cut but it just spits it out. Wasted a lot of paper and ink around Christmas… too, I just want to use it!!!!

    • Wendy says:

      I’m just now seeing this post, so you may have already contacted Provocraft and received assistance. I had the same problem with my Imagine spitting out the mat when it should be cutting the design. I called Provocraft and they had me look at a set of numbers on the “About” screen. I had 4 zeroes where there should have been other numbers (Ex. 3444.0133.0000.9845). They determined from those 4 zeroes that the cutting software was not downloaded on my machine and I had to send it back for a replacement. If you haven’t contacted Provocraft yet, you may want to so they can walk you through the steps to determine if this is the same issue.

  31. Marilyn H says:

    I can’t use my Cricut Create at all after trying to download the Craft Room firmware. The firmware won’t successfully download and it has harmed the machine. It won’t work with my cartridges or in the Craft Room. This is a huge defect in the system. I’m thinking of returning the machine for a refund. It worked before I tried Craft Room. I’m VERY frustrated and disappointed.

    • Michelle K says:

      I had the same problem and am a first time Cricut user. I then downloaded a trial to the DesignStudio and it changed the firmware from 1.61 back to 1.54 and it worked again.

      • Gloria P says:

        Thanks for this VERY IMPORTANT tip! I’ve been trialing the Cricut Craft Room for almost a year now and ran into this problem many versions ago. When I tried to use it again today, the firmware update to v1.61 locked me out of everything. Backing out to v1.54 is the only way to go. I think that Craft Room will be great when all the bugs are out, but right now there are still to many to effectively use. It’s frustrating that a company would release a product like this for general use with so little user support.

  32. Rebecca S says:

    Love the idea but it would be nice if it actually worked. I’ve loaded everything and can’t cut. HUGE waste of time.

    • Robin says:

      I had this same issue and it is very frustrating. I saved my work, exited the program, and then went back in and was able to click on cut. It also gave me the error that I needed to insert the cartridge into my expression, which it already was. So I just pushed down on the cartridge very lightly and it recognized it. When this program works, it’s awesome; however, it’s crashed on me a lot! Like I said, I just exit and go back in.

    • Pat says:

      I tried to use mine for the first time after a year . It would not cut. I tried everything ,finally
      I went to cricut sync and let it run Now it works great.

  33. K Buchwald says:

    Why are there so many disconnects? Doesn’t matter which computer I am using. Why can’t my new computer that I just bought allow me to use the craft room?

  34. Robin says:

    Anyone know what cartridges are free with Cricut Craft Room? I know the Cricut Craft Rooms Basics is free, but I thought there were two free cartridges when you downloaded the software. Anyone know what the other one is? I don’t want to do a trial and error as it’s too time-consuming. Thanks!

  35. Stella says:

    When I try to sign in on my PC, I get a message that says “unable to contact Please check your internet connection. I’ve checked my internet connection, enabled on both firewall and spyware. Still get the same message. Anyone have this problem? Were you able to resolve it?

  36. Lisa says:

    Has anyone had trouble getting their gypsy to connect to expression or imagine after update? Was fine before the update. My E says “unable to connect” even though the gypsy is connected to the expression or imagine. It will connect to the computer for updates???Very frustrating have new imagine and can’t use it. Is there a way to connect gypsy to CCR and load carts from gypsy!

    • Hi Lisa, did you overcome this. If you ignore that message and wait until you get to press cut then it will connect. I had lots of trouble with this recenlty and recived excellent support from Printblocks and relaised it worked all along its just that it is not very clear.

  37. DIana says:

    Where and how can I find the price of a font on the craftroom?

  38. Diane says:

    I’m having problems with Cricut Craft room and with my cridit connecting to my computer. I have changed my password, uninstall and reinstalled CCR, but still cannot login!! My Cricut will not connect to my computer. I last used CCR and my Cricut on January 5, 2012 and now 2 days later (after I have purchased paper for a paying project!!! UGH!!) I cannot login or connect to my Cricut. This is very frustrating to me. If I cannot get this issue resolved by Tuesday, January 10, 2012, I will have to give my customer a refund!!!! I can be contacted by email. I will be calling PC/Cricut Monday, January 9, 2012.

