Digital Cricut Cartridges

I could see this coming for the past few years, and now that Craftoom is finally live, it is now happening.

Purchasing Cartridges Digitally!

Cricut just announced that as of *right now* you can buy a variety of Cricut cartridges digitally using the Cricut Craft Room. A "simple and easy " purchase.

The question is will you buy a digital cartridge? Can you re-sell a digital cartridge?

What are the Pro's and Con's of digital cartridges?

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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  1. Nancy Alexander says:

    I would love to purchase cartridges digitally, however,I would have to know more about purchasing and using them.

    • Tammy says:

      Do you have Cricut Craft Room? If so it will be highlighted in there under my cartridge. Then you can design and cut in there.

  2. judy marco says:

    I have been downloading digital images for scrapbooking for several years….I like that cricut now has a way for you to get an individual design rather than having to get the whole cartridge that you may not use. Way to Go!!

    • Hotrodtilly says:

      I am new at digital scrap booking and would love to learn how to download the digital images. What is the best program to use? What are the best places to download these images? And what format types do the images use ? Any help you can give me is greatly appreciate as I am a bit confused with having too much information on what’s available. I’m pretty computer savvy, so I can catch on quickly. Would really love anyone’s suggestion as to what Digital Scrapbook software they use, along with where to get awesome images. I heard there are some that you can pay a monthly fee for unlimited download, but have yet to find one. Can you import images into the gypsy or studio to use with the cricut? Or do they have to be from Provo craft to use with gypsy/cricut studio? Make sense?

      • Cesspav says:

        that’s about PAPER scrapbooking, using digital cuts, not about Digiscrapbooking. For Diital scrapbooking, you find tons of kits in freebie on the net and some softwares as well, however, beeing a digiscrapaddict for several years, I can’t tell you nothing is better than photoshop to work on layout.

      • sasha says:

        When it comes to the cutting system you describe, that is with the sillouette. That is a different machine and a different company. Cricut use their cartriges only, and while you can now, especialy with the new Craft Room and the pre-existing gypsy, you can only edit pre – exisitng cuts. However, with a bit of imagination and the right carts, that is quite a lot of scope.

        When it comes to true digiscapping, i would recomend serif’s craft artist. They have a free version with limited kits and functionality, but look them up with google and try it before you buy.

  3. felisa says:

    I wouldn’t buy the digital cartridge the price seems to be too high when you can get svg files free online

  4. CJ says:

    Digital cartridges would only applicable in the Cricut Craft Room…so there would be limited usage available. If you are a Craft Room user, this could be very beneficial, but if you’re hesitant in using the craft room and have limited abilities there, it wouldn’t be for you. It could promote learning to utilize the Craft Room… but you’d want to have big discounts on those digital cartridges.

    • Barbara says:

      How do you use a digital cartridge in the cricut craftsroom? I purchased recently for particular images, however, I do not see anywhere as to how to upload or use..please help.
      Thank you

  5. Betsy says:

    If I bought a digital cartridge I would like to be able to have it on my Gypsy also. I really like having the booklets to look at the images and see how the layers work together. I’d miss having a physical booklet.

  6. Cindi VanAusdal says:

    Do I store the digital cartridge on my gypsy? Then it is like my other cartridges .. when I look at ‘used’ cartridges I have to be sure they aren’t linked to a gypsy. How can you share and take them to crops if they are on a desktop unit. I have a gypsy and desktop not laptop so my craftroom isn’t portable. Lots of questions before I purchase but not saying I wont!

    • sasha says:

      at least the craft room it’self is free. I won’t buy any didgi carts or images until they can go on my gypsy, and I do have a laptop. I’m still rather cross that they havn’t worked out how to load the 4 preloaded E2 anniv carts onto my gypsy. I am also a bit english, so appologies.

  7. Sheila Rogers says:

    for one price say $3.00, I would like to be able to pick 1 or 2 from each set. In other words I would like to be to pick from each.

  8. Caprice says:

    You purchase a digital cartridge then your computer’s hard drive crashes, do you have to buy the digital cartridge again so is the information for the cartridge stored on an external source?

    • pam says:

      no you don’t my hard drive lost everything and they are actually stored in the craftroom or I would have lost all 32 of my cartridges I linked but they are still there once I got my computer back up one was digital

  9. Grace Baxter says:

    For me personally, I still want the physical cartridge in my hands, or Cricut. My craft room is full of wonderful items that make crafting fun. Besides, I am on the computer too much of the day as it is.

