Cricut Imagine

cricut image machineThe merger of the Cricut die cut machine with a full color printer = Cricut Imagine!

The latest offering from Provo Craft lets you print and cut on a single easy to use machine.  The Cricut Imagine is fully compatible with all original Cricut cartridges. There will also be special "Imagine" cartridges.

The machine will print out a selected image, and then cut around the image.

The LCD screen interface is very similar to the Gypsy, and uses a stylus for navigating on the screen.

Some features of the Cricut Imagine:

  • It works with paper sizes up to 12 x 12 and makes cuts from .25 inches to 11.5 inches,  making large-format print and cutting possible
  • Uses a touch screen LCD for easy system navigation
  • No computer is necessary to use.
  • HP makes the inkjet print element and then sends it to PC to install in the Imagine.
  • Dual ink cartridges: Black ($34.99 MSRP) and Tricolor ($39.99 MSRP).
  • Cartridges should print 150 full pages.
  • Machine ships with full-size ink cartridges.
  • Imagine uses the same blades as the current Cricuts.
  • Weighs 28lbs
  • Gypsy update to be released on 9/13 that will let the Gypsy work with the Imagine.
  • Works with current Cricut cartridges.
  • They will be releasing cartridges if colors and textures that can be used as “fill” in existing shape cartridges.
  • Blade and print head do not ride on same carriage like patent filing detailed.

The Imagine will have it's own special mats with black markings on them, these marking allow the machine to know where it is on the mat, you can use the in the other Cricut machines, but you cannot use regular mats in the Imagine.

Suggested retail for Cricut Imagine is $599.99

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think about the Cricut Imagine!

Watch the video to see the Cricut Imagine in action!

Cricut Imagine vs Cricut Expression Discussion

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  1. Ashley says:

    The Cricut Imagine looks like it will be a lot of fun to use… can’t wait!

  2. Meera says:

    Just when i was about to buy my first Cricut machine ever (i was going to get the Cricut Expression)…Provo Craft comes up with something even more wonderful!!!
    This is GREAT!!! I want one now!!! But i was wondering about a couple of things…
    1. Can i use my own designs and creations rather than just depending on the cartridges??? I’m aware that it can be done in the other Cricut machines.
    2. Will i still be able to cut fabric/chipboard/foam/metal…etc.???

    • Kim Kissel says:

      Hi Meera, I was at the CHA show and asked question #1 to the Cricut representative. He told me very bluntly “no” we could not use our own images/clip art or any other other than the Cricut images/disks. I asked if they would be considering that down the road and again he said very bluntly “no.” So that stopped me in my tracks from spending $500 – I would have purchased the machine in a heart beat otherwise.

      • Meera says:

        Hi Kim,

        Thank you for replying. you know you’re right, if i were able to customize my own designs i would get it immediately! but now…hmmmm not so excited as i was at first

        • Hestia Hearth and Home says:

          I also heard that any SCAL fonts are not compatible either. The only thing that excites me about this machine, is that it will, hopefully, drive down the price of the Expressions.

          • Tim says:

            I’m so glad I read this online before I made the mistake of buying a Cricut.

            They make a machine that can basically die-cut any shape then limit it to the shapes that they provide, at a premium.

            The cartridges that they charge huge amounts for are probably basic SVG files on cheap memory.

            Let’s provide a machine with a billion creative possibilities and then limit it to a few thousand…. Might be OK with the basic scrapbooking brigade but this machine has SO much more potential.

            If Cricut keep this up then eventually someone will see the gap in their market and produce a machine which doesn’t limit its own potential.

            If I ever get a Cricut I’ll make sure it’s SCAL compatible.

          • Maureen says:

            I was reading the statement PC released about the 3rd party software such as Sure Cuts a Lot and Make the Cut and they are actually in the process of suing both producers. They also said in their statement that the Cricut Craftroom will eventually be updated so that you can upload your own personal images to cut. That is a great idea! I hope they do that. It wouldn’t stop me from buying the cartridges too. I have Sure Cuts A Lot and I still buy a bunch of the cartridges. Should be interesting to see how this plays out…

          • Staci says:

            I wish I would have checked into what the cricut imagine could do before purchasing. I agree very limited, I can not design my own creations. I also purchased the DS and can not use it with the cicut imagine. I have downloaded the cricut craft room and again can not get in it to use it. Very disappointed with the amount of money and time I have wasted before doing the research first.

      • adam says:

        Have a look at the Roland range of machinary…. little more pricey but running costs are low and you truelly can do anything that you imagine…

    • Tanya says:

      Hi, I just watched a info video about this on you tube it can only use paper that you can put into a fax machine because it has to bend it cant do thick foam metal or chipboard. Also Im having a very hard time finding out if the ink is acid free. They said its regular HP ink just in a different cartridge. Also the cartridges are like 89 a pop. So from what I seen its still cheaper to just buy the acid liginan free paper and cut it out.

    • Tracey Bauman says:

      u can’t cut chipboard or foam with this machine i have an expression and it does all of it also with the expression u and use mini sharpies in ur machine it is very cool

  3. Nancy Walker says:

    Why don’t we just send in our photos and have someone else do all the work for us now? This is impressive, but I still like to be “hands on” with my art. I will pass for now on this. It takes away too much of the creative side for me. Others who are not so creative will be very happy with this new addition to your Cricut line. I still love my new Cricut Expression, and I will be content to add my own color to its intricate cuts! Please don’t stop making cartridges for the parent machines!

    • Nancy, that is a very good point. Thank you.

      What do others think? Does the Cricut Imagine do to much? Lets hear your thoughts!

      • cindy says:

        I love my cricut and when I first saw this I thought this was competing against the Sure Cuts A Lot, but now it doesn’t appear to. I think if you could just down load image off your computer or where ever it would be wonderful. I would have to pass and just keep with all the cartridges.

      • Tiffany says:

        I love my expression and I agree…I think I will be adding my own “hands on” art to my cuts! While some of the imagine cartridges are very cute, i think i will stick to my expression!

      • Josh says:

        My wife has a Cricut Expression, and we were looking at the Imagine for her and I would even use it, but now I am finding out that we can’t take our own images or designs and put a cut path on them and have the “Imagine” print and cut them for us.

        So what does this do then? Print pre-made images and cut them? Why would we buy cartridges that cost an arm and a leg to be able to only print and cut the same images a million times? I would rather spend the $1-6 on the packages of various items at the craft store and get endless possibilities for only a buck at a time. Instead of pending $500+ on a machine, plus probably $40-80 per cartridge of only a select number of designs and spending hundreds if not thousands, we could get hundreds of pages all different completed without spending half of that.

        What a waste! Open this up so designers can take any images or designs and add a cut path to them so the machine would be able to print and cut the same image and you guys would be sitting on a gold mine! It would open it up for all the current Cricut users and would open it up to designers and hobbyists all over. Until then, this is a huge waste of time and money…

        • Janeane says:


          The Cricut products do rely heavily on cartridges, that is just the style of their line of products. The price of cartridges has come down a lot in the last few years, and I would estimate most of them cost under $50 now, and a lot of them are even under $25. The cartridges do make it very easy for the average user to create projects and do scrapbooking pages.

          However, you can buy other brands of die-cut machines that are intended for more advanced users like yourself that will allow you to design and cut your own images.


        • Sandy says:

          I have a Cricut Imagine for sale, its like new I got it as a gift and I dont want it plus I have several cartridges, If you are interested in it or know someone who is please give them my email address Im in NC. I am asking $300.00 or OBO. plus shipping
          Thanks Sandy

      • Sue says:

        I did purchase the cricut imagine when it launched on HSN and am very happy and thrilled with it, I do understand all your complaints and issues as to why you won’t purchase it, but as for me i was looking to buy the expression when this one came out, yes the cartridges are expensive but I have found sites that sell them a whole lot cheaper, but I love that you can print and cut or just cut, i really love working with the imagine doing my scrapbooks and cards, I do not like that the imagine catridges only come with minimal images but you can use your old cartridges on this machine so that helps as well, so that’s my opinion on the imagine, I am a happy camper…..

        • linda says:

          Sue, when u use your old cricut cartridges with the new Imagine Cricut…can u print those in color also….silly question i know..but want to make sure it will do the coloring as it does on the Imagine cartridge before i fork out the money…thanks..

          • If you’re still interested, the old carts will do a ‘flood fill’ of one of the patterned papers, or a solid color, but it will not print any little details like faces etc., the Imagine carts are the only ones that will print an image with detail. Hope that helps. D

          • sharon says:

            I disagree, I can print anything on the older carts on my imagine. it prints the unimagine, carts just like the ones for the imagine.

        • Maria Larkins says:


          I just want to know where do we upgrade our cratridges?

  4. Leslie says:

    I know that our cartridges will work in the Imagine, but will the new cartridges work in the older machines??

  5. Ellen Lawson says:

    I already love my cricut expression and gypsy creative tools. If I add the “imagine” to my creative bag of tricks, can it “just cut” images from my original cartridges as my expression machine does and not color them if I choose to? ( say if I wanted something plain white or a design from my colored card stock) Must I always use an imagine cartridge in order to operate this machine?

    • Paula says:

      According to other sites I have been on & the video I watched, it can just cut without the artwork & it should use all of the other cartridges for cricut

    • Darlene Gee says:

      You can use your own paper. You can cut your shapes out just as we have always done. What it adds is the option to color all your pieces using just white card stock. You won’t have to go to the store and buy colored paper if you don’t want to, but you still can. Plus if you see a color you really like there is code you can get from the paper company and put it in the Imagine.

