Cricut Mini vs Cricut Expression 2

Cricut Mini vs Cricut Expression2

The Cricut Mini costs around $200 less than the Cricut Expression 2.

Is the Cricut Expression 2 worth the extra money?

The Cricut Mini is much smaller and lighter, but only works with a computer using the free Craft Room software. Which works great for some, but quite troublesome for others.

Cricut Expression 2 is a bigger and heavier machine, but it works by itself, or with a computer using Design Studio, or with a Gypsy and works with the free Craft Room.

Please leave your comment and which machine you prefer given the cost differences?

Is the mini an entry-level machine, or a complimentary machine for a power Cricut user?

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  1. Vanessa says:

    For the money… you really can’t beat the Mini, it will do 90% of what I need, so I’ll take savings and use it to buy cartridges! :)

  2. Sandy says:

    I would spend the extra $$ and get the Expression 2. The big downside to the mini is that it is tied to the Craft Room, and can’t be used by itself.

    • Kathy says:

      I believe the mini does work w/ the gypsy which is good cuz I can’t get CCR to work for me, but if I were to purchase one of the 2, I would choose the E2 becuz it can be used alone if need be. I already have the Expression and I do love it!

  3. Carol Horton says:

    I have the Expression and Imagine. I have a Gypsy and use Cricut Craft Room. I love everything I have. Seriously considered getting the mini to take along to crops. What happens if there is no wi-fi at the crop. I could use my iPhone to create a hotspot, but I have had trouble doing that. What good is a mini if I’m at a crop and there is no internet connection? At least with my Expression I can take it along even if it is larger and heavier. I’ve been doing this for years now and it does work.

  4. Janis LU says:

    They are both a good investment. I like them both.

  5. Jeri says:

    I would definitely spend the extra and get the Expression. I have both and don’t like the mini at all. It is inconvenient to have to use it through the computer and the Craft Room. On several occasions I was in the middle of using the Craft Room and the site went down so couldn’t proceed. I also like the larger mat with more area for images and being able to use the Expression with my Gypsy. Now that’s something to spend your money on instead of the mini. I couldn’t manage without my Gypsy.

  6. Bet says:

    I have both. If I weren’t able to afford the E2 I would buy the MINI. It cuts very nice, but remember that you need it to be hook to your computer, the internet and the CCR to use it.You can also travel with it because it is so lightweight.

    If you are an avid crafter and can afford the E2 I will go for it. It also cuts beautifully and has a bigger size mat which don’t limit your designs. It also cuts without the CCR.

    My personal opinion is that is a plus to be able to have the CCR now. Where you can play with all the designs and also be able to see all the cuts from all the cartridges in advance. Besides have all your cartridge in one place without the need to change it every time.

  7. Malena says:

    I own a mini and use it with my Gypsy – so I don’t need the computer. I love the mini and it is the only thing I take to crops.
    The only reason I have’t bought the E2 yet is that it doesn’t weld.
    I can do everything the E2 can with my Gypsy and my Expression or Mini. I won’t buy it until it does or it goes under $200.

  8. Carla says:

    I love my Expressions and my E2. I don’t think I would ever try to mini just because then I have to bring my laptop along also and that would be another thing to carry. I like having all of my physical cartridges that I can swap out with friends and bring my gypsy along to crops and I can design on there.

  9. jean heming says:

    First off it says choose 2 items to vote then when u choose 2 ,it tells u , only pick one !!! Whats with that????? Favorite device choose 2???? Please correct or let u pick 2!!

  10. Dawn Lampman says:

    when will we who have linked to the gypsy be able to link to craft room, I have over 100 carts to relink?????

  11. DeeAnn says:

    You can use the Cricut Mini with the Gypsy.

    E2 does not work with Design Studio.

  12. Audrey says:

    I have them all DON’T like the MINI and also dont like that you cant design studio with the E2 { Really I know crazy}

  13. Susan says:

    Although I’ve updated my Firmware I have not been able to get my Cricut Mini to cut since I bought it in February this year. It is very frustrating.

  14. fran schultz says:

    How do you download a cartridge into the computer. Can this be done. Please advise. thank you fran

  15. jann says:

    Im so comfused.. I dont know what to buy either the mini or e2, I just want to buy the best one, which one do u guys recommend??

  16. Kerry says:

    Would love to know which one to buy also! I have a brand new laptop…. I dont do scrapbooking away from home… I am lookin into buying one for sales purposes (I create banners, flowers and such for weddings as well as am a photographer so for props use as well)

    I would need to make flowers and banners mainly with this one and wouldnt do that away from home?

    I have a brand new laptop, brand new Windows, does it work with the brand new windows? I’ve seen other posts say it doesnt?

    Is the Craftroom thingy, is it really that confusing?

    Thanks for all your guys help!

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