    Not a happy customer!!

  39. SUSIE WELCH says:

    If it ever worked it would be great. It keeps comming cricut bridge application has unexpectedly quit and it goes off. When it will open it just will not print and cut on my Imagine.?? Really frustrated…..why can’t they just offer a program like our old Design Studio that would work and do all it’s suppose to do??? Now my Design Studio will not work with my Imagine or Expression 2!!!

  40. Donna Jivan says:

    Has anyone had any trouble with their expression after installing the craft room? Our work expression will keeps freezing with uninstalling mat on the screen. We have to keep turning it off and back on to get it to work again. I installed craft room a month ago, but haven’t really used it much. I don’t know if this issue has to do with the craft room, or another problem.

  41. Ron Highfill says:

    Don’t even think of trying CCR with a PPC iMac. The site ways it works with a PC and a Mac. NOT TRUE! I figure about the time Provo Crafts law suit against Microsoft (for failing to write satisfactory software code) winds it’s way through the courts, there will be a bright, up and coming company with a new machine and the software that really does what it promises.

  42. Sharon says:

    I wish that there was the ability to buy an image one at a time rather than still have to buy a whole cartrige. They could charge per each image just like the Silhouette Machine does.

  43. Marsha says:

    Does anyone know how to upload a font to CCR or if it’s even possible. New to the Cricut World.

  44. RUBY COWAN says:

    I tried for many hours to get the cricut craft room to work, what a waste of time, many valuable hours spent, and I am totally frustrated. I have defended cricut in the past, I do like the product
    but, find the craft room misleading because your are unable to produce the product as stated…. error message ccrbridge.exe doesn’t work. I just tried my niece’s silhouette machine…cannot believe how wonderful and user friendly it is.


  45. daniela says:

    how can i move a shape to overlap with another image (i am very new to this and have no idea): I have the cricut expression 2 and am trying to do a onesie shape card and want to overlap two onesie images so that when i cut it will cut ONE combined image. HELP!

  46. Phyllis colborne says:

    Are you going to have an apps for the iPad?

    • Trina says:

      The problem is that IPad does not support Adobe Flash. There is a way around it. The app, Photon. My Internet connection is not great, so it runs very slow.

  47. stephanie says:

    How do I enter the draft room please?

  48. Vanessa says:

    Holy macro! I was SO happy when I saw this little site (almost as happy as the day I received the Cricut Expressions 2), as I thought this was a great way to be able to cut. Boy was I wrong! It seems like it would be fantastic if it ever worked. I have fiddled with this thing for hours already, and the time I spent on it, I may as well have hand-cut all my projects!
    I downloaded all the drivers/files, etc, and was able to design a project, however, when I go to “cut”, I am allowed to select my Cricut and that is all. The screen goes back to the previous screen and doesn’t seem to link to my computer. Has anyone else been able to get past this point?
    This is a very expensive piece of equipment to sit in the corner and collect dust…

    • Carma says:

      I have the exact same problem when I can get them to connect. Has anyone figured out how to fix this? I have e-mailed Provo Craft for help and never recieved a response. I have been meaning to call them.

  49. Julie Barnes says:

    I was watching the tutorial on bookmarks, and when I went to the Cricut craft room, I could not find the edit bookmard tab. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    thanks for any help


    • Heather says:

      Hi Julie,

      They got rid of it. Not sure why other than wanted us to link all of our cartridges to the CCR, that serves as our “bookmarks”.