  6. jandokan says:

    WOW this is a “must-have”… it’s really cool :D
    wish I could get one!!

  7. Kim Jones says:

    It looks cool, but my concern is printers in general have a short life. What happens when the HP printer gives up the ghost and it will if you use it alot. Three maybe four years is about all a printer lasts these days. I spend 600 dollars for the Imagine and 3 years down the road the printrer dies…what happens to the machine in general. Can the printer be exchanged out simply or is it another entire machine, Think I will pass for now. I have an Expressions and a Gyspy so I am content.

    • Jenny says:

      Good point about the life of this product not to mention the how long the inks last! I all depends on the price.

      • Yes, I do have to agree with Jenny and Kim on the point about the printer.

        They are making printers better and better these days, so hopefully it is something that will last, and can be easily fixed if need be.

        As for price, they are showing $599 for MSRP, however, I am sure it will probably not sell that high, probably closer to a $400-$500 range.

        It comes down to what you want to spend your money on, if it is something you really love using, then a $500 is really not to bad. And if you know you have made a good investment, it will also motivate you to use it and create those scrapbooks and do those projects you’ve been meaning to do :)

    • Kathy says:

      If they had partnered with any other company for the printing side, I would definitely think twice. However, I have used HP printers for years and years(I currently own and use 3) and never had to have repairs done and I only replace one or add another when I find I want to do something that my current printer/s don’t do. For example, I have wanted a printer that would print 12 x 12 for ages. All were very expensive until HP came out with a very afforable printer and it does as good a job as all of their other machines I have purchased. HP produces a superior product when it comes to printers, so I am confident that the same will apply with the Cricut/HP partnership.

      As a footnote, I have purchased other printer brands over the years and each and every time I have regretted doing so. I finally quit experimenting a few years back and have saved myself a lot of grief not to mention money!

  8. Linda Duke says:

    How long will the ink cartridges last? and are they currently availabe on the market, or will they be available only through Cricut? if so, what will the price be to replace them? I love the idea behind the Imagine, but so many questions about replacing inks. Will Cricut be offering an extended warranty on the machine as a whole, or just the cutting part?

    I love my Cricut Expression and Gypsy, and I’m sure Cricut has done a lot of research to help protect their customers from being left high and dry should something happen to the Imagine.

    • SUSAN BROWNING says:


  9. Teresa says:

    I think I will stick with my Expression and Gypsy. My cartridges are already linked to my expression and I don’t want to start over with my library. I’ve done enough investing. I want to create! and add to my cartridge library. Plus the $600 price tag is alot to add to my ever growing investment just to have it cut around my printed picture. Printer and scissors…

  10. CecileQ says:

    have to echo the comments made above.

    Ink cost and yield, if water proof or not, if could use as transfers…
    Materials on which to cut and print — plastic for overlay and material
    replacement how long use before breaks… are all my concerns also.

    is too expensive — but I’d consider it IF could use as a 12 x 12 SB page printer and not just for cutting. Would do more printing without the cutting but since PC answer was NO and not in future — I’m NOT interesed! I wouldn’t have the counter space for a 4th machine that wouldn’t be used that often.

    Didn’t watch the full 10 mins, but images looked rather flat and basic to me. Also quite a waste of paper with the placement. I will reverse and shrink & move around in software so get really full print page.

    I also find the cutting out printed images or coloring the Cricut and assembling the layers and parts and adjusting shadow placement the enjoyable part of my art.

  11. I LOVE IT! If it were on sale now, I’d be ordering it. I can’t wait to get it and start working with it. I think it’s fantastic and I hope we don’t have to wait too long before it’s available to the public. I did see a question above – can we use the imagine carts on the expression? I think as long as I can use my cricut cartridges that I already have in the Imagine, and vice versa, I’d be happy with it. I love my Expression and I support Provo Craft in everything they do! Thanks!

  12. Carolyn says:

    What this did for me was convince me to replace my “Baby Bug” with the Pink Cricut Expression on sale this weekend. I’d been holding off, convinced something new and exciting was on the horizon…and while this is neat, it is not what I need. I don’t want to buy more cartridges simply to get patterns for printing when I have a room full of patterned paper. And I too question the logic of combining a printer, even with HP’s reputation, with the Cricut. Sometimes too many bells and whistles simply isn’t the right thing.

  13. marsha wilmeth says:

    it is a little pricy and the ink is expensive but maybe it will go down a little later!!!!

  14. Jun says:

    I am planning to buy one as soon as I can. I LOVE IT!!!! I guess I never realized what Cricut could do but this is more of what I am looking for a machine to do. If I could place a order for when its available I would do it right now to guarantee I could get one. Right now I am looking into the different cartridges available so I can find them on sale. Also plan to sell some of my other machines and stamp sets to help pay for the best machine on the market. I am so excited about it coming out and when it will be available.

  15. Laura Sturdivant says:

    It looks very exciting. Can’t wait but hope the price comes down a bit

  16. Margie Taber says:

    I really do like this but I do think it is over priced
    only the people that have money will be able to afford it

  17. Margaret says:

    I’m ready to buy an Expression – and now this? LOL Can I use Imagine for vinyl, chipboard, fabric like for the Expression?

    • Sandy says:

      As much as I would love to try one, I will have to pass on this one. This will be a huge investment not to memtion the ink and new cartridges and what do I do with my expressions that I already have? I think Provo Craft needs to slow down. I love all my cartridges and at one point I wanted them all. But now it’s just getting to be too much with new this, new that. Provo Craft is on overload! It’s getting very crazy with–can only get this cartridge at WalMart or this one only through Creative Memories and so on! And the gyspy is very confusing to use!

    • Darlene Gee says:

      You can cut Vinyl and they have come out with a printable vinyl for this machine.
      Fabric yes. Right now you can’t cut Chipboard because the machine prints first and then drops down to cut. The drop down part is where the paper bends and since chipboard doesn’t bend you can’t use it at this time. They say there are still working on this. I asked if you can use Grunge Board and they admitted they hadn’t tried it.

  18. LaNette Millsap says:

    It looks cool, but way to much money for me.

  19. Deb M in BC :) says:

    I’m not interested at all. I think it’ll go through major ink, and the cost of the ink cartridges isn’t cheap. I prefer cutting diecut images and adding ink if necessary. Besides, how does PC figure that we’re going to keep buying every machine they come out with? I can’t afford it anyway and am happy with my Create! Was thinking of getting an Expression, but I don’t have the room for one, and I can’t justify it really, just to make larger cuts. Deb M :)

  20. Kim says:

    I have a Quickutz Silhouette SD that does that already. I print an image out on my ink jet printer then put it in the Silhoueete to cut it out. The printer will put these black corners on the paper for the Silhouette to read so it know exactly where to cut. The Cricut Imagine does just that. I don’t know…I may still need to get the new Imagine…LOL!

    • Kisha says:

      I agree. I also have the silouhette which does the same thing. I caught my silouhette on super sale at $99. I am not spending more money for the imagine.

  21. denise says:

    If the price were less I would jump on it right away…But I am concerned about the yield of the ink. I am an HP person all the way( have had many of their printers), but they go thru ink like crazy. I don’t like the tri-color ink cartridge at all….In my most recent printer I have 5 different colors and black, the yellow and cyan are the first colors to go, so I replace those individually. With the tri-color when the yellow(or any one color) goes..the cartridge is no good anymore, so for them to say 150 page yield..I’m sorry it can’t be anticipated, each person will get a different yield. I will wait and see what the price point is on HSN Sept.14 when it debutes and how many months they offer to let you pay!!!!

  22. D says:

    Sounts good, looks good, but TOO TOO expensive.

  23. Michele Atchley says:

    I have every ProvoCraft/Cricut machine and tool produced to date – but the Imagine is not for me.

    I already use workarounds to create and cut my own art.

    A machine that limits my ability to create my own images is just too limiting – especially if there are no plans to ever allow for anything other than Cricut image content (although I love the Cricut carts) to be cut on the Imagine.

    Sorry ProvoCraft – It’s not a matter of money – it’s a matter of being able to choose tools that give me the freedom to express and enhance my own creative vision.

    • Joyce says:

      Remember not all of us are artists and can create our own images. It is great to have this tool available to those of us who need a little help with our creativity.

      • Lord Remo says:

        True, not all of us are artists. But artists are the ones who will throw $500-$1,000 on a machine + replenishable accessories + a slew of cartridges with low numbers of limited graphics… because we will make a living with it. To expect a novice, uncreative hobbyist or someone “afraid of technology” to spend that much money? It’s like buying a car that only drives on YOUR toll roads.
        And what is the purpose of adding a 1200 DPI photo-quality printer… if you can’t load in and print your photos? It’s not that your products are made for users with limited ability: you are making products TO limit the user’s ability. I’ve received one and, quite frankly don’t see it worth the time, cost and effort to use it. Your R&D team needs a radical rework while they still have jobs. I hope you didn’t make too many of these, or left open a software upgrade that can free up it’s usage.

  24. Shonna says:

    I would love one… always like new toys… I like my Expression and my Gypsy… why can’t PC have a program that if you donate your old machine to a school or something you can get a discount voucher to buy an upgrade… most PC owners are loyal… we want the newer shiner model too… but the prices are out of reach at times! How about it PC… give the loyal customers a break! Love the new machine!

