Cricut Imagine Discontinued?

cricut imagine discontinuedWe have word that the Cricut Imagine machine is no longer in production by ProvoCraft, however we have been told that support will continue.

Provocraft will continue to support the Imagine machine and cartridges.

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  1. Patty says:

    I didn’t think this was a good idea. I wonder if they are going to keep selling the items (like ink) that go along with it? I didn’t buy into this, so am glad I didn’t buy one. But for all the others that did, I feel bad.

  2. Marcia says:

    I am totally shocked, this makes me quite upset. What about all of us that have had so many problems, are they just going to ignore it and act like it never existed…and hope we go away??

  3. Adele says:

    Well if this is true, I certainly hope they continue with the support and consumables, as there were many people who have already invested thousands of £/$ on this machine…Not a happy bunny right now :(

    • Pauline says:

      Totally agree with you Adele. We in the UK were ripped off pricewise in the first place, and now to be told it’s to be discontinued – words fail me, and it’s just as well they do!

      I’m with you – not a happy bunny right now!

    • Beverly J. Sheldon says:

      Yes, I am disappointed and angry! I bought mine on E-bay, they told me to contact the seller, which told me to contact Provo-Craft which told be to contact the seller. My problem is with the ink carts. so I contacted HP. No one there ever heard of Provo-Craft or Cricut. It was horrible trying to explain what my problem is with the Imagine. Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to fix the ink cartridge carriage problem?

  4. I just can’t believe this. I love my Imagine. What will they do intead of it? How long will it be around?Did i read somewhere that HP were going to stop printers? is that something to do with it?

  5. katherine hayward says:

    Totally Gobsmacked.

    This seems incredible.

    Provocraft should support those who have purchased this machine-I have the Imagine & I love it.

    Why have you done this?

  6. katherine hayward says:

    This stinks, Provocraft, if the you lacked belief in this product then you should never have launched it in the first place.

    It was incredibly expensive for the UK market and now you tell us ‘Thats it’.

    But what does this mean for all of those who have and use the Imagine?

    Is the machine being dropped because of the issue with HP pulling out of the printer market?

    Will there be any support or help for those stuck with this machine?

    Will those who recently purchased be compensated?

    Seems like the answer might not be what we owners want to hear. Do you realise how damaging this move is to your reputation as a company selling electronic based machines?

    Provocraft, you appear to have jumped on the technology bandwagon, without having a sufficiently skilled technology base.

    I can not believe that you have now abandonded what has become a much loved machine by those who have persisted with it.

    • Patty says:

      I have heard that Provo Craft will still offer support for the Imagine customers. So, I don’t think all the current owners have to feel worried about that. At my favorite craft store, the owner told me that it was a hard seller for him, so I am thinking that may be why they are discontinuing it.
      I think they had a good idea, but if not enough sold, then it means that it makes sense to take them out of production. They can’t keep producing them if no one buys them. Also, I think the post says that this does not necessarily mean they won’t be offering cartridges and the stuff that goes along with it. I guess we will have to see. But, didn’t they just release new carts not that long ago? That, I would think is a good sign.

  7. Mary says:

    I would like to know where your source to your information came from that you are reporting the Imagine is being discontinued. I would like a link to that article. I just don’t believe Provo Craft would discontinue this machine. They are still making cartridges for it. They are continuing making updates for this machine and they are including this product in the new software they are developing.
    I don’t find this report believable.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Just checked the message boards and ProvoCraft is saying that the Imagine has NOT been discontinued. I am very happy because I just ordered one on HSN last night!

  9. Jennifer says:

    There were comments on that the Imagine is no longer in production because sales have been weaker than expected. They attributed the weak sales to all of the issues that purchasers were experiencing. I waited a year to order the Imagine because of all of the “bugs.” HSN’s great price last night will hopefully help to increase sales and create a positive impression of the Imagine.

  10. Sally says:

    While I know this upsets many who purchased the Imagine. Provocraft IS an innovative company. They tried this new type of machine, and it ultimately didn’t work out.

    I would rather they cut their losses and continue to develop and innovate in areas that are proven, like the Expression. The new Expression 2 machine looks like a great leap forward.

    I feel that if the Imagine was not selling well and taking resources away from their solid products, then there comes a time to let it go and move on to other products. This is not unusual for any company, especially in a high tech, fast paced industry that they are in.

    Now if you own an imagine, are you disappointed… sure, but it does NOT mean you have to stop using it!