    I have used the Design Studio and it isn’t pretty poor as far as software goes. (I am a web designer and graphics artist so I fully understand software). I also have a Gypsy and it’s not great. The layers feature has never worked properly. I am not a compulsive buyer, and although the mini Cricut looked interesting in the HSN launch, I did not feel it would be any better than the little “bug” I am already using. Why would I buy another machine just for the sake of working online? It’s not worth it to me. Perhaps some people are intrigued enough to buy into that, but I’m not really interested. For what I do, my little Cricut is just fine.

    One other thing: websites can and DO fail. I can’t imagine anything worse than trying to complete a project, only to be frustrated by a distant server going out, seeing error messages or experiencing delays. Nope. Online tools such as these are not perfected yet. Eventually, Provocraft will get it right but I will wait until it’s been around awhile. By then, they may have fixed the bugs. A lesson learned from Microsoft and their many “Updates” they are always making us install. Why can’t Provocraft leave well enough alone and instead, work on developing better cartridges that have more functionality. They seem to be making cartridges with less and less on them. I see it as a money grab… give less and charge more.

    In summary, customers need to be smart and not be taken in by every new gadget. Learn how to use WELL the ones you have, and not covet everything that comes out. It’s all about being personally creative! Creativity comes from within, and it’s nice of our tools aid us in that endeavor.

  10. Sherri says:

    I am a big Provo Craft supporter and feel that digital cartridges would not work for me…I have a lot of cartridges and like for them to be on my Gypsy.. that is my love!

    If you have a “crash” how would you re claim it?

    I teach and the only way a cartridge makes meaning for me is to have it on Gypsy, have the books for clients to look at…maybe for others it will work!

  11. Diana C says:

    I looked at them today in Craft Room but the digital cartridges, although cool, really don’t have much to them. I’ll wait and see if they get more images to a cartridge before purchasing anything.

  12. Brenda says:

    The digital carts on line now seem to be higher than the other carts when bought on sale. I really don’t think I would buy them. I would love to be able to use true fonts from our computers!

  13. Tami says:

    If the price was much lower and it came with a digital copy of the handbook (I’m a visual person and need those individual pictures of the objects) then yes. Same price – no way.

  14. Linda says:

    I would be reluctant to purchase a digital cartridge at this time.

  15. Ruthie says:

    The only way I’ll buy a digital cartridge is if it will be downloaded directly to my Gypsy. Period.

    I have absolutely no desire to use the Cricut Craft Room . . . my Cricut Expression is in my art room, which does not have an internet connection. My computer is in my office, and there is no room on my desk for the Cricut machine, and definitely no room for the Cricut *and* the mat (when cutting).

    I purchased the Cricut Design Studio thinking it would be easy to upgrade, and much easier to see my designs (vs the Gypsy) and then transfer those designs to my Gypsy for cutting . . . but that was a huge mistake. ProvoCraft does not make it easy to upgrade CDS as they require a complete uninstall of the program and then reinstalling it with the latest upgrade. Absolutely ridiculous and a waste of my time, and money as I would not have purchased CDS if I knew about the uninstall/reinstall stupidity on the part of their programmers.

    Further, ProvoCraft should make it possible to unlink a cartridge from a Gypsy – and allow it to be linked to a different Gypsy – especially in the event that someone needs to get a new Gypsy, or if they simply wish to sell the cartridge.

    ProvoCraft should concentrate more on fixing their known existing problems with the CDS software, as well as the Gypsy (cartridges not linking) BEFORE coming out with new products.

    Keep your customers happy, and they’ll buy even more from Provo Craft.

    Just my $0.02 worth!

  16. kandy buck says:

    my question is can you link them to the gypsy? do they come with printable books? can they be retrieved if a computer is stolen or crashes? is the cartridge even saved on the computer or just in the “craft room”

  17. Lilly Martins says:

    It depends on cost. If it is drastically cheaper, then I would MAYBE consider it. Also, it would have to be able to be loaded onto my gypsy, and used on the Imagine and Expression machines. I really like the cartridge option though as the handbook is invaluable to me. So it would have to be a phenomenal and well priced digi cart to get me to buy it.

  18. Tamtype says:

    What a brilliant idea. Especially for the likes of me in the UK with little access to the great cartridges that you get in the US. Curiously, why do people sell their cartridges? I’ve had mine for eons now and still use them repeatedly. However, will digital cartridges be cheaper than their couterparts?