  25. Colleen says:

    Trying to suck us all in again now that you’ve run out of steam on the Cricut and the Gypsy…way too expensive for my taste and seems to me it’s a waste to buy. Why would I voluntarily make my new Cricut redundant?

  26. Julie Church says:

    I bought the Cricut (personal). Then I sold it and upgraded to the Expression. Bought accessories, the markers, fonts, etc. With the frequent product changes and ever-increasing prices, I am sticking to other products (Sure Cuts A Lot, for example) and making do. $600!!!

  27. Natalie says:

    This is very expensive. I wouldn’t buy one because of the cost. I love my Cricut Expression and I use it all of the time for teaching. I do agree with Shonna about donating your old machine. That is about the only way I would buy one, if I could donate by Cricut Expression to a school and get a discount for the Cricut Imagine. It does look like a lot of fun.

  28. Kristi Faull says:

    This machine is way too expensive for the average crafter.

  29. Flora says:

    I am getting tired of Cricut coming up with more expensive ways to get us to spend more money. They could have made a product that would have worked with gypsy or design studio, but no, they come up with a $600.00 machine. I will wait and see if the price drops when they don’t sell as many as they think they will, especially with the cost of the ink, and then new cartridges. I have 4 machines already, including the cake machine and also have the gypsy. This is one cricuter who would like to at least see a trade in offer. I spent $500.00 on the cake machine and at least it does something different and also uses the original cartridges. Even though HSN will have payments, I barely paid off the cake machine and cannot afford to get this one.

  30. Marisol says:

    I am new to the crafting world, I have been researching and thinking whether I should wait for the new Imagine or not. The bottom line is that I am getting into crafting to be able to use my skills and not to have a “printer” do it for me. I have always owned HP printers and the ink never lasts as long as they claim. I am going to sit back and wait, with gadgets comes new issues. I would spend the $600.00 IF I wouldn’t have to keep buying cartridges, for that matter I refuse to buy it.

  31. Dianna says:

    Oh I would love to have this thing which has come to pass! I have often wondered why they didn’t come up with something that would cut what you print without going through so much hassle of going from computer to cricut etc. This sounds like it will be awsome! When will it be available?

  32. Dianna says:

    Please People…have a little mercy! Do you realize how much money we have spent on all the cartridges, paper, machine, embosser, tools on and on it goes. We all love your product but we are not millionaires! But we know you are!!! We are just Moms and people that want to be creative! Love your products and have supported you for years but I had no clue this machine was $600. I had the first cricut and went up to the Expression and would love to have this new one to do bulletin boards etc. for church but just a bit pricy at this point!!!!!!! Thanks for asking though!

  33. Hannah says:

    Can the cricut imagine just plain cut out things just like the cricut expression?

  34. Mimi says:

    I have EVERY Cricut cartridge available except for Cake Basics as I was not interested and definitely not interested in purchasing another machine just for the cartridge. I was sooooo ready to jump on the Imagine, BUT after reading more and more about it, I think I will pass. After investing around $15,000 in machines and cartridges, I don’t quite think I am ready to start over with an entire line of cartridges. I will just keep my Golden Cricut and my 177 cartridges. Hopefully, with a whole new line, they will slow down on the cartridges. Aiming for 100 in just one year is a little much.

    I feel the Imagine is too costly upfront, you have the upkeep of ink and additional mats, and who knows how many cartridges will come out for just the Imagine. I see it doing little more for me than perhaps adding a border to a page as I like the 3D effect of the layered embellishments.

  35. Kathy says:

    I am a huge fan of Cricut products and have been very satisfied with the quality, user friendly and versatile use of their products. I purchased my first Cricut the second day it was on the market, then the Cricut Expressions, Design Studio, 4 Jukeboxes (I was able to connect 4 of them), and last but not least the Gypsy. Of course, let’s not forget the 98 cartridges I have, too. I was able to justify the cost of everything do to the fact that I didn’t have to spend a fortune in stickers or die cuts, anymore.

    Now as far as the Cricut Imagine, from what I have seen and heard, here are my concerns:

    1. HP Printers are very good quality printers but they are very costly for the ink cartridges. I have the newest HP 309 and it consumes ink faster then any of my previous HP Printers have. I don’t even print pictures, just printing articles off the internet, letters, flyers, etc. I go through a black X-L cartridge every other week at the cost of $26.00 and the color cartridges about one every 3 weeks. They claim that a cartridge for the Imagine will print 50 12×12 pages, realistically that means about 40 pages. Of course, it would depend on how much coloring you have on an image too. The average life span for a HP Printer is about 2 years with daily use. I have owned over 11 HP Printers, that;s my experience.

    2. I have heard that the Imagine will not work with the Design Studio but will with the Gypsy. I don’t understand that, as they pretty much function about the same and plug into your Cricut using a USB plug. What also is not clear is if I design a page on my Gypsy, which by the way, is my favorite toy, how do instruct the Imagine to color the image, the way you want? Would the page design on your gypsy show up on the Imagine LCD screen, then would you be able to tell the Imagine, what color for each design?

    3. I can understand why you would have to use the Cricut cartridges, Provo Craft has to continue to make money. If it allowed you to create any image you designed, then you wouldn’t be buying their cartridges.

    4. The biggest problem is the cost of $599, suggested retail price, the Imagine cartridges at $70 and the ink cartridge cost. The real advantage I can see is that instead of using color cardstock, you only need white cardstock. I personally like the layers, dimensional look, so it won’t really be savings me too much time. You can make your own background paper but you would consume a lot more ink, too. I currently use my Cricut Markers if I want to make a background paper.

    I am very happy with my Expressions and Gypsy, so unless I can see several more advantages of the Imagine, I think I will have to pass. However, if I didn’t have the Expression, I most definitely would purchase it.

    • Kathy says:

      Famous last words “I am very happy with my Expressions and Gypsy, so unless I can see several more advantages of the Imagine, I think I will have to pass. However, if I didn’t have the Expression, I most definitely would purchase it “.

      Well, I watch HSN Launching the Cricut Imagine, which started at 9:00 p.m. (Calif. time) and by 9:18 p.m., I had my order placed for the Cricut Imagine, White Bazzill Cardstock and 3 of the Imagine Cartridges.

      Oh my, I have no self control, I am just a Cricut Junkie, what can I say. Now I will count the days until 9/24, when my new toy arrives. I can’t wait to start playing.

      • Darlene Gee says:

        I did the same thing and purchased the Cricut Imagine before the first airing on HSN was over. I am so excited I just checked my Order Status on HSN and the tracking says it is out for delivery today!

  36. Carolyn Young says:

    While I’m a techno-gadget person, this last machine has too many functions to make it a wise investment. If one part goes, you wind up with a very, very expensive Cricut. I too have several HP printers and I realize that their profit margin is no longer in the printer itself, but in the consumables that go with. For example, their cartridges now come with expiration dates, so even if the cartridge isn’t empty, the sensor is programmed to give you a ‘replace cartridge’ message and if you don’t, the printer will not work. I purchased the expression, the Gypsy, and a lot of cartridges, only to see the prices fall shortly after my purchase. At least they were for purchases for which additional cash outlays were not mandatory. I think I’ll sit this one out……

    • Carolyn Young says:


      Here I am a year later using the very expensive Imagine to make calendar markers for my classroom. I’ve had it sitting for almost a year with no use and really thought the ink would have dried out by now. To my surprise the very first item I printed this morning was beautifully colored. This is the original ink. Although I had to ‘color’ my pumpkins because the machine wouldn’t just ‘cut’ I’m ok with that for now. It wastes time and ink when I’m using orange paper, but it’s not a show-stopper.

  37. Merna says:

    The Imagine is just what I have been after — something that will print and cut! But…the pricetag is probably going to be more than I can handle as yet. But, here’s hoping!.


  38. Ronnel says:

    I think the Imagine has some interesting features, but I don’t see great innovation. I would have liked PC to combine a full format printer with their cutter. Then I would only need one printer/cutter in my scrap room which would save energy and countertop space. I could print my documents/pictures, etc.from my computer and cut all my designes from one machine. Couldn’t you Imagine that!, I would pay for that machine, but not this one.

    Oh, I forgot, if Imagine was connected to a computer that would mean that SCAL and MTC would also work if you have the time and want to be a grafic designer. I have tried SCAL and MTC and each of these require investing a great deal of time learning the program and then designing the art work before you can cut anything. I also looked at Pazzel and several other cutters before buying my original Cricut. I chose Cricut because I don’t want to spend my time designing art work. I want to simply pick it out and put it on my cards, my scrapbook pages or my walls. I will continue to buy the carts because they’re darling and give me thousands of options without any of the invested design time.


  39. Shawna says:

    Just a couple of questions. Does it print on Vinyl or the static cling? i’m think this is a dumb question but just had to ask. I’am a Cricut Vinyl Bug.

    • Kathy says:

      yes, it will cut vinyl and everything that the Expression will. It will also print on vinyl, thin wood board and transparency, which I am really excited about.