    If you have the Imagine, and you love it then great, keep using and loving it.

    • Marcia says:

      Sally, I do agree, those are good points.

      Sometimes you win… and sometimes you lose, its just how business works, and Provocraft ultimately needs to stay in business and stay profitable.

      Companies are NOT always perfect, they make mistakes like the rest of us.

      Any new business product is always a gamble, even the very first expression I’m sure was a gamble… paid off. So now they are getting back to their roots.

    • Sue says:

      The expression 2 It does not print. I don’t see the need to use the Imagine carts on the expression 2 when it does not print it just cuts. You have only a image without the details. The imagine is awesome.

      • sandi says:

        I am glad you reminded everyone that even though imagine carts will fit the Ce2, it can’t print so people will have to put each layer/color in separately rather than being able to print & cut all layers from one sheet of white paper. I am surprised that some of the newest imagine carts are in black and white. Makes no sense because the big deal with the imagine is the fact that it can print! Thanks for your comments!

        • jean heming says:

          sandi,I can tell you dont own an imagine,I do an the only cartridge that is black & white is called black & white!!! Dont you ever want a printed black & white piece of paper??? thes all have designs in them & when you put a piece of colored paper in ,you get red & black roses etc!!! That is one awesome cartridge!!! You dont get sheets of just black & white paper ,its loaded with patterns!!!I wish I had the opportunity to show you ^ share….I absolutely love my imagine…and would pay that $500. to HSN all over again….

    • Julie Hawkinson says:

      I love the IMAGINE that I own. The art work is so good and beautiful…I surely hope they continue supporting the imagine and making new cartridges for this wonderful machine.

  11. Shelley Shaw-Weldon says:

    Directly from Chris at PC – “Provo Craft is
    not CURRENTLY producing the Imagine machine.” We
    manufactured over 75,000 Imagine machines with
    the anticipation that they would sell very
    quickly. They didn’t. There were too many issues
    that affected sales. Unless or until you hear it
    from Provo Craft then it isn’t true.”

    It’s not being discontinued, it’s just not being produced right now.

    • Marcia says:

      Yes, but read between the lines… it didn’t sell well, and they had a LOT of problems with it.

      Given that…do you really think they are going to start up production again on an problematic, slow selling item?…

      not likely…

  12. cindi says:

    Yikes what does that mean for me who passed up the e2 on hsn last night in favor of the imagine?! Did I just screw myself? Took me a long time to take the leap now am I going to hang and have to admit to my husband I made a mistake!

    • jean heming says:

      You will love it when you get it!!! Nintendo has had a blip in their new 3DS & are working that out with their consumers,its just the poor economy now…..

  13. Kris Dietz says:

    They have so many in stock that they don’t need to make them at the moment. They have not abandoned them. They have new carts coming out next month. They have no plans to discontinue this item or its support, etc.

  14. Betsy says:

    I love my Imagine and certainly hope you continue to support it and to provide new cartridges in the future…the near future!

  15. Robin Jones says:

    Production has been temporarily discontinued because sales were not as they had expected – Full support of the machine continues and they still have plenty of machines for sale – an insider told me… Please do not report information that has not been verified – this is truly disappointing and I am considering disbanding my subscription because of your report today

    • Jenny says:

      Robin, that is exactly what this post says… it was discontinued, but support will continue. Do you really think they will start production again if sales are low?

      • Robin Jones says:

        Yes, I do… It is a Wonderful product – I purchased mine at the HSN launch and have had NO difficulties with it… I understand that some may think it is a large investment… but look what you get for what it does… I love my Imagine, E2, Expression, Gypsy and Baby Bug

        • Jenny says:

          Well… it does look like lots of people do LOVE their imagine, so perhaps they will :)

        • Patty says:

          Ok, girls, you are saying the same thing. I don’t get why some would be mad at Cartridge Library for reporting this. Kind of like shooting the messenger. The report seems to be accurate, as others are reporting similar from PC themselves. The post said that it was discontinued and that there would still be support from PC for the Imagine. It also has a question mark by the word “discontinued” which I take to mean that they are wondering if that is what it means.

          I also don’t understand why it matters if it is ever in production again since they are going to keep supporting the machine. However, Provo Craft itself reports that the machine has had issues. That doesn’t mean every machine, but just overall.

  16. Cyndi Stephenson says:

    Please say it isn’t so. I want one of these machines in the worst way but have not been able to get one yet. This makes me very sad if it is true.

