Cricut Lite

cricut liteCricut Lite is a new line of Cricut cartridges. Each cartridge contains 200 total images. However there is actually 50 images, with 4 layers each, that is how it makes 200 images.

As of right now they are only available from Wal-mart. (not sure if they will be available elsewhere eventually)

Below is a list of all the Cricut Lite cartridges.

Cricut Lite

2nd Lite Release:

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  1. Linda says:

    The Lite cartridges have 50 images per cartridge, not 200.

    • Linda,

      Yes, you are right. To say there is 200 images is really not quite right. You can get 200 variations of your images would be more correct to say. These are “lite” cartridges, so the images are going to be quite a bit less than standard cartridges.


  2. kara says:

    i hate walmart! why would they only be available there?! i do not shop there so looks like ill have to look elsewhere for these….ugh…very disappointed!

  3. sherrie says:

    I went to Walmart today and they are already on sale; most already sold out. $39

  4. Carol Murphy says:

    Why would you have a survey on lite Cricut cartridges when we cannot even buy them yet? Are you asking us what we think we would like the most if we were able to see or buy them?

  5. The Scrapbook Nook says:

    Once again provo craft has found a way to SCREW the independent scrapbooking stores!!! Thank you provocraft this is why I have stopped buying from you. The original founders of provo craft were always kind and made product just as accessable to the independent stores. Your site says “as of right now they are only available at Walmart”, when are you making them available to the loyal scrapbooking stores??????

    • Yes, without out a doubt this is going to hurt the local scrapbooking store. I am disappointed that Provo Craft is releasing them this way, and not giving the independent retailers a level playing field to sell the same merchandise. A few “exclusive” cartridges here and there is not as big a deal, but a huge release like this is going to make a big dent.

  6. Sandy says:

    I’m not sure that I like the idea of not having the quality we have in the original cartridges. The price is good but we can get the originals for the same price when they are on sale. It doesn’t sound to me like this is a good deal. I noticed them at Walmart this morning but wasn’t to impressed. I like the variety you get with the options of a full sized cartridge. Like the Solution cartridges I feel they are too limited without the added options that are available on the regular cartridges. Just my opinion.

  7. Chrissy says:

    Still waiting for a music cartridge, with band instruments and such. Think it would really be a great addition.

  8. Karen says:

    Picked up “Meow” tonight – cute…but for $50 it works out to be $1/image.
    The “full size” cartridges are now at my local wal-mart for $68, therefore, the lite is HEAVY on the wallet.

  9. Amy says:

    Purchased one of these lite cartridges and tried to link it to my Gypsy. It did not work. I had just earlier that day updated my Gypsy, so I know that was not the problem. Will these lite cartridges be able to work with Gypsy? When?

  10. Andrea says:

    I went to differnt walmarts. In Miami and in Naples (FL) could not find in any of those… and when I asked they didnt even knew what CRICUT was… if I am dissaponted… YES! Why they chose the WORST store to sell this???

    • Lisa says:

      had the same problem here in Durham NC. They told me that the cricut bread was only an “As seen on TV” product. NOT!!!!!!

  11. Rhonda Farrell says:

    The best thing I found at Walmart was the “full size” “regular” cartridges being moved to clearance. Got some really good ones for $23 each. The lites are $39, lots of them, some are interesting, some are very cute.

  12. Anna says: does not seem to be able to handle this cartridge release. The site has several of the cartridges listed with the wrong name. At the beginning of the week I put Cupcake Wrappers, they list as Card Creator and Carousel, they list as Girl Scrapbook, in my cart. Cupcake was listed in red as not available and I could not check out without deleting it. I abandoned my cart and revisited later in the week. Now the site doesn’t even show the Cupcake Wrapper as an item for sale. Ususally they would note is out of stock. As a test, I revisited my cart and found the titles for my cartridges greyed out. I processed my order to see if I could get a flag or backorder. To my surprise the order processed as usual. So I am hoping it arrives soon. I suggest visiting the site often since they seem to figuring out how to handle this line. Very disappointing, however. For all the time I have spent trying to get this, calling and visiting local stores and the website, I could have bought it on EBAY for around $50.00!

    • Anna,

      Thank you for the comments. When you are a company as big as Wl-mart and you sell millions of products, it is hard for them to really understand or handle the little details well.

      • Ellen says:

        If that is the case why in the heck would you trust them with your product? I would think that details would be as important to the seller as they are to the customer.. I have been getting full content cartridges for way less money than these LITE ones.. call me ignorant but this does not make sense to sell cartridges with less content for more money..who the heck came up with such a poor marketing strategy????

  13. Cindy says:

    I want Billionaire. It isn’t even listed on Walmarts webiste and wasn’t in the store I went to. Is there a phase in release?

  14. kristy says:

    I flatly refuse to buy the cartridges from Walmart. I will go without them!! However, how are they available on E bay, as I noticed tonight< when they are supposed to be exclusive to Walfart. My Scrapbook retailer would love to get them to sell…how are sellers off of e bay getting them? There seems to be some leakage of product….really have to wonder about this.

    Anyways, Provo Craft still seems successful dispite their poor business decisions, but Sizzix is putting a kicking into them and I hope they learn their lesson soon

    • Linda says:

      Why won’t you buy them at Wal Mart…seems like a really SMART business decision to me as TONS of people have Wal Marts in small towns and DONT have craft stores!

  15. Anita says:

    My local Walmart has the cartridges for $39 from the first day. The sales person in crafts told me this was the regular price. They have most all the lite. Don’t know why the other stores are selling for $68? Sounds suspicious of that Walmart.