      Here is some more info on it:

      Design, print and cut in one step

      * Works with paper sizes up to 12” x 12”
      * Makes large-format print and cutting possible
      * Make cuts from .25” to 11.5”
      * Uses same blades and blade housing as current Cricut products
      * Cuts 85lb cardstock, printable vinyl, photo paper, transparencies, stickers and more
      * Adjustable pressure for different weight papers
      * Retractable paper tray

      Easy-to-use LCD touchscreen navigation

      * No computer necessary
      * On-board color and pattern selector with 18 pre-defined colors built in
      * Use the internal color wheel to create additional colors
      * Store up to 16 custom colors

      Compatible with other Cricut products

      * Fully compatible with more than 150 original Cricut cartridges
      * Give new life to your other images by adding color, texture and patterns to your die-cuts
      * Compatible with Gypsy by Cricut handheld design studio
      * Compatible with Jukebox

      Customizable appearance

      * Personalize your machine with detachable accents that add color and texture


      Cricut Imagine ink cartridges

      * Specially designed HP inkjet cartridges created to maximize the machine’s potential
      * Includes one black and one tri-color ink cartridge
      * Designed to dry quickly and resist smudges

      12″ x 12″ cutting mat

      * Gently adheres to cardstock, vinyl and other materials to ensure smooth and accurate cuts
      * Perfect for printing and cutting intricate shapes

      Adhesive-backed printable vinyl

      * Add a personal touch to home decor, laptops, cell phones, paper crafts and more
      * Use instead of paper


      * Measurements:

      Approx. 30″L x 20″W x 18″H (machine)

      * Weight:

      Approx. 28.6 lbs.

      * Languages:

      English, French, Spanish and German

      * Metrics:

      Metric options included

      * Listing:


      * Country of Origin:


  40. Janet Bennett says:

    I want it but the cost prohibits me from buying it.
    Sell it for less and get more buyers.
    I know I have encouraged a lot of my friends to buy the cricut and they have after I found them a great deal. This machine looks like something I would love to have. I make cards for my family and friends and I design centerpieces and party stuff from my cricut and printer.I design centerpieces for our square dance club too. Maybe one day when the cost goes down I will be able to buy one.

  41. Sharon says:

    ExceLlent idea but price will be a problem – especially in the uk. Cheaper to have seperate printer and cricut. Looks good though.

  42. kelley says:

    too expensive,to big,and i still have’nt even mastered the cricut E. sorry PC i’m sticking with my big bug.

  43. Tami Howse says:

    I have an HP printer that I quite despise. I replaced it with a Canon. Based on that, I wouldn’t buy the Imagine. I think the concerns about lifespan and ink refills are legitimate concerns.

  44. meli says:

    I am loving it but being that im a computer tech and knowing technologoy i would wait for the one that prints up to 24in or longer. the technology has been out there for a long time.

  45. mandipoo1 says:

    NO!!! thats just toooo much, i already have the other two why on earth would i waste my money on that when i also have the gyspy and so much scrape paper its not even funny, ill keep what i have, thats taking all the fun out of creating. its alot cheaper and quicker to go to a store a buy your paper, that way you dont have to pay for all the inkcarts that your going to buy and i can imagine they cost more than 30 dollars a piece no ill stick with the fun of picking my papers out myself for 30 dollors omg i can have so many colors fast ready to go, right at my finger tips i willnot be buying this product, i work at michaels and we have so many different papers and other embellishments i have found it to be a lot cheaper to but some of these instead od making them, with any creative mind you can take a simple piece of paper ink it chalk it add to it and come up with an orignal item. Sorry its just upsetting when these items go higher and higher and the tools just keep increasing also.

  46. Jennifer says:

    I’m not even sure if it’s the price that bothers me so much…(although, it IS way too much for your average crafter) it’s that PC needs to WAKE UP and pay attention to their customers!!! They must surf these chat boards, and see what concerns/problems their loyal customers have. And the same complaints come up on forum after forum.

    First, the cost of their consumables. Most especially the mats – there is tutorial after tutorial on how to refinish/re-stickify/recycle them. Why doesn’t PC get a clue, and institute a recycling program? For every ‘X’ number of mats you turn in for recycling, you get a free one! After all, we can only re-surface them so many times before ultimately, they are heading to landfill. So for PR purposes, not only does Provo Craft look somewhat responsible, they’re taking some of the sting out of their customers constantly having to purchase new mats.

    Second – when PC knows about Sure Cuts a Lot, why in the WORLD would they not produce their own software for those consumers who want to design/cut their own images?

    They’re not losing money on carts if they do this!! There are computer savvy folks who would only buy a machine if it permitted creating and cutting their own designs (my first machine was a Pazzles, I would NEVER have purchased a Cricut if it weren’t for SCAL). Then, there are crafters who want the simplicity of using a cartridge and enjoy the challenge of making the cartridge designs their own. And even if you offered them the software option, they’d still stick to carts. Personally, I use SCAL with my Expression 99% of the time and have still purchased some carts for things I just didn’t want to spend the time on ; ) I think that people who are cart die hards are going to continue to create a market for them. And, instead of PC pocketing the $$$ from additional software, the creators of SCAL will.

    I first saw this machine and thought YIPPEE!!! No more work arounds for me since I do cut items out, and then print on them with my printer – but I don’t think this machine will work with SCAL so I would absolutely not purchase it.

    On top of that, the whole printing your own papers out is a joke – this would not only suck up loads of HP’s ridiculously priced ink cartridges, it’s a pretty big stress on a printer to be used like this. I really, really wish that PC had just developed a machine with an ‘eye’ like other personal cutting machines have, so that you could easily use your own printer (which most of us already have) and then cut out. I would have purchased immediately.

    I agree with another poster, that once the printer croaks, you’ve got a really expensive paperweight. And having had several HP printers, along with their CRAP outsourced customer service, think it would happen sooner than later.

    I’m sticking to my Expression with SCAL, and will just deal with the workaround!!!

    • Janeane says:

      Jennifer, thank you for the comments. I love your cutting mat recycle idea, it would certainly help things.

      I agree that there are those who like the carts for the ease of use factor, and there are those who want to push it more. The key is to find the right product to do both.

      • Lord Remo says:

        It’s a point worth reiterating. Selling physical cartridges in a “download” world is a more expensive production but regardless, it works for those who prefer simpler use. You won’t lose that market. You are losing the market who want to use more advanced capability it is physically capable of, because they will not buy cartridges OR the machine. A lose-lose with people who make that level of investment.

    • Michelle says:

      You said it better than most posts I have read here! It just doesnt make sense to me why PC would not make a program like SCAL! Even if they released it solely for the imagine, it would sell. I just bought an imagine on ebay for $200. I did not know that it would not accept SCAL files, or I would never have bought it. Even for that price, it is junk to me. I will be reselling it!

  47. Randy Thelander says:

    I think it is a bit expensive, I mean I dont usually hold anything back when it comes to buying my wife scrapbood supplies. I think this is a bit expensive for me for some time to come. She can easily cut it out and color it is she wants. I like the idea, but the cost of the purchase and the ink to keep it running I think add up to tooooooo much. She already has about 10,000.00 dollars worth of stuff, but I feel this is a bit overboard. I do feel the rich and famous will probably buy it though. good luck, not me right now.

  48. Philippa Schrader says:

    Just seen the presentation on HSN. They said 86 sheets of paper were printed before the color started to run out. At $40 plus tax for a color cartridge that is just about 50c a page plus the cost of the paper.
    I also hate the idea that I can’t use my own designs. I don’t like most of the cutesy images available.

  49. Heidi Hihn says:

    I have been going over the pros and cons of this machine and here is what I came up with.


    1. costly – we will revisit that later
    2. unable to allow us to do custom designs with computer
    3. cost of printers ink
    4. printers life time expectancy

    1. If you purchase thru HSN during the intro to the market – price about $499 and that includes two more cartridges then you will get at store for a $500. HSN also offers a flex pay so it makes it easier for use to own the machine…about $99 a month and it also gives you free shipping.

    2. Someone commented that paper will cost about .50 cents a sheet printed, on you tube video from CHA they said .25 cents a sheet.. who is right?? I think it depends on the amount of color you are using and the depth of the colors. Either way, when I go to a scrap book store to buy paper it cost me over 50 cents a sheet for most papers!

    3. If you have purchased from Provo Craft in the past you know that they carry a wonderful product. If this product has problems with the printer…I would contact the company. We are the people to keep this company in business and I think they want to keep us coming back so they should stand by their product.

    Well, I don’t know if that helps anyone. Yes, I ordered one but I have a very special reason that I did. I have a cousin that is very ill, she has cancer and it is spreading.
    We have been working a scrapbooks for her grandchildren, they are coming out beautiful and are going to be a special gift from her to them and I want to make sure we complete them and if this machine will help….I am willing to pay to make sure it happen (and the $99 flex pay from HSN made it much easier for me to do this for her)!

  50. Janeane says:

    While the Cricut Imagine may not be for everyone. I do give credit to Provo Craft for innovating and giving people the option to use a very unique machine like the Imagine.

    Just like all new products it may take some time to see the value, and it may have it’s flaws as well.

    At the end of the day I like to see Provo Craft coming out with new products and not just sitting back saying “good enough”. Lets let them push the limits of creativity in their products.

    I am exciting to see what people are going to be doing with this new Imagine machine, I believe it is a great innovation.

    If you are happy with your Cricut original, or Expression, or any other machine, then you can continue to enjoy them as they are great tried and true products already.

  51. Sue says:

    Can you hook up the imagine to a computer if you want to?

  52. jeannie says:

    I saw this last night on HSN and was blown away!!! i have never used any of these before, i have always done it all by hand. i am counting the days untill it ships oct 11th. i have an HP printer and use it pretty hard, all i print is Pictures, i have had no problems it almost 5 years old. yes the Ink is expensive, the the quality is great.

    since i have never used any if these machines it will be interesting to see what my commnets are in a few months!