  19. Pam says:

    I don’t think I would invest in a digital cartridge because I like the flexibility of using my Cricut with and without my computer. How would I be able to use the cartridge without being on Cricut Craft Room?

  20. Phyllis Meadows-Rose says:

    I wouldn’t mind buying a digital cartridge if I could load it on to my Gypsy. I don’t like having to be tied to the internet all the time.

  21. Cheryl says:

    If my child had a project due and didn’ tell me until the last minute, I might be tempted to buy something in the middle of the night that I could use immediately. But I wouldn’t be happy about paying more for it than I would if I shopped around and waited for sales, I wouldn’t like not having a real cartridge that I could share, and frankly, I love ProvoCraft’s products once I get them working, but I don’t really trust them enough to let them “hold” hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of my belongings. They’ve broken many promises and they will always decide an issue in favor of money in their own pocket.

  22. Tonya C says:

    I am a firm believer in worse case scenarios, so I would rather have the physical cartridge & overlay in case something happens to our gypsy or Cricut machine.

  23. Shirley Menard says:

    I know I haven’t read everything on this, but I wonder if the digital cartridges could be downloaded to my Gypsy. My computer and my Cricut are in separate rooms and really rather
    design on my Gypsy.

  24. Day says:

    I’ve collected over 200+ Cricut Cartridges. Out of necessity, my cartridges are condensed into Cricut’s Storage Totes. Each tote holds up to 75 cartridges, their overlays, and their booklets. I stored the Cartridge’s Origional Boxes in their carefully opened Claim Shell containers, boxed them & now they are placed in my mini-barn’s loft for safe storage.
    Now, with my Gypsy, 5th Anniversary Cricut Expression2, and the New Craft Room on cricut . com , I can store the Overlays, and Bookletes outside in mini-barn. Cartridges can only be stored in climate controlled conditions so I keep those in my home.
    I Love all the Possibilities computers and the new Xraft Room Offer!! I’ve Already Purchased Two Small (Small= -less -cost + -less shapes, per digital purchase) digital cartridges on line from Cricut . com , yet I haven’t had the opportunity to use them yet. I will post my opinion once I’ve worked with them.
    I work in a hospital as a Respiratory Therapist. This is Only Relitive to this Comment due to my experience with a Total Digital Break Down Event Actually Occurred one day in the Late 1990′s, as we later discovered, astronomers and meteorologist reported, there had been an unusually large ” Solar Flair” and it’s electromagnetic field had effected various locations Electronics.
    In Parts of Central Indiana various Eletronics/Computers were Not Functioning. The large University Hospital where I work was forced to function without Any Digital equipment working within the hospital. The Computers, Pagers, Digital Equipment, and Wireless Eletronic Phones, Shut Down!! Our Breathing Machines “Ventilators”, Electronic/Digital operated, SHUT DOWN!! A “hospital state of emergence” was at hand! Suddenly, we were functioning with only Eletricity, Wired Telephones, and an Old Fashioned Wired Overhead Speaker System which was operated by one person speaking into a oversized microphone.
    Somehow (?), the Solar Flair’s Electromagnetic Field effected our computers. Also, several miles away; on my way home, I stopped by a local (well known) pharmacy. Their computers, also disabled, could Not Access Data previously stored within it’s soft and hard ware Files.They had no records available for any one!
    This IS a TRUE Event, It Actually took place. Yes, Really!! I say this realizing how “Si-Fi” this Real Event must sound to persons who have not had this event take place in their locality.
    The happy ending; With the help of most the hospitals employees willingness to help & assist, on their day off, all our patients continued to recieve Quality Care. Within that 24 hours all the Computer and digital equipment was restored to their origional functioning capacity.
    I know their is a history of the Gypsys cartridges wiping out and loosing all it’s data, then the only option is to re up load each cartridge, one by one, very time consuming.
    There is a Lot of Added Security Knowing I Can Actually Touch, Hold, See And Even “OWN” (as it’s truly not owned by purchaser it’s only Licenced to me as per end users agreement), Have in hand the product which I have Invested My Money In! I like knowing if elese fails I have my machine and my cartridge and my electricity.
    My Wise Grandmother taught me about an Old Idiom which I will share at this juncture.
    ” A Bird In Your Hand Is Worth Many Birds On The Wires.”
    I love it All.
    Let’s have fun scrappin!!
    Signed; by me; Day .
    Mid Nov. 2011


  25. teresa stagliano says:


  26. Mary says:

    I would not buy if I had to buy a new cricut to use it.