  16. Sue says:

    Will you ever make a cartridge that depicts religious symbols? There are so many occasions that I could use a cartridge like that.

  17. Sue says:

    Please keep me informed—I would buy that asap! Thanks.

    • Deborah says:

      I also would like a cartridge that depicts religious symbols? basic church, Bible, song books, doves, SIMPLE crosses, angles with and with out horns, a scroll, basic symbols that are used by over 85% of the churches in the world. Just Simple Basic Symbols. The cost would NOT need to be inflated to the customer, with a claim that the demand is smaller than others, you would be surprised how that cartridge(along with a music cartridge) would sell so fast it would be hard to keep in stock.

  18. Some people don’t support WalMart and their business practices … therefore to just sell Cricut Lite there maybe shooting themselves in the foot! I will wait and get my cartridges on sale as I always do even though I like some of the shapes on the cartridges. But 50 shapes vs the numerous one on the others I think Provo craft is learning that people like the machine and cartridges and can get hooked & will be willling to pay $40 maybe but $90 yikes! They may also be trying to find out how minimal features they can get away with for $40 in a cartridge.

  19. Diana says:

    I love this new product. I just bought the Carousel cartridge and it is awesome. I know some people don’t like Wal-mart and it would be nice if you could buy it everywhere, but it is a great deal. I really liked that the booklet is now a laminated page. It is a little confusing to figure out the letters at first, but it’s nice that Cricut is trying to save trees. I made some carnival themed posters for my daughter’s PTA and they look great!

  20. Carol Miller says:

    I too had trouble seeing the images clearly so I cut each one at 2 1/2 and put them in an album so i get a clear image of each one

  21. Holly says:

    I bought the lite cupcake wrapper cartridge. It calls for 24 inch mat, I don’t have paper that long. What am I doing wrong?? No directions.

  22. Peggy says:

    Has anyone seen anything on any cricut cartridges of wine, grapes
    anything to do with wineries?

  23. Heather Green says:


    I think you are very fortunate in the US – here in the UK the cartridges are much much more expensive – the Lite carts are being sold for £39 which is considerably more than $39!!!!

    I would love to be able to pick them up on sale or in the local supermarket – that never happens here.

    Count your cricut blessings!!!!!

    • Deb M in BC :) says:

      Wow! I’m glad to hear you’re getting them in the UK though. What store is getting them there? We just started getting them in Canada, and they’re $49! And our WalMart store didn’t have all of them, so the two I really, really wanted, I had to go to Ebay. And of course, on there, they’re much more expensive too, plus postage.

  24. maria says:

    hi, i just bought a cricut cake. im just wondering if the cricut lite will work on it? thanks.

  25. maria says:

    wow! that was a quick reply. i will go back to walmart and get the pagoda catridge. thanks a lot janeane

  26. Anna says:

    I get frustrated when I see or hear about a new Cartridge and I go the Cricut Cartridge Library to view the images and find it is not listed. Why doesn’t “The Library” have all of the published carts? One example is Jolly Holidays but there have been over 5 that do not come up in search in the Library.

  27. Teresa Krause says:

    I have the botanicals (cricut lite) and can’t seem to figure out how to bring up the font on the screen of my cricut. I am also wondering how to clean my cricut. I use alot of vinyl and it seems to be getting louder and I don’t know if I need to clean it. Thanks, Teresa

  28. Lynne says:

    can you explain to me how this Lite thing works? I found the Inspired Heart cartridge at Goodwill and jumped on it for $9 — It doesn’t have a book in there only a pamphlet which shows all the pictures and then it says PHRASE and there’s all these phrases…are you saying they are also on this same cartridge or am I just lost and bewildered? If they are on here how do you access them?


    • DesignHog says:

      Try pressing the shift button!?!?!
      That should be the way to get to them!
      I have not used a Lite Cartridge, so I am
      just guessing!


    • Kay Moon says:

      Same problems I am having with the Lacy Labels. I would like a full-size image to look at and better directions on how to cut the various shapes.

  29. Lisa Boyer says:

    I was wondering if the cricut lites works with the cricut expression or not?

  30. Mandy says:

    I am new to the cricut, I just recently bought a cricut expression, will the cricut lite cartridges work w/ the expression? And will the imagine cartridge work w/ the expression. Thanks for your help,


  31. Matisse says:

    can the cricut lite cartridges be used on the cricut expression?
    i’m assuming that ‘lite’ refers to the # of images as opposed to an acutal cricut lite machine, correct?


  32. Michelle says:

    Menards also sells Cricut Lite cartridges. They were on sale for Black Friday.

  33. tiffany adkins says:

    MY husband just got me a cricket create and Im brand new to your line.Does cricket lite cartriges work for all crickets and or do they work for the create.And any other tips would be SUPER helpful,Thanks. Tiffrany Adkins.

    • Natalea says:

      Hi did you ever find out the answer to your question. I have the cricut expression 2 and I was wondering if the lite worked with it. Please advise.

  34. Dianne says:

    Hi- I just got a Cricut Lite machine at Walmart 2 weeks ago & am learning the functions using 2 Lite cartridges. My question is: Can I use the Cartridges for the other machines- Expression, Create etc. in my Cricut Lite? Will it read them & understand the sizing etc.?

  35. sda says:

    Can you use the Cricut LITE cartridges in the the Expression?

  36. bobandjenn3 says:

    Now that Walmart is discontinuing Cricut Lite cartridges, are they still going to be produced, or is this the end of the Lite carts? Went on a vacation this summer, checked every Walmart in 13 states, most of them have pulled it all already, and those that haven’t are selling them at a discount to clear them out.

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