  53. Robin says:

    The answer that was raised earlier has still not been answered. Is the new cartridges that are coming out for the Imagine compatible with the expression or the create??? I want to know this also. Does this mean that we will not be offered new carts for these machines since the new Imagine has hit the market???

    This is an important question that I believe we would all like to have the answer to. It also will determine if we stay with Provo Craft or decide to leave.

    • Janeane says:


      Those are great questions.

      Q: Does this mean that we will not be offered new carts for these machines since the new Imagine has hit the market?
      A: New cartridges will continue to be produced for the Expression, Create, etc. machines.

      Q: Do Cricut Imagine cartridges work with Cricut Create, Cricut Expression, etc?
      A: No, Not right now. However, it may be possible through the Gypsy in a future release.

  54. Jolynn Miller says:

    Does it cut glass too like the 12 X 12? I cant wait.

  55. Kim says:

    Looks great, Would love to have one but, if I added up what I have paid for my Cricut, Cricut Expression, Gypsy and my Design Studio and the Cartridges that I already have, There is no way that I can spend the money on another machine. It all comes down to cost and in these times when we (at least, I) find it hard to make ends meet as it is, can’t justify another machine (no matter how great) for the price MSRP $499.

  56. CJ says:

    Will the imagine carts upload to the gypsy?

    • Darlene Gee says:

      They were soposed to have an update for the Gypsy on 9/13 but haven’t seen it yet. But the answer is Yes it will be able to upload to the Gypsy. My Cricut Imagine is “Out for Delivery” so after I have had time to play with it I will be able to answer more questions.

  57. Kathy says:

    How long does the new Cricut Imagine take to print a 12″ x 12″ piece of white paper?

    What website can we respond to, in order to change the color of the paper to a color that matches the layout for a particular project we are working on? Thank you for your time!

  58. Terrie Gillinger says:

    The cutting mat is definately not improved! Mine hasn’t been sticky from the get go. So far I like my Imagine but I’m not convinced yet it was worth the price. I do not like that it doesn’t place images on mat to conserve paper or that the images can’t be placed where you want them.

  59. JODI says:

    played with my new machine all night! Arrived today:) LOOOVE it…..I have 3 Cricuts and am never disappointed! I still love my Cricut Expression…plain , simple, fun….. but I am just loving designing my own paper…accents and I can layer layer layer…..I bought on HSN…on easy pay. This is the only way I could afford. Thx HSN! I haven’t even begin to dabble in all the things it can do….i look forward to a fall/winter of scrappin…

  60. jean miller says:

    Disappointed here. I ordered imagine from hsn, and received today, 7 days after order which wasn’t bad but when I received today anxiously got ready to use and lo and behold…wouldn’t work, wouldn’t update like it was suppose to so now have to send back. Called Provocraft and they said to send back and they would send replacement so now have to wait another 2 weeks or so. Soooooo disappointed. Hope the new one works or I’m going to send back and get expressions instead.It looks like its going to be a fun machine. It’s the first cricut for me so I was really looking forward to it. All the hype really built me up for a big let down. Hope Provo Craft sends new one pretty fast after all that disappointment. I think I probably should have waited til all the kinks were out. Also I have been trying to find where I can buy ink and mats for it and can’t find anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find them??

  61. D. Holt says:

    Ordered the imagine from hsn, recieved it yesterday. I Love it, stayed up until 5am this
    morning playing. I really liked that I could use the decorative paper and/or color from the imagine to fill in the designs from expression cartridges, makes it much easier than using several different colors of cardstock and repeat cuts. Just pick your color or pattern paper and cut. Still gives you lots of room to be creative and much faster.
    The touch screen is a plus to, it brings up images from the expression cartridges on the screen much like you see on the overlays. Very easy to use.

  62. Sherri says:

    I am addicted to Cricut with the Expression, Gypsy, 120 cartridges. I did order the Imagine from HSN because of the flex pay. I just lost my job and now I am so confused. Do i need it….I use my cricut everyday for atleast 2/3 hours even when I am working. My part time job is teaching art and also scrapbooking. I make cards and home decor, and scrapbook everything we do.

    Its here in my house and I quess I am depressed and need to really think about the benefits of the Imagine. So far I am impressed but I do feel it has its limits…with the Gypsy I interchange cartridges so much. It has a much smoother cut than the Expression. I was thinking that for the words and phrases that Imagine might be just special for that.

    The inks are available on the different web sights, including HSN…. Memorymiser,
    Ohmycrafts, Hallmarkscrapbook etc. Actually the prices are not any different than my ink for my home printer….and with the price of paper getting out of hand, the price point for printing your own paper is justified. Remember to use GOOD paper,
    Bazzill or American Crafts,, Close to my Heart also makes a good quality paper.

    Am I talking myself into it…I d like to hear your comment and ideas as I sit here looking for employment.

    Katy, TX
    [email protected]

    • liz says:

      Bought it off HSN. Set up took a couple minutes, worked with it all day, went through the learning curve, ripped some pages, etc… but after hours of messing I must say I am fairly impressed. Although it does have a few short comings, it still prints and cuts and no one else does that. You can use the old cartridges and mix it with the new ones color palattes and prints. One disadvantage to me is that the ink is NOT CHEAP- right now it will be about $70 to replace them and I actually think that is a rip off. I hope someone figures out which ink box it uses because I am sure they didn’t just make it up, as the ink looks just like the other HP snap in inks. BUT as a machine, pretty cool.

  63. Sherri Levinton says:

    It is Sherri again. I started really playing with the Imagine and it was working great…I was very excited. I cut out a paper doll from the Expression and then lined up different dresses, hair, hats, shoes and printed them to fit on Imagine. Had to use the Gypsy to figure out sizes. It was working great, so I was real excited. But all of a sudden, it would not let me use any old Cricuts, it just jumped to the Imagine opening screen. Provo craft is sending out another….it did this to start, then worked and then reverted to this silliness again. The loose paper really isn t an issue because it goes thru the printer fine…I do think I will be glad I have it when it comes again.

    I can t beleive that the ink cost is giving people heart failure…I pay the same for my ink for my HP all in one printer……you will print probably 150 sheets before it goes out…divide the pages by the cost, add 20 cents for paper (or less) and you are still ahead.

    I tried economy paper that you get in bulk at Michaels or Hobby Lobby and it worked fine…I like the heavier paper 80 lb wt but the thin stuff cut great.

    I have to say that the Imagine is a nice, smooth cut, even better than Expression. All in all, I think I am going to be very happy with it. Will keep you updated…will be even better when Gypsy can attach!

  64. Darlene says:

    hi wow its really wonderful…. i can’t wait to buy it in oct :):) Ive bought craft robo but it does not cut thick paper very well. ive tried 7 times and it just takes to long. and when its done the cut is not very good.
    i am surprise the cricut has a printer with it, WOW!!!!! I’m Looking forward to that,

  65. Jennie says:

    I would love to know when the ciruit imagine will be available in wal-mart? I can haedly wait.

  66. Sarah says:

    Are updates available for the cricut imagine yet trying to find something but unable. Is it working with the gypsy yet… If yes to any of the above how to I do the updates???
    Thanks I’ve been playing with the Imagine at first didnt think it was worth the money but the more I do with it the more I’m loving it. For some reason it cuts much better than my expression and doesnt tear some of my papers having a little difficult time with mats though either not sticky enough or way sticky but I’ll deal with that… thanks

  67. Anna says:

    I have had the Imagine for a week. It is my first Cricut so cannot compare with earlier machines. So far I think the Imagine is good fun. I wanted to take advantage of the six free cartridges promotion for the Gypsy since it’s said to be “compatible” with the Imagine, but am having a headache getting the Imagine software to update so that the Gypsy can communicate with the machine. I have tried all night, uninstalling and reinstalling the program hoping it will take if I just keep playing with it, but no cheese. A prompt just keeps popping up nagging that the Imagine is not plugged in or is powered off, when the machine is definitely plugged in to the outlet, powered on and the USB cable is hooked to the computer. This morning I tried again, but on a different computer, still the same bad experience. I gave up and called Tech support. They claim that most are having the same problems and to just keep trying throughout the week or so because they are working on it. What a shame. I rushed to buy this Imagine and Gypsy so I can make happy crafts for my children this Halloween and no bite, arghhh! It is not clear when hiccups will iron out.

  68. Jennifer says:

    You have all made me so confused! I’ve been out of scrapbooking since I became a “real adult” (post-college) and picked up 3 jobs. Recently, I decided to dive back in, so I was going big! A couple weeks ago, I went and purchased my first Cricut, just to come home and find out there was a bigger, better model coming out any day! I returned the E immediately, and I am now stuck in a huge personal debate.

    Honestly, I’m not concerned about the ink prices; all of my printers have had high-priced correlating cartridges. However, I am concerned about the inability to create your own designs and the inability to cut chipboard and such. Shouldn’t there be a cut-only setting to allow the mat to be immediately placed in the drop-down mode? Also, why remove the paper-saving element of placement on the paper?

    These are just a couple things making me contemplate which road I will take. I suppose if I can land one on ebay for $250 or so, then no harm no foul. Oh well… Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated!

  69. Jennifer says:

    Would you suggest to just get the Cricut E and SCAL instead of the Imagine if I’ve already got a great printer?

  70. Mary Elizabeth Eaker says:

    How is the imagine compatible with the jukebox?