  50. Sara says:

    after numerious trys the craft room opens and designs on my computer. So far I cannot get the correct firm ware to update on the cricut. Hawe turned off my anti virus; rebooted, tried reinstalling numerious tomes. Expression knows the usb is connedted, and apears to be updating but just hangs up and no update., nadda … . . have beenplaying withn this on anf off for amonth. still have’t gotten anythig to actually cut!!!! you need better instructions and trouble shooting. reading blogs it seams hardly anyone can get this progran to work. disappointed in NY

    • Gloria P says:

      Saw a new update for Cricut Craft room came up on Feb. 19th, so I decided to try again. Updated the Craft Room, then was told to update the firmware on my Create. Couldn’t get anything to work. Read a note here to turn everything off and start again. When I did that, I at least got to the ability to cut, but CCR wouldn’t recognize that I had the cartridge loaded. Noted in this blog that someone said to just try pushing on it one more time. Still didn’t work. Still can’t get paper to load, use the CCR or anything else. Fired off another feedback letter to Provo Craft!! I’m heading back to the Design Studio to back out my Create firmware to v54. At least there I can work with the machine alone.

      If anyone has suggestions, the same problem, or any other comments on this matter, I’d be glad to hear them.

      • Gloria P says:

        FINALLY got Cricut Craft Room to work with my Cricut Create.
        HINT: I’m using Build version 132 of Craft Room and v54 of the Cricut Create Firmware. When going to cut in CCR and you’re prompted to update your firmware to v61, skip and cut anyway. It actually WORKS!! I’m quite excited after all these months and hope to play around enough now to gain some proficiency in using CCR.

  51. Janis says:

    What happened to the Bookmark under options? I have the Wishlist but cannot locate the bookmark.
    Also, can I link my Gypsy cartridges to the Craft Room?

    • Jo Oakes says:

      My bookmarks have disappeared to. I think PC just want us all to link our cartridges to our machines so that our friends can’t use them!

  52. Rene says:

    When or is there a way to download my cartridges from my Gypsy to the Cricut Craft Room? I have already stored my cartridges and do not want to have to get them out again and I have some cartridges that were automatically downloaded from Cricut to the Gypsy so I do not actually have the physcial cartridge. Please let me know when or if this is going to be possible because I have lots of cartridges on my Gypsy that I would like to use on the Cricut Craft Room.


    How do i get a cricut account?

    • Caroline says:

      Hi Bredetta if you have downloaded the craft room on you computer or laptop there will be creat account on there. go to the cricut .com and go from there.

  54. C Barrett says:

    Well I have just purchased a Cricut Expression2 and I cant seem to see how to get into the Craft Room. Can anyone help Please…Thank you.

  55. Nita says:

    I’ve been using CCR for a while, no problems. I bought a new cartridge by selecting the ‘Buy’ option in CCR. I know I didn’t dream it – I got a message during the purchase process that I would be able to cut with my new purchase immediately. Well, I cannot. It still wants me to insert the cartridge. Can’t ‘link’ ’cause I don’t have the shipment yet….. Of course, it’s Saturday evening and PC is closed!

  56. Jo Oakes says:

    Was just wondering if anyone else has the same issue as me.

    When I weld in Craft room, if I weld 2 pieces together that have contours inside them, sometimes the little contour shapes will randomly disappear or ‘grey’ out. Then they don’t cut. Any help on avoiding this. None of the overlapping edges are causing this as they are clear of the inside contours.
    Thanks Jo

  57. Erin says:

    Is anyone else getting an “error” message when trying to use CCR? Mine is telling me it cannot connect to the internet — obviously, I’m able to connect!!

    Things worked perfectly yesterday! I have a project deadline!! HELP!!

    Thanks, Erin

    • Heather says:

      Hi Erin,

      Are you using the Imagine? I have had several problems with it and when I called Cricut support she told me that they had a bunch of calls about it not working with the Imagine. Especially if you have several projects saved. I erased a bunch of projects I didn’t really need and it worked really well.

      Good luck.