  17. LindaO says:

    I’ve had problems with my Imagine, and I’m very frustrated. It took over 3 weeks to get a replacement, and I don’t want to go through that again. I wish ProvoCraft would allow me to upgrade to a reliable machine.

    Between this and the problems I’ve had with the Cricut Circle, I’m very, very frustrated. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t keep me from buying up cartridges because I just have to have that one design on the card. ProvoCraft – please support your products!!!!!!

    • Sara J says:

      This is just business.. some products are winners… and some are not.

      They made the decision to stop production, I am sure support will continue…just don’t expect an “imagine 2″ anytime soon.. :)

    • Shell says:

      I am om my 3rd Imagine. The first one stopped cutting, the 2nd one would just turn off ( you can go to my you tube (my channel is shells793) and there is a video of what was happening and i sent that video to PC) I must say the customer service i have received from them has been wonderful. They are always there to help and to do whatever they can to make it right. After having to send back my 2nd Imagine i was given (for free) a brand new expression in black. That made me very happy. I send my Imagine back on a Wednesday and by the following Tuesday i had a new Imagine and a new expression. Today both are working fine and are also working with the craftroom. I hope to NOT have to send this machine back.

  18. Sheila Rogers says:

    That’s what PC does. Stop producing so many new machines and correct the ones you already have on the market and make sure all the bugs are out before selling them. For example, ie the beta craft room.

  19. Teena Blair says:

    If this is true, I’m will no longer support them in any way. I have the expression and do use the SCAL software. I “semi understand” why they made it so that the other softwares cannot be used on their machines. I have just ordered an imagine and haven’t even gotten it yet. Let’s not get upset until this is verified. THEN GET UPSET!

  20. Karen says:

    have just learned to get the full use of the Imagine and I have to say it is an awesome machine. I own the original and the expression and this machine is fantastic. I hope they have just set aside production until sales increase as if I could only have one machine it would be the Imagine. It is so versatile.

  21. craftylady says:

    I have all the machines that ProvoCraft have the bug the expression the imagine and yesterday I got the new expression 2. I love this machines and I have never have problems with them not even with my Imagine that I love so much. I got my Imagine when they first show it at HSN and my work like a charm no problems at all. I will be upset if they stop working with us Imagine owner or bringing new products. This was a real investment for this to happen too soon No wonder why yesterday the price was so great. Well hope ProvoCraft continue with the Imagine is a great machine I love mine.

  22. Carol Horton says:

    I JUST ordered the Imagine last night from HSN. The price was just too good to pass up. I have an expression and a Gyspy and love them both. But I wanted the versatility of the Imagine.

    • Shell says:

      how much was the price for the imagine on hsn? i paid $299.00 but they aslo sent me a expression for free for all my issues , so i look at it like getting them each for 150.00

  23. betty says:

    I never liked the idea of this machine from the start. Cost of ink was one thing that turned me off. I have a hard enough time keeping ink in my printers.. The expression 2 has my interest but right now I am happy with my expression.

  24. CJ says:

    I still love all the cricut machines and always will. I do not feel bad that I have an imagine and even if they never make another cartridge as long as their is ink and its working, I will continue to craft with it.

  25. Cindi says:

    I just purchased the Imagine last night on HSN – passed up the E2 in favor of the Imagine – did I make a mistake? This has me worried now. It is scheduled to arrive on my doorstep Oct 4th and I was so looking forward to opening the box and purchasing imagine cartridges. Will they still be around, will I be able to get ink cartridges and mats … this news is worrisome.

    • Jenny says:

      Cindi, I would not would not be worried… Many folks here LOVE their machines… I am sure you will too. This just means it’s just not for everyone.

    • jean heming says:

      I have had my imagine since first launch last year,I love it!!!! have had no troubles with it!!!It is very easy on ink!!! I even take it in the car to crops!!! & my niece takes hers also!!! Two other friends of mine also have imagines & we have had no trouble with them I use mine almost daily…The inks r sooo pretty, including the black & white cart,I adore!! I have 19 imagine carts!!! I dont print many full pages.usually just images for scrapbooking & cards!! but the full pages are beautiful!!! as nice as any paper you could buy anywhere!!

  26. Darlene says:

    I bought an Imagine as new on EBAY and had to return it to Cricut. I worked very hard to get it to work on my own along with support, but we both gave up. Hope I receive a replacement soon.