    I have had my Imagine for 1 week & it has not worked at all this entire week. Customer service says it is waiting for an update. Then I will have to sync my NEW IMAGINE to my computer & UPDATE my NEW IMAGINE to get it to work (HOPEFULLY). That is if everything goes well & I can sync my computer to my new Imagine. I also do not like Cricut showing the Cartridges for Circle Members as advertised as if at some point they will be for sell to all. In other words keep them only for Circle Members & don’t falsely advertise them to everyone else. A lot of time Cricut will place cartridges on their site but say not for sale at this time or something to that effect. But eventually they come up for sale. Not the Circle Member Cartridges. If you are not a member or know nothing about the Circle it does not seem fair! But that is just my opinion.

    Mary Elizabeth Eaker

  71. Patty says:

    I’ve had my cricut imagine for three weeks now and my mat
    Is not sticky any more and I can’t find a mat
    Anyware . U would think they would have
    Mats for the machine before they sell the
    Machine . So now it’s just sitting there
    Because I can’t use it Nor will my gypsy
    Work in it . For the price I payed for it
    U wou

    • Tonya Trapp says:

      The Gypsy is supposed to work with this machine. I haven’t tried my yet but they say it will work with this machine. I am trying not to get frustrated with it to.

  72. Ann Fowler says:

    hi i brought the new cricut imagine today and i want to use my old cartidges on there but i cant seem to get the layer button to activate at the top left hand side of the screen when i have clicked the edit button on the image. can any one help please

  73. mikki says:

    Sorry guys, I have the Expression and I’m happy doing the creating with SCAL and Adobe Illustrator. I don’t need to make my own papers and I absolutely will not buy this very expensive machine that will not take SCAL.

    There you have it.

  74. Tonya Trapp says:

    I love my new cricut imagine. What I am trying to figure about it is whether it will print or just cut from the original cartridges. All I can get it to do is cut and I would so love to print the fairies from the Tinkerbell cartridge for my daughter’s bedroom wall.

  75. Wendy says:

    I love my Imagine- You should be able to get a update on for your gypsy that will make it work with your Imagine…that was posted about 2 weeks ago (that is was coming). The mat…you can order them online but if you go to Micheals and buy sticky spray that will work really well! I have watched the videos on “the pink stamper” and she has been super helpful! I have a wishblade and an expression and I love the Imagine not a waste of money at all!!!! Just a learning curve and once you get it you will love it!!!

  76. Annie says:

    After looking at everything and reading others comments, I just kept thinking: I just came up with the money last year to buy the expression. Aren’t we all just moms finding ways to preserve our precious memories of our families? Scrapbooking is a fairly expensive hobby, but we can justify it in the following way. We have a chance to be creative, enjoy remembering the moments as we scrap them and find a couple minutes to escape our crazy busy lifes. Give us a break. We are loyal provocraft customers. Keep making cartridges for the original machines. It seems there are many of us who will keep buying those products. I challenge your creative team and marketing department to utilize the base rather than making products obsolete.

    • Annette says:

      Hi! Annie,

      I am pleased that you have a the expression. I am still awaiting delivery of mine.
      I simply wanted to respond that you do not have to justify your expenditure. You are a unique and wonderful person and have the right to have anything that you wish to have. If your machine gives you delight then it has earned its costs. If it enhances your life and others by your giving of your creations then you have sincerely made a wonderful decision.
      Yes, your families are precious and so are you. Unique and very special.
      I hope that you continue to enjoy your craftwork and keep your wish list up to date.
      May your Christmas be full of love and laughter and your New Year full of wondrous surprises.
      Kindest regards

  77. misty says:

    I wish that this wasnt $600!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Rhonda says:

    I got my Imagine just before Thanksgiving. I had one day to make name cards (table setting) for everyone. I love it!! I had some trouble getting color on my old catridges but finally figured it out, I think. I would LOVE it if the cartridges were able to be placed on my Gypsy or even if I could add color in my gypsy design. Do you think that will every happen???

  79. Marilyn says:

    I am just getting into Cricut and almost ready to buy the Expression and found out about the Imagine and now am all mixed up on what to purchase after reading all the comments. Could you please give me some advice. I know nothing except what I have read. Thanks!! Marilyn

  80. Sheri Lewis says:

    I have heard that the new cricut Imagine will not just cut our items like the other machines. I understand that you have to print along with cutting out your image? Does the new machine just CUT?

  81. Kim Bonamy says:

    Please answer
    1. Can you still use cricut imaagine to cut if it run out of ink to print?
    2. Can it fit Cricut imagine machine with C Gull Cricut Expression Bags?
    3. Can you use chomas creation embossing tips with the cricut imagine?
    4. Can you use cricut color primary to cricut imagine machine?
    5. Can you use cricut deep cut blade and housing to cricut imagine?
    6. Can it weld letters with cricut imagine?
    7. Does it have auto volt 110 – 220 volt input feature?
    8. What is the dimension of cricut imagine print and cut machine.
    9. Can it print the old cricut cartridge?

  82. Arlene Nielsen says:

    Too expensive!!1

  83. Bien Serfhos-Borghuis says:

    Vind in dit computertijdperk deze machine te beperkt voor de prijs wat hij moet kosten. De teksten zijn alleen in het Engels. Dit moet ook in het Hollands vertaald kunnen worden door de taal te kiezen.

  84. Carol says:

    I have been waiting for a machine that would print and cut, and here it is! It is absolutely a dream come true. Easy to set up (make sure you buy a package of 12 X 12 paper when you buy your machine), easy to use, and fascinating to watch it in action.

    I have just had it for a few days and I used it to decorate ordinary boxes, make a cute little box out of one of the designs on Imagine More Cards cartridge (bought separately) and make a little thank you card. I usually dread packaging but this made it incredibly fun!

    This is my very first scrapbook machine ever. I don’t scrapbook at all, so I needed a machine that would help me to have a more professional look with a personal touch to package and mail the glass beads that I make in my own business.

    Mine was on sale for under $400 before taxes :-).

    I really appreciate my Cricut Imagine machine!

  85. Maria Celeste Solis says:

    I made a really bad choice, buying the Imagine. I usally work creating my own designs.With the imagine I can’t do that. Are you planing to let Imagine work with a computer and programs that allow you to create our on designs? Right now I can’t conect Imagine with my computer!!!!


    • Lou Ann says:

      I also made a bad decision to purchase the Imagine. I had the Imagine for 6 weeks, used it for only 30 minutes (1 time only) and it quit working. Their customer service is horrible and I have been on hold numerous times for over a hour each time just trying to talk to someone. I returned my Imagine on Dec 7 and still have not received a new one although they promised I would have it on the 30th. Still not here!! I wish I had never bought the Imagine and certainly won’t buy anthing they have to offer again. BIG MISTAKE!!!

  86. I do a lot of vinyl wall graphics with my expression. Will the Imagine print on regular auotmotive vinyl? Is the color waterproof (hahahaha) and does SCAL work with it? BIG factors weather i’ll purchase it. If I were just a scrapbooker, i’d be all over it!

  87. Robin says:

    I was looking for and buy called the cricut imagine for enjoy the season and pls let me know where to buy at since I cant find anwhere in the store and thx

  88. Kathy says:

    No, I think the ink will be too expensive per page to print my own printed papers plus my time is at a premium for my hobbies already. Why not just buy a scrapbook store sheet of paper–or 3–for the same price as ink for one with the Imagine? I often tear and layer different pattern designs on a 12×12 page and printing out a sheet for each pattern is wasteful. Why not give us more cute cartridges with more image options so we can keep cutting the papers we already own? I own an Expression and love it but I won’t be getting the Imagine. And shame on whoever thought to make Imagine Carts not work on the Expression. Seems like Cricut is focusing on the Imagine designs and planning the obsolescence of the Expression already….That’s a shame. And truthfully Cricut COULD give us the same cut-any-TTF-font-or image technology as the Sure Cuts A Lot program provides. They (vendors in the booth) promised it 5 – 6 years ago at a CHA trade show! Now they say no? Hmmm.

  89. Kim says:

    I am new to the cricut world and purchased an Imagine.
    I would like a manual to know how to use it. Can you send me one?

  90. Meera says:

    Hi again :)
    I’m not sure where to ask this but here it goes. I purchased the Cricut Expression and have been playing around with it for few months now. It’s really amazing and i LOVE IT :D
    However, few weeks ago I came across the Ecraft machine and i was like…did i make the right choice in purchasing the cricut?!!

    Has anyone tried the Ecraft? ( ) what attracted me to it is the fact that it does not use a cutting matt and well no limit to the length (not that i think it’s something that i require at the moment).

    Overall i’m very happy with my expression and since i’m a beginner in all this, i’m learning a lot from crafters on YouTube and other sources on the internet :)

    A special THANK YOU for everyone out there who share all types of info with us *hugs*


  91. Nancy Hill says:

    I received an Imagine for Christmas. I thought it would be great. -I was wondering if anyone has had any problems w/the cutting mat not sticking very well? Is it just me? I thought maybe the one that came w/it was old so got new ones. They still don’t seem to stick the paper down very well. The printing will go fine, but then when it goes back to cut, it begins cutting but then the paper starts to slide around and I have to abort. I’ve tried using different paper. Is there something I’ve missed, I see nothing in the instructions about needing to us a special kind of paper or anthing. Please don’t tell me that I just need to smooth the paper down better or whatever, believe me I’ve tried and tried. The mats do not grip the paper well at all. It slips around when cutting. Whats up with that? Is ANYONE having this problem but ME? Oh by the way, I have an Expression which you probably know takes a different cutting mat. They aren’t interchangeable. I’ve had no trouble w/the Expression cutting mats letting the paper slip. Does anyone know if there’s a forum on a website somewhere that I could ask questions and see what others have experienced? Surely I’m not the only one, this is driving me crazy because I can’t get anything to work out.
    Thanks much……….