  58. Anna says:

    Major issues here!!! Purchased My cricut e2 around christmas, wanted to use it with scal2 or even design studio or craft room, Hooked it up and got it connect just fine except it wouldnt send to cricut to cut, it was saying install usb drivers on scal2 and design studio said usb out of date or not properly installed. i saw nothing about installing usb?? I read the whole getting started book and found nothing. i called cricut help line and after many attempts to help me she had me send it back to be broke down and sent me a new one. When I recieved my new one last week, I have tried all weekend to get it connected and it says failed to install drivers (this is just plugging it in to my laptop) so I did troubleshoot and it said couldnt locate drivers to install. I finally called again today and they informed me that e2 was to updated for cds or ccr and I told her that made no sense to sale something people cant use. I told her I still wanted it fixed to work with my computer bc there was still an appearent problem that it wouldnt connect it kept telling me failed to install new drivers. she was saying that bc the cricut 2 was to updated it wouldnt work with anything not ccr nor cds. and bc of that I had no need to connect it to my computer until there was a update on cds, I told her that even though my cricut snyc doesnt even see the machine is hooked up and turned on, forget the cds and ccr I wanted my machine to work with my computer bc I have scal2 I can use and she just cont. to say I couldnt do anything about the drivers? What else can i do… this doesnt seem fair that I have a machine that wont connect to my computer. regaurdless of what program I am using it should still connect. makes no sense to me. Can someone else explain this to me bc I feel that just hooking it up, even if I only used cricut sync for updates it should connect and if not there is a problem. if it wont connect now why would it connect when cds has a update in the future?

  59. Myra says:

    I received my new Imagine cartridge today Greeting Cards Inside & Out and it is not listed in CCR. How do I update the craftroom to use this cartridge.


  60. Luis says:

    Good afternoon, May I import images from my computer in order to make cut in vinyl with the Cricut Mini Personal like EPS, GIF or TIF.

    Thanks in advance

    • Milagros Arocho says:

      Hi, Luis. How are you going with the Cricut Mini Personal cutting machine. I want to by one die cutting machine, but I like one that emboss, too. Do you have any experience with the Cricut Expression. This one, I think, does not can connect to the PC. If you can help me about that with your comments?n Thanks.

  61. Carla says:

    Any news on the update on linking gypsy linked carts to DS? I cant link them to DS since they are linked to gypsy. Driving me crazy! I would unlink them to gypsy if I could, but that is not an option apparently.

  62. Heather says:

    I’m having problems connection to internet? Any suggestions. My internet is working fine.

  63. Kim says:

    Trying to get into the craftroom…keeps telling me I can not…grrr…fustrating

  64. Donnie says:

    I have downloaded the craft room software to two different computers and it still won’t run. I’ve installed it and have all the icons and such. When I double click the icon to open the application I get the user agreement thing for Adobe Air. I click accept, the window closes and that’s it. Nothing else ever happens. Anyone else with this problem?

    • Shelley says:

      I had to download adobie air first then pull up craftroom to make it work. I also have to go through internet explorer instead of my normal server and it works that way. i talked to provocraft and followed there suggestions

    • patty says:

      Did you get yours to work? I’m having the exact problem now!

  65. Debbie says:

    I am trying to download the CCR software to my desktop on a MAC but I am having no luck, any advice?

  66. LINDA says:

    why is it when i link my cartridges they are not showing under my cartridges

  67. Milagros Arocho says:

    I am a card maker beginner, and I love it. I want to by a die cutting machine for personal use, but I want one that cut and emboss. Which one does you recommend is better for me? Do I can connect the Cricut Expression to a computer? Does it emboss, too? What about the Cricut pèrsonnal mini cutting machine. I know it has to be connected by USB to my PC. I need to know by feb. 17 to get advantage of an special offer. Thanks very much.

  68. Phyllis says:

    I have tried several times to install the firmware and always get a ‘failure’. I have the orignal Cricut. Do I need a newer version to install this feature?

  69. Michelle says:

    I’m new to the Cricut word. Love it! I just linked my Cricut to my computer and also linked one of my cartridges to the Craft Room, but the Cricut will not cut unless the cartridge is plugged in. When I linked the cartridge it did recognize it and linked it. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Do I need to have the Design Studio to remember my crtridges?