  27. I spent 2 hours on the phone today with Provocraft about my Imagine…It has been a sorespot for me since it arrived. Nothing was said and the girl I talked to spoke of how she loves her machine! This could be a rumor…but I think the cake machine might have been d/c also. Oh, well hopefully we learn from our mistakes!


  28. Malena says:

    Well, I’m disappointed, but I’m not surprised. I think they had a lot of issue with this. Too complicated for Provocraft.

  29. Lanie Moore says:

    Okay, I am in shock. Specially have the big push yesterday on HSN when the first E2 bundle sold out. I even ordered on yesterday from HSN…so now to decided if I should keep it or not. I figured I would love the machine, but if it is going away…what about ink cartridges…I just hope this does not mean that we will have to fill the ink cartridges ourselves as that is so messy.

    • Cynthia Sarbox says:

      Ink is the one thing I would NOT worry about… that is where the money is made … I am sure you will always be able to buy ink.

  30. JUDY says:

    This machine cost a lot of money and i am very upset that pro craft is not going to continue with it. Have they given any explanation as to why this is being done? Where does that leave those who purchased this machine? How long is procraft going to supply support? If this is related to hp dropping out of the printing market, how are we supposed to purchase ink for this maching? Procraft will not have access to ink supplies if hp is dropping out of this market. What then? Are they going to offer adequate trade dollors for this unit to compensate ownwers?
    This is not going to do procrafts reputation any good.

  31. sandi says:

    I can’t believe this is happening. I love the imagine and have no problem with it other than the need for more cartridges.

    I had just purchased an expression when the imagine came out. I haven’t used the expression since. It is so great to be able to use white cardstock and print everything at the same time.

    On the expression, I had to cut all of the color/patterns separately, then combine them. If I only needed a small yellow flower, for example, I had to load the yellow paper onto the cutting mat and into the machine and go through the whole process just for that one tiny piece.

    Sticking and unsticking paper from the mats made them wear-out faster too. I have read reviews from many provocraft purchasers complaining about products, service, etc. I trusted them to stand behind their product or buy them all back from those who bought them in good faith. I couldn’t believe they were coming out with the Ce2 when they should have spent the time fixing the machines they already sold. No wonder they haven’t sold better.

    Another thing I don’t understand is why they don’t allow designs and cartridges to be made by licensed entities. That is what has made the video game industry explode. There is no way Nintendo can make all of the cartridges themselves. Instead they allow others to design them and then get a licensing fee for each of them that is sold. More choices of cartridges and competition between developers would benefit everyone.

  32. The Cricut Imagine machine is a great machine and I have one. I am very disappointed to hear this. This very well could mean that the cartridges presently on the market will sky rocket in price, meaning that any of them I do not currently own will be unobtainable. Not only that, if anything goes wrong with my machine and it needs replacing, I will be unable to do so. This news saddens me.

  33. Carolyn Young says:

    Just say it isn’t so, Joe!

  34. linda says:

    it sucks , i call them the other day , and let them know the i am not happy with them, 1 i have the image that i paid too much for. all so have turned in my reward for the expression now the have the 2nd when i got the image they said about all the same that they said about the expression 2.i have close to 200 cartrights when does older expression or image get to move forward . we have been buying on good faith. so cricut step it up and take care of us. you know the price will come down will go down so if you get it i would wait , to all you great lady happy scappy

  35. mary says:

    I took my imagine back 2 dys after I bought it, I did not feel that it preformed as promised. Just give me my gypsy and the solid cricut expression.

  36. Patricia says:

    I would hate to see the Cricut Imagine machine be discontinued! I would love to buy the Cricut Imagine machine sometime, however, I got the Expression as a gift just this year and am not ready to buy the Imagine yet. The Imagine is too expensive for my pocketbook right now. I love the fact that you can print those lovely patterns on the shapes you cut out with it. Now if Provo Craft came out with a new machine that would have the same printing option and some new features, that would be nice. But please hold down the price.