  92. Jenn Tanner says:

    I was so excited to see this new machine till I found out you can not connect it to the computer to create your own designs. They did this so you can not use the sure cuts alot program or cut your own svg files. You are forced to buy thier cartages and spend 1000′s on images that you may only use one or two of off a cartage. This is a sales gimic and I am not going to purchace this machine when I am able to do so much more with just the expression machine and my computer. I do like the fact you can print color but what the sence when you have to print thier images from thier cartages. That fact you just cut on color paper the things you want to print in color and use your own designs. This iteam is a waste of money and they will find that with thier limitation of no internet access they are going to lose money on this machine. Don’t waste you time buting this machine. Buy an expression and the sure cuts alot program from on line and expand your creativty. Don’t waste your money on the cricut imagine. You can buy the cricut expresion and the sure cuts alot program for less then they want for this new machine and have a broader field to work with.

    • Nicole says:

      My mother-in-law also loves expression much more the her Imagine – lots of bad changes were made, and there are a ton of bugs to work out with the machine

  93. Nancy says:

    I really love my cricut imagine machine, but I have one problem. When I put some of my cartridges in the imagine it tells me I have to up-date my machine. Please tell me how to do this.
    Thank You

  94. bonnie greenhoe says:

    i would buy this right away if i could use my expression cartridges, I don’t think I’ll buy the new one because of this i have many carts that i use and won’t start all over to get another machine, why didn’t you make it so we could use all the cartridges that you have for the other expression. boogles my mine

    • Laurie says:

      tou can use the expression cartridges with the Image


      • Crystal says:

        Agree, I have read that you can use the old carts with the new machine, but you can NOT use the new carts with the old machine.

        You can not use SCAL with new machine, but you can with old machine.
        The new machine can print all colors needed on a single white peice of paper, vs having to put in 3-4 different layers of different colored paper. This is about the only thing that temps me, is using old carts (not new) and printing the color I want, and all the layers I want, on same piece of paper…..less scraps….but is that worth the cost….that is the question.

  95. Maurice Bertrand says:

    To whom it may concern. I have just purchased a CRICUT EXPRESSION from the Shopping Channel
    in Canada . I’ve been trying to register my machine on line with the CD which was supplied , but,
    it will not open on screen . I thought maybe that it was my drive but all my other CD’s register
    perfectly. What can I do or whom shall I contact for this matter?

  96. Sharon says:

    I have purchased the Imagine, I love it, the cartridges are around $22 to $30 at Custom Crops (online). Ink has been down to $28 at Custom and JoAnns (online) watch for free shipping codes.
    I like the idea of using all my old cartridges with the new machine, it prints really nice, cuts perfect, you can layer them change colors or cut one piece – or mix them up, they have a caching feature which will hold your choice of a pattern, allows you to put in a different cartridge. It will use all your small pieces of paper, or print a pattern and put it in your expression and cut out your chipboard. It remembers where you cut last so you can use the same paper. It works with my Gypsy — BUT I still kept my Expressions so I can use MTC or SCAL or Design Studio. I think it is a GREAT machine, I hope there will be updates that will allow us to do more with our own graphics


    • Laurie says:

      sharon when you got your machine did you have to update it with new instalation of a driver into your machine?…See my post below

      • Sharon says:

        Laurie, did you get your Imagine (cartridge) working??.. On March 07 2011, Provo Craft had their best update for our Gypsy and Imagine – now on my Gypsy I have a miniture Imagine, I loaded my Imagine cartridges on my Gypsy, now we can design from our Gypsy for the Expression or Imagine, I admit I had to restart my update several times, (Gypsy) (make sure you have your Gypsy plugged into power) The update for the Imagine was really fast, (but I had the most recent updates already installed) be sure to download the NEW Cricut Sync before starting.


    • Sharon says:

      Hi, about a week later Provo Craft had an update to add Gypsy, I didn’t have any problems.
      I run Windows 7 64 bit – but you do not need to have your Imagine connected to your
      computer to use it.


      I still like it, but thats a me thing !!

  97. Glook Doubell says:

    I bought an Cricut Imagine Machine but the cartridge which came with the machine will not load (IMGM-038662) meaning that I cannot use my machine. What is the solution?

  98. Lynn Brooks says:

    I purchased the imagine and I am not happy that you can’t adjust the size of the die cuts. It would have been great if they had just taken the expression with a few of the add ons from the imagine. I like the computer cability and the artwork feature.
    There are so many features from the expression that got left out from the imagine. I wish I knew why.

    • Laurie says:

      do you know what is the Impressions2 they are talking about? when you got your machine did you have to update it with new instalation of a driver into your machine?…See my post below

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Lynn, I can adjust the size of the graphics, have you watched (you tube,) they have
      videos from basic to intermediate that may help, also one of the updates added these sizes
      1X2 – 2X3 3X5 – 5X7 – 8X10 – 8.5 X 11. I worked with a Wishblade for YEARS plus they had NO firmware updates. I admire Provo Craft as they have firmware updates to make the machine better.


  99. Laurie says:

    I was very disappointed when I got my cricut imagine machine in the mail after waiting a week, only to have to download an update from my computer…this did not work on my machine after trying several with a Provocraft technician on the phone assisting me all the way….we tried this 3 other times only to realize that my imagine was defective, that is why it did not download….I am confused!!!!!! In the cricut ad it states YOU DO NOT NEED A COMPUTER TO USE THE IMAGINE, then if one does not need or have a computer thinking they don’t need one how does one download the updates….machine should be setup and ready to use immediatley after one takes it out of the box…after all this is not an inexpensive investement we are shelling out for the Imagine.

    • Nicole says:

      Wow, I just posted something very similar to your post. I am pretty upset. Worst of all now Provo isn’t even answering my emails regarding when I will get my cartridge. Last I heard back in January, Imagine More cartridges were all out of stock. It’s unacceptable to advertise something as being able to just pull it out of the box, plug it in, load ink and get to crafting when that was not the case at in our situation. This machine has definitely not lived up to its price tag.

  100. Dianne Jenkins says:

    VERY disappointed in the Imagine – it has definitely NOT lived up to its hype! I have already had the first one replaced, and my second one is starting to act up now – happens after an upgrade, for some reason.

    REALLY wish Provo Craft had worked out all the bugs on THIS machine before they decided to go ahead and launch a NEW Expression 2!!!

  101. Ana Sarabia says:

    I like Cricut Image and I plan buy Cricut Image later. : )

  102. Crystal says:

    I think I will be holding off for a bit. Like the Gypsy, when first came out, it had lots of bugs, mine was ok, but I waiting for it to drop 50% before I bought it (it was $300 to start and now down to $99). If the imagine comes down to about $150-200 I might concider, then the cost of ink and stuff can be factored into the total cost and not exceed $400.

    I have about 40 carts
    I have DS
    I have Gypsy
    I have expression
    I have jutebox

    I love the products and you have to admit it is a huge time saver from back in the day when you had to use stencils and scissors, but for just a printer to add to this, I’m not sold, since I already have a wide format printer with 7 different ink tanks to allow me to get max $$ out of each color.
    I’ll keep posted to this website and see what others think over next 4-6 months.

  103. Nicole says:

    I purchased my Cricut Imagine in December 2010. To my surprise I had nothing but problems with it from the time I opened the box and plugged it in. First, My machine was stuck on the Start up screen and the Imagine More cartridge that came with the machine did not work. I also could not get the ink cartridges in either. Everything seemed to be going wrong.

    After two days of much frustration I finally came to the conclusion that this was not a user error, rather a possible defective machine. I called ProvoCraft and was on hold for 1 hour before I was able to speak with anyone. I was then lead through a circus of events lasting 6 hours before my machine was up and running. But my cartridge still did not work. Another phone call to Provo and a 45 minute wait later, I was told my cartridge was defective. They were suppose to ship me a new cartridge but after waiting weeks I never received a new cartridge. Long story short, I had to make several phone calls to provo, wait several hours for a rep. to pick up the call, and still as of March 4th, 2011, yes three months later, I still do not have the Cricut Imagine More cartridge.

    My mother-in-law has all the same problems I have. I feel as though these machines were not ready to ship to the general public. Our machines were full of bugs and both had a defective cartridge. We bought them from different stores too. I am truly disappointed that I paid $600.00 for a machine and it did not work the way they show it working right out of the box and I am still waiting on my cartridge three months later.

  104. Tina says:

    I am very disappointed with this Cricut Imagine machine. I was very excited about it at first and asked for it as a gift. I have spent literally months trying to get it to live up to what I was expecting but so far no luck. It is my first cricut.
    Pet peeves:

    1. It takes a while to run through the printer and cutting areas. If I just want to cut most of the time its a big timewaster! It’s like using dail-up when you could have high-speed internet, aggrivating!!

    2. The cutting mats will stick to paper a couple of cuts (or if you’re very very lucky) maybe 10 in the machine, then you can only use really thin paper, all other paper doesn’t stick anymore, it moves around when the blade is trying to cut. (Yes I have tried washing the mats, and almost everything else suggested except the things that void the warrenty)

    3. When you have an image selected, it usually has to be sized, that’s fine. But there isn’t a drop down list of sizes, i have to sit there and tap the sizer bigger until it’s the size I want, it takes a really long time as opposed to the rolling dial on older machines. I would use the fit to page (or make the page smaller but that takes just as long to program the machine), but most of the time I don’t want it that big, when I’m doing a scrapbook I like the 5″-6″ size.