  70. Ruth says:

    February 20, 2012

    Hello everyone…..I was scrapbooking with family today and when I was about to go into Cricut Craft Room to cut a title….it would not allow me to do it. I also went out of the program and
    it made the suggestion that I had a broken file and then it would not allow me to get back in ….so I have now uninstalled the program and hoping to reinstall again but I cannot get anything to work……will wait patiently and hope the bug is worked out so I might be able to
    play once again…..thank you!!

  71. Laci H says:

    Hey everyone! I finally got my DS to work after reading a million posts! so happy, but I am still lost on opening cut files. when I save them to my hard drive ( have created a folder for all templates) then I go to my craft room and hit import it cant find any of the files. What am I do wrong? please help!!

  72. Linda says:

    where do I go to down load the cricut craft room software

  73. Margaret Hart says:

    Where do I go to download CCR.



    I m entusiastic but need the usb cable for my cricut expression that I use in Italy, will you please inform me about the one I need to connect?

  75. I’ve spent several frustrating hours, going around in circles trying to FIND the download for install the Cricut Craft Room™ design tool.

    WHERE is it? I keep getting taken to a page that is not available, or back in a circle to a PDF @

    Looking at the list of responses on your page, this seems to be a long time problem!

    Can you advise HOW to download the necessary software, please.

    Thank you.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Lorraine… I just bought a Cricut mini yesterday and I was having the same issues… I called and got them to help with that issue… basically the buttons that you need to hit on the website have disappeared this week… if you go to and then you hold down your control button and then the “a” key at the same time, it will highlight the entire page and then you can see where next to the download instructions are two faint buttons. One says PC and the other says Mac they are on the right hand of the screen. Luckily for me I finally got it downloaded… but unfortunately, it won’t let me log on. I have called customer support 4 times and then I have had e-mail correspondence with a support agent of approximately 10 e-mails and all they could tell me was that they can get into it fine… So… looks like Cricut is getting ready to lose the money I just spent on this machine, and now I wish that I could take back everything Provo Craft I have purchased since they can’t seem to get their “stuff” together…

  76. Jennifer says:

    I finally spoke to a different customer service person on the phone once again after posting this comment, and she let me know that they are having an issue with the Craftroom software and that is the only way that the mini will work. She suggested that I wait for the software update (with no release date in sight) or return my machine. I am going to opt for the later. I also called an informed the manager of the Hobby Lobby that I purchased the machine at of the issue. Because apparently the software is only working on a very small handful of the percentage of machines being sold… I also suggested to Provocraft that maybe they should consider pulling these from the shelves until the issue is resolved so that customers don’t lose confidence in the products they are purchasing from them. But, just so that everyone is clear, I was told by provocraft to return the product since the only software that runs the machine does not work. And, please please please do not… under any circumstances uninstall your antivirus as I have done. I now have no back up and it was all due to bad information from their customer service. I am not saying that this might not work for some people (a small percentage) however, until they get their software right you are just going to be “trying” to get through the loopholes in bad software configuration. I would of felt much more confident in them if they could of even given me a release date for the update, but she even said that there is not one planned. Now I have to figure out what to do with my 8 cartridges since I got rid of my original machine… UGH!!!

  77. Ro says:

    does anyone know how you can get craft room to work with design studio? I bought the software and installed it to find out it doesn’t work with the expression two. It says here that it is compatible but i’m just not sure how.

  78. Bet says:

    Love, Love Love CCR. Its being a bump ride. I think its release was too early and completely unprepared for all the bugs. It still needs improvement but it is much better that the first day!

  79. Kristine says:

    OK this just s&*%s…… The ads say cartridges and the Gypsy can be linked. Cricut Mini and the craft room are just another example of getting the cart before the horse. If we as consumers can think outside of the box and into the future why can’t Provo Craft? It’s VERY simple GREED! The fact that the mini works only with the craft room and the craft room is not, at the very least, functional is just another hand in our pockets. I have 4 different machines, the Gypsy and a multitude of cartridges, geezmos and gadgets . I love what they can do but if I have to switch cartridges in and out because I can’t link them, they are already linked to my Gypsy, it isn’t worth the time and frustration……. mines going back! I learned the hard way Provo Craft doesn’t put time an effort into fixing anything they just move on and leave those of us supporting them with useless junk. Shame on you for releasing yet another product that just doesn’t live up to your promises.