  37. Agnes Thomson says:

    Well we should have known – How many of us have not had to return the Imagine and are now on our 2nd? I am so disappointed – my first Imagine cost me the price of a second Gypsy as it caused it to freeze – could have had my money back but believed in Provo Craft’s promises and wanted the Imagine to work as they promised.
    Now on my second Expression 2 hope it works as promised.
    Have had all Cricut machines plus Design Studio without problems until the Imagine
    Being in the UK also had to pay an inflated price.
    SO Disapointed

    • Elaine Higham says:

      Hi Agnes,I’m new to card making and have been looking for a networking group in the U.K. that uses the Cuttle Bug and the Imagine,I did no see any of these post before I bought my machine,hope I’m not disapointed…

  38. Tonya says:

    Well i believe if this machine is discontinued then customers need to be refunded their money. Especially ordering from HSN and getting the extra warranty on this machine.. this is ridiculous and feel that if they are going to sell products and then turn around and say they are being discontinued because of so many problems then customers have a right to their money back. And HSN should have part in this also. They after all were the ones that HAD TO HAVE IT ON THEIR SHOW AND THE BIG HUGE NEWS OF THE WORLD LAUNCH OF THE CRICUT IMAGINE. I will never order from them or provo craft or buy anything from provo craft again. And they never get back with you either when you call leave a message. Good Business Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should be reported to the better business bureau.

    • sandi says:

      Tonya, I so agree with you. For most products if the product doesn’t perform, instead of coming out with a new product and saying to H___ with all of the people who already purchased, they do a recall and allow purchasers to either get their money back or exchange it for the new product instead. Just dumping people who paid lots of money for these machines in good faith and using that time and money to create a new machine instead of fixing the broken ones, is unforgiveable. If, as was said by other commenters, that the Imagine didn’t sell well they should be looking at their pricing and advertising and marketing strategy instead of just dumping the program. Other companies selling these type of products will gain a huge market share if they step up and provide these type of cutters/printers of their own.

  39. Linda says:

    I just spoke with a Provo Craft rep and although they are not in production on any new machines they will be making new cartridges and continue to support the existing machines. I have this in writing. By the way I love mine although I have glitches from time to time with it freezing up. I just turn it off for a moment and try again.

  40. Ron Krueger says:

    I just got an email from Cricut Imagine. They are continuing to make the Imagine and cartridges. They were sorry for all of the confusion

  41. Debbie C says:

    This is so far a rumor…lets all not get too upset until we hear it directly from Provo Craft. I finally love my imagine and do not hope this will become a true fact but again the rumor mills are rampant with all kinds of speculations and I’m not believing it until it comes out of the horses mouth!
    Just my opinion!

  42. Julie Hawkinson says:

    The imagine has been a wonderful machine for me. Don’t need any of the other machines if you own this one. However i do own the original cricut and the expression. Of all three i like my imagine best because i can use all the other cartridges as well as my imagine cartridges on this one machine. I sure hope provo craft continues updating this machine and also making new cartridges for the imagine. I just bought two new cartridges this week made for the imagine. Just got them today and i love the art work. Keep it up provo craft,,,i love your cartridges and am sure they will continue to do the great stuff they have been doing.

  43. Elaine Higham says:

    If HP stop making printers and decide to no longer make ink cartridges for the Imagine I hope Provo get another company to take on the ink cartridges so we can carry on using our machines,I have only just got mine and I’m new to card making,I have also got myself a Cuttle Bug after seeing the one my niece had.A BIG PLEASE PROVE KEEP SUPPORTING ALL OF US WHO HAVE THE IMAGINE AND HAVE PUT ALOT OF MONEY AND FAITH IN YOU….

  44. Cheryl says:

    I think a lot of people have been “ripped off” to say the least. I purchased my Cricut Imagine in good faith. I would never ever have purchased something that was only going to be around for a couple of years.
    Thanks for nothing Provocraft.

  45. Nilda says:

    My Cricut Imagine is not working and i can not get help. they Discontinued it and I can not get help. very upset right now. I spend lots of money and now i can not even use it.

  46. Janeane says:

    Nilda, what responses did you get from Provocraft?

  47. janet says:

    What kind of problems are you having?

  48. upset imagine user says:

    I just recently had a problem with my Imagine. It will print but will not cut. I spent many hours syncing, unloading & loading software, talking on the phone with tech support. At the end of all this the girls tells me, “well it is out of warranty and there is nothing we can do about this…..”
    That’s it!!!! No place to take it and repair no where to send and repair. I am even willing to pay to have it repaired and she stated they do have a repair service. I am so LIVID. I have cartridges and a glorified printer now. I now understand why I see all the negative posts everywhere about Provocraft.

    • Tappan says:

      That’s so funny because mine cuts but does not print. Worried what response I will get. I have barely used my machine in the two years I have had it because I always have a problem. I have tried everything to fix this but nothing. Will try calling them sometime

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