    4. When you’re using a regular cricut cartridge there is no zoom button to figure out which button to pick, it’s zoomed out so you can see the whole keypad. The problem is that most of the images look like little squiggles. Basically you can label your booklet (if you have an old booklet, not the newer shiny ones, it doesn’t work then), or try to memorize which ones you like to use, or guess which one it is you want, do you want squiggle 1-30? Shift or no Shift? It goes on and on…

    5. You really can only use a full 12″ by 12″ paper when cutting, almost any scrap you use will most often move around and not actually stick to the “sticky” mat.

    The WORST problem in my book is this:

    5. THERE IS NO EASY WAY OF MOVING THE IMAGE!! You can’t move the image to the middle of the page, or side or anywhere but the top left. Plus since the mat isn’t terribly sticky (i’m being very generous saying that) it uses up all the stick in that area, if you could move the image around you might be able to get more use out of it. (It would be so cool if you could have a “move image” button so you could resize it right in the machine instead of having to buy a gypsy..) Which kind of is a money grab on provo crafts part. They sell a machine that does half the stuff, then say here pay $$$ so that it can do everything it’s capable of!!

    My summary is this: I could live with the rest if it was easy to move the image on the screen of the Imagine, and the mats were sticky enough. But all put together????

    Thanks for reading my Cricut Imagine rant, I don’t want anyone else to be this disappointed in the sub-par machine.

    • Myrtle says:

      WOW!!!! Amazing how feedback comes on this imagine, but yet I have yet to get a response from the cricut company or provo craft on where you can find Enjoy the Seasons Cartridge.. Funny how it has not been available since the imagine made its debut.. I check daily and regularly.. Anyone know how to find this and other cartridges that seem to not be available. Like berries and creme, all wrapped up, buccaneer.???????????????????????????? It would be nice to hear from the company themselves and let US THE CUSTOMERS that spent $500 on HSN for this machine to respond and say yes this cartridge will be available on this date.. HOW HARD IS THAT??????????? AND WHERE TO BUY IT?

      • jean heming says:

        I got enjoy the seasons from Ebay….I believe around $40…. I got it just a couple months ago!!All wrapped up & Baby boutique I got from a week ago….Bucaneer I got from Hallmark about 3 months ago

  105. erin says:

    I really wish I could use design studio with my imagine. I thought there would be an update by now. I need the bigger screen. I use my DS studio to lay out my work and I just think it sucks that i would have to buy the gypsy to do the same thing as DS LAME!

  106. JUDY says:

    i can better answer this question once I have taken a class and really learn how to use it.

  107. Brittay says:

    The only answer I can’t seem to find anywhere is – can you add text to the items you are printing and cutting?

  108. Melody Weber says:

    Wish cricut had waited to launch imagine until completely compatabile with gypsy or wish I would not have bought until then

  109. jeanette says:

    love the machine but need more insrtuctions as being a beginner dont know why not cutting with original cartriges and what the machine can actual do

    thanks jeanette

  110. Pamela Alvarez says:

    Was given cricut imagine as birthday gift. Praise God! I have purchased the cricut Lite billionaire font cartride—-have a question. How do I resize the fonts? Not sure how to make them smaller. the cartridge opens but I don’t see the option of resizing? Please help!

  111. Isabel says:

    Will the design studio work on the Cricut Imagine?

  112. Isabel says:

    Will the design studio software work on the cricut imagine

  113. Caroline says:

    Hi I was wondering are you going to make the cricut imagine smaller.things start of big and get small.A bit like phones.

  114. Caroline says:

    Hi dos enyone how if you can us the jukebox with the imagin

  115. Jane says:

    Will Cricut Imagine cut fabric to make quilts?

  116. Caroline says:

    Hi Jane ON all the demonstrations thay say yes.

  117. janell says:

    Hi my comment was looking at you cartriges and i wanted to know that if the cartrige fits the cricut espression?

  118. Terri Chown says:

    Cartridges are not what scrapbookers use a great deal and therefore not as useful as other cricut machines. Very rarely use it. When I do, I am using my cricut cartridges.

  119. Liz Shattuck says:

    Well, I will like it better when I can use my regular cartridges in it again!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Maria Larkins says:

    I am really getting frustrated because I can’t find the site where I could upgrade my cricut cartridges. Could somebody help me.

  121. Theresa Chown says:

    I love my imagine but I wish the cartridges were more realistic to the kind of scrapbooking we do. These images are almost antiquated. I don’t use them often.,

  122. brandi crumbley says:

    very disappointed in the cricut imagine…out of box, cartridge that came with it would not load, defective cartridge, had to sync it to get updates and call customer service and supposed to get new cartridge. went today and spent another 200.00 on three more cartridges and paper to make christmas cards and it said needed to update. been sitting here for three hours and update says the machine is restarting. we have went through this three times in the three hours we have sit here…what is going on with this machine. put cartridge in and says it needs updating. very frustrated that 500.00 later we have not got anything but the basic images that came loaded on the machine…waste of money…oh yeah, first day i got it i was on hold to customer service for 48 minutes before someone answered, that was last monday and looks like i will have to do it again tomorrow.

  123. Penny Ferrumpau says:

    Hello, I just purched a Cricut Imagine, thought I was going to be excited about it. The first one I brought home, the roller wouldnt pull the mat in and the blade was hitting the mat. So I took that one back and made sure the second one had not been open or tampared with. Well I get that one home and I get it all hooked up and powered on, the screen says “Insert the included cartridge to update your cricut imaging with the latest features before using. ” Well I have had that cartridge in now for about 10min and the screen still says the same thing. I am really getting frustrated. For the price they sells these machines for you should have as many problems that I have had with it so far. I am having second thoughts about the Cricut all together. Can someone PLESE HELP ME OUT THERE.
    Thanks Penny

  124. Blaq says:


    Go here download the correct version. Once you run the application it will update for you. If it does not work after that, use the help feature and Sync program will add the missing data your Imagine is looking for.
    I had a HARD TIME with this Imagine; I had no idea that Provo Craft would make this newer machine that would not be accessible by their own software products such as; DesignStudio & Craft Room. I am still looking for software that will allow me to work on my Imagine from my computer. I would not even mind so-much if I could even use computer software by Provo Craft that uses their own cartridge designs that I paid for. More customers will be happier to sit in their chair at their computers to put their creative design to use using Provo Craft software.
    I hope Pro Craft reads this…Great Product with very limited use. It’s call and IMAGINE so those of us who can IMAGINE what we have in our mind and have it come to life. It’s not called a “LIMITED IMAGINATION WITH NO ACCESSIBILITY TO SIMPLE FUNCTIONS THAT ARE RESTRICTED TO USE” lol!


  125. Lesia Couch says:

    I would like to order a cricut imagine, but every place I have checked has been out. Do you know when they will be getting some in?

  126. B BAKER says:

    I got a elegant edges cartridge my machine said it has to be updated can not find a way to do that. Help.

  127. B BAKER says:

    So disappointed

  128. Elaine Higham says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of getting a Gypsy,can you when you have loaded you cartridges onto it,choose images from all your Imagine cartridges and print them all at the same time? E.g. One from Mister frosty and one from Enjoy the Season etc.

  129. Syndi says:

    I haven’t figured out yet how to make my image bigger HELP

  130. New Owner says:

    Hi there

    I received a personal electric cutter and an extra cricut imagine cartridge as a birthday present. I have since realised that I can not use the cricut imagine cartridge in the personal electric cutter. Is there some other way to use this imagine cartridge? Can it be plugged into my computer or is that some cord and softward so I can plug it into my personal electric cutter?


    • Janeane says:

      It sounds like you received the original Cricut, along with a Cricut imagine cartridge. As you have realized, there is currently no way to use this cartridge in your machine. If you have already opened the Imagine cartridge, I would try to sell it on eBay, or maybe trade with someone you know who might own an Imagine machine.

  131. Sharon says:

    Hi, I love the Imagine, I’m sad that a few crafters has had problems – BUT I have had none.
    I hope they continue with updates.


  132. fran says:

    OK, I have the original Personal machine and original EXPRESSION, so the IMAGINE cartridges won’t fit my machines?

  133. Stephanie says:

    Someone bought me the “Kates Kitchen” cartridge for the Cricut Imagine. Will it work with the Expressions?

  134. Chris Wooten says:

    I have had the Imagine since world launch at and I love, love, love, love it so much that I gave away my expression, create, and then my hubby purchase me the expression 2 and I gave it to my niece.

    The Imagine is such a wonderful fun machine and all I need is white cardstock. In fact I love it so much I purchase another one for back up because I do not ever want to be without my imagine.

    I know pc discontinued them but I hope in the future they will make another one that prints.


  135. Kim says:

    I love my Imagine! I also purchased as other for a back up because I can not live without it even though I have an E2 as well. I have all but one cartridge and I really wish they would make more. I know it has some quirks but doesn’t everything. Cricut hit it out of the park with this one but I am so sad that the whole line has been discontinued. I am thankful I was lucky to start my paper crafting craze at just the right time. Thanks Cricut for bringing joy and happiness to further color my world

  136. caroline says:

    Hi where can I now get the ink for my imagine from? I am in the uk. if I can not get them ithe imagine is on longer any good and.

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