  80. Judith Kerrin says:

    I have had an Expression before and now own a mini and an Imagine. I bought the mini because I was going to be away from home for 6 mos and wanted to use a machine while I was away. I own over 100 cartridges and 99% of them are tied to my Gypsy. I am SORELY disappointed that the ProvoCraft people have yet to live up to their promise to allow one to tie all Gypsy loaded cartridges to the Craft Room, thereby enabling me to use that which I have paid for. In November, it was to happen very soon. On February 13th, they announced: “Gypsy Linking to Cricut Craft Room™ is coming soon! This feature is currently being tested at Provo Craft. Stay tuned for more details to come on the ability to link all cartridges from your Gypsy device to your Cricut account in a few simple steps!”
    Not sure what they think “soon” is but it’s been five months and they have yet to deliver. You need to consider this if you use a Gypsy and contemplate buying a mini for use at crops or otherwise away from home.
    For shame, Provo Craft!

  81. Malena says:

    I’ve been using the Mini with my Gypsy for about a month now.
    Seems to work find. Only had one weird cut.
    Don’t really like the multiple cuts/depth thing. It is confusing, not clear.
    But it works well once you get past that.

    Only bad thing is that you can’t cut with a cartridge you don’t own, unless you use CCR.

  82. Sheri May says:

    I have a question, when I used CCR and printed and cut a couple of crowns out using Once Upon A Princess Cartridge and Lori’s Garden for patterns, It worked great, but when I tried to used Once Upon A Princess later to print straight from the Imagine (w/o the computer) the crowns I used in CCR will not print or cut, you can see them when you select them but not on the mat in last step before cutting. Is there something I was supposed to do before disconnecting the computer and the CCR from the Imagine?

  83. Donna Schafer says:

    I would be very disappointed in this if it’s free considering I paid for Design Studio. Is the invitation for those who own the program already and now can do it web-based instead of through software?

  84. Tami says:

    It is is sad that the products do not work as promised. I am certian that are others like myself that are sitting on a bunch of Provo Craft products and equipment that they cannot use. Provo Craft, on behalf of all the Provo Craft customers, who are the ones who really sign your paycheck, get your act together, and make the products and equipment that you have already produced functionly as promised before we all jump ship.

  85. Holly says:

    A few weeks ago I downloaded CCR. I’ve printed a few things and it worked well. But since then, I’ve wanted to use my cartridges to cut some things for my classroom, and my Cricut freezes up every time I insert a cartridge. Why is this? How do I switch back to just using my cartridges and not the CCR?

  86. susan mcintosh says:

    can’t figure out how to join the craft room…. can someone please help me…? Thanks

  87. Mo says:

    I cannot open my craftroom. I keep getting a message from CCRBridge. How can this be fixed. I have had three cricut machines and can not open the CRAFTROOM to use

  88. Debbie says:

    I ordered my cricut exp about a yr or so ago from HSN?? still do nnot have it connected to the internet?
    These people need to figure pout what they re doing, before they lose all of our business. I have had about all I amm willing to take!! !

    who agrees???????

  89. Florence McLean says:

    I would like Craft Room to be able to cut multiple images with “Hide Conture” feature.

  90. Meistie says:

    FRUSTRATING is the only word I can use with the CCR! It’s like the little girl with the curl, “When she was good she was very, very good. When she was bad she was HORRID!”
    Sometimes I can’t get the letters to the virtual mat, can’t get them to weld, can’t get them to size to what I’ve set, etc, etc. My screen doesn’t look like the same program that is used as a demo on one of the Cricut sites which seemed to be a better version of CCR. I’m not sure if Cricut actually looks at this blog, but holy cow!! they sure as heck SHOULD! Looks like the same issues happen time and again, so glad to see it’s not me that has issues! And SLOW!! Good grief I pull my hair out and wish I had just stuck to designing on my Expression screen by myself! They say to be patient, but this is stretching my patience to the point of giving up. What gives here????

  91. Agnes says:

    I wish there was a way to use CCR on my ipad.

  92. Cherie says:

    I’d really like to use CCR for the $20 Halloween digital bundle offer, but it seems like the new build version 167, always crashes. The old build seems to be more stable. At least I could cut the word “thanks” from this build and not have to reinstall the new version. Anyone else have this problem?

  93. terri says:

    I would love it if the CCR would offer some of the more popular items like the mickey head as an ala carte item – for up to $5.00 for liscened cuts and less for unliscenced cuts…SIllouhette has items you can purchase for their machine at 99 cents and this would make cricut a little more competitve with them… also wish there was a duplicate button instead of copy and pasting everything

  94. Cynthia says:

    I agree with Meistie statement above. Seriously, my cricut imagine works only 12 percent of the time. It was a Christmas gift from my husband and kids Dec 2011. Did not really start playing with it until Feb 2012. I would prepare image, Cricut would color the image, but would not cut it out. 90% of the time the screen would just go blank and it would restart. Do you know how much INK was wasted. Seriously, this has wasted at least 12 days of my life trying to get it to work. To those that say blame the user not the machine, I say “lets exchange our machines” then you will see. I called Provo Craft so many many times, they basically said to update the firmware. Call back if you have more questions. Joke was always on me. Finally in August I got on the line someone who did try to help. He sent me a new cord. Took 3 weeks to get by the way. It did work fine for one day, without using the craft room. Today I decided to try the craft room, the Imagine did not work with craft room, called Provo Craft again. Update again. Oh please. Cricut Imagine is going blank again when it is time to cut. I am afraid that it is going to crash as soon as the warranty is up 2 months from now. Where can I get help???

    Look at what the top of this website says:
    You will be able to link a Gypsy to Cricut Craft Room, or if you do not have a Gypsy you can link your cartridges to CCR using the USB cable and your Cricut machine.
    “Cricut Craft Room is the solution to many of our customers’ requests,” says Jim Colby, Senior Vice President of Product Development. “With this new software, anyone can design with our complete library and add their personalization by welding and manipulating our artwork on the virtual mat. Customers must own a cartridge in order to cut images from it, but they can design and get inspiration from everything.”

    Mr. Jim Colby, you are welcome to my house to show me on my Cricut Imagine how this is feasible.

  95. Nina Mcclain says:

    Have downloaded software but wont let me log in. Just stays in processing never does anything..Help

  96. Marilyn says:

    I dont like the new craft room I can’t ever get in not friendly user

  97. Wendy says:

    Hi I am still having trouble getting onto craft room, I managed once but it was at 12.45am in the morning I managed to cut several items but now during the day I cant get onto it, I have it downloaded on my desk top with Adobe Air and Bridge also have access through internet but still wont connect.
    What am I doing wrong or is it that it only work in Amercian Time!!!

  98. Bonnie says:

    When I sign in I only get the first tutorial and can not get past that page?? Can any one help me?

  99. Colin says:

    Been trying to access CCR all day with no luck very frustrating. Is there a problem, or am i doing something wrong

  100. Lisa says:

    HI I was wondering if some one can help me. I tried to link a cartridge it took however after i linked it it shows up all black. there is nothing there. I can open it and how do I get it back. Since you can only link once. Please Help!!!

  101. Darlene says:

    I wish I had encouraging news, but I do not. I linked my cartridges to my Gypsy, so cannot link them to my Craft Room. Come on, CRICUT, get this done. Those of us who have spent a small fortune on your machines and cartridges deserve better service!

  102. Look what I foundon Pinterest!! A way to use your cricut to cut fonts from your computer.

    • Anne says:

      Does this really work, when I go to SCAL, it states that it does not work with Cricut machines.

      • Janeane says:


        Provocraft took SCAL to court over the use of their software on Cricut machines and won.

        Due to this, SCAL is no longer supported on Cricut machines.

        • Anne says:

          Does Cricut plan to offer anything similar to SCAL where you pay a joining fee one time and have access to different cartridges. I just got my Cricut for Christmas, and had I known then what I know now, I would have asked for a different brand that would work with SCAl.
          I have purchased a few cartridges, both digital and through Hobby Lobby, but there are still some editing issues I have. I would like to make the monograms that I see, but I can’t find a Cricut cartridge that offers the fonts I like. When I ask, they use SCAL. I really love my Cricut, but I want to be able to have more control over my designs and not have to buy a $30 or $40 cartridge to get just one design that I want.
          What about College graphics, or Organization logos? Is there somewhere that offers these that will work on my Cricut Expression?

  103. Chassity says:

    I have a expression 2 and a Mac computer. I have not been able to use the Craft room. I have reinstalled it. And it still doesn’t work. At the present time, I just updated adobe air and it will not even open. The few times that I have been able to get it to cut, it will only cut once, when I change out paper and/or images and go back to cut, it quits. Sometimes, it just gets frozen at checking mat status. Cricut website doesn’t offer much in help. It would be great if it worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  104. April says:

    It is almost 2 years later and you still aren’t able to link a Gypsy to Cricut Craft Room. Maybe Bill Gates can help

    • becky says:

      I downloaded the CCR on my mac laptop yesterday, updated the firmware and linked my gypsy. There is a pulldown menu to link with your gypsy. All is working beautifully.

      My only question now is……..if for some reason I have to get a replacement gypsy and register it to myself again using my same account can I upload my cartridges through CCR back to my new gypsy or do I have to have Provo Craft do it for me?

      • Erin says:

        Regarding the Gypsy… Mine broke and I called PC and they said I’d have to buy a replacement (um, they aren’t making them anymore!) and send both machines to them and they’d reserialize the new one so my cartridges would match up. Now I’m trying to do craft room and it says my cartridges are linked to my Gypsy so they won’t load to craft room as I believe I updated, then loaded my cartridges and never linked back to in the meantime. I have an e-mail in to them to figure out what to do. So frustrated.

  105. Ellen says:

    I cannot download CCR. I have tried numerous times and when it gets to the page that says ____INITIALIZING—– the page just sets there with the cricut emblem going from top to bottom……. i left it running for one hour and finally got tired of messing with it.. whish i had know about ALL THE PROBLEMS BEFORE I BOUGHT AN EXPRESSION…. can anyone help me get it downloaded please……..

  106. bernetta watkins says:

    I am trying to down load cricutcraft but it wont initizine so I can get into it. what is going on I have windows 8

  107. samantha says:

    I was wondering if anyone on here knows how to contact Provo Craft I live in Australia and can’t find any numbers thanks again.

  108. ricardo says:

    I NEED HELP…..i got the circut mini…and…… HOW IMPORTED of other programs draw AND MAKE MY OWN DRAWINGS AND DESIGNS, ANOTHER ALSO IF I DON’T USE THE INTERNET AND HOW I USE THE PROGRAM OF THE PRINTER…..i dont need the internet just printer cutter…

  109. Carol says:

    WoW! I have held off with the CCR due to all the problems with it being “new.” I have waited as I do not handle frustration very well. I admire all of you for your perseverance. After reading about others spending hours trying to use it – I knew I better wait. So – let me ask all of you – have they worked out all the “bugs” yet? Will I damage my Expression or my computer by trying to use CCR? I don’t feel very confident that Provo Craft would stand behind me if it did. Thanks!

  110. CJ says:

    I am on v1.0 and build 183 which I have been using for a couple of years and having no problems at all with the CCR….I also actually have an older Expression, but again I’m having no problems…I also have about 25 cartridges loaded for use in the room. So when you mention new….maybe I’m on a older version and that’s why it’s working so well.

  111. Leslie Prest says:

    I recently joined the Craft Room and now I can’t use my Design Studio to cut – all I get is a message that my machine is not detected – does this mean that I can now only work from the Craft Room.

  112. Sharon says:

    I have a cricut exp 2, if I had it to do over I would not purchase it. There are to many limitations.

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