  27. Mary says:

    I would not buy it if I had to purchase a new cricut machine to use it.

  28. kim phillips says:

    I would if the prices were very very inexpensive. I do not think there is a resale value. Thanks Kim

  29. sandra jones says:

    When will we be able to purchase please let me know and how much will it be.

    sincere Thanks
    sandra jones

  30. jean heming says:

    Yes I would buy the digital cartridges as long as u can put them on another pc if you have to buy a new one!!! I have purchased the mini & waiting for it to arrive !!! I hane 2 friends who have purchased it also …We love the craft room!!! we have just recently started working with it & have gotten it to print & cut from the imagine & cut from the E2 !!! Awesome!!!

  31. carol says:

    Yes, THis way you can purchase just what you really want. There are so many thing on the cartridges that I will never use. We can now pick and choose. Great. Also it takes no space on my shelves.
    Thank you,

  32. Martha says:

    I wouldn’t want the digital cartridges, even if they were free!!! I LOVE my little cricut machine. It’s going on 4 years (with the original blade), and I do alot of card-making, scrapbooking and projects for my kids – so happy with it!

  33. Trish says:

    Will we have to purchase the entire digital cartridge? Would it be possible to just purchase one file from a cartridge, the way you can buy one song from iTunes? I have many cartridges from which I only use a certain few designs.

    Also, it would be like building your own, personal cartridge in the same lite as creating your own recipe book.

    Would be a great idea and one I think many Cricut users would go for!

  34. Rosemarie says:

    After purchasing a digital cartridge while designing on Cricut Craft Room I now cannot design with it directly on the Imagine.!! Neither do I have the cartridge to put it on the imagine. Since I cannot combine layers in CCR and cut as one image I cannot use a project made with the digital image on the Imagine. I think Provocraft is short on words when selling new items. They need to explain what it can or cannot do.

  35. Tina says:

    I want a physical cartridge, Period! I have over 200 cartridges and I can’t imagine them being strictly digital. I want what I want at my fingertips. If I decide to sell my cartriges, how would I see the digital versions?

    I also feel that any pre load that comes out on a machine should be available on a cartridge. I should not have to buy a new machine just to get a specific cartridge. Just one example…Best of Times that comes with the Creative Memories Cricut Expression 2…I already have an Expressions 2, as well as the Expressions, 1st cricut cake, and now (or as of Christmas-hubby bought on Black Friday but won’t let me have it yet) the Cricut Imagine…my craft room is running out of room.

    PC needs to keep their current loyal customers in mind when going after other markets.

    I do not like that I can not remove my cartridges from one Gypsy back onto the cartridge. What happens if my Gypsy has a malfunction. Then I have 100′s of cartridges that I can not load onto another gypsy. I can assure PC I will not buy those cartridges again. If my gypsy fails and I have no way of getting my already purchased cartridges onto another one…I will start looking for another cricut like machine and sell every cricut product I have.

    PC get out of the digital world with the cartridges, I want to buy cartridges that I can have in my craftroom and sell should I decide I don’t want it. Other option, have digital available for those that want it but also make available a cartridge for purchase.

  36. sasha says:

    I do see good points to the downloads. Provocraft won’t ship to the uk, so the points from buying cricut products don’e go anywhere. When they put in a trade in option, and make the digital images much cheeper, they might be on to a good thing. I do like the idea of being able to de-link a cart from a gypsy. That seems like a very good idea, I am sure it could be done with a few softwre tweeks. Maybe if we shout load enough somone may hear?!?

    • Angela says:

      You mention that provocraft won’t ship to the UK. Do you mean when using the rewards points as I always register my rewards and frequently purchase cartridges and only pay the postage the last time I ordered three cartridges and I think once the postage was paid it cost approx £12.00 am not sure if this is off any help

  37. Sallie says:

    Ok. Maybe I am dense, but I don’t get it. Someone please clarify, can I CUT with digital cartridges or are they to be used for digital scrapbooking? The Cricut site is so unfriendly. Nothing is ever explained.
    If I can purchase a digital cart for $5-$10 and do with it what I would do with a $40 cart from the store, than YES, count me in!

  38. CJ says:

    I am not impressed with the digital cartridges. First they are way too pricey and you only get about 4 if that. I do however, like the 3d images but if they don’t work with the gypsy I won’t bother get them. I prefer the physical cartridge with the many images much better. Heyprovocraft I wish you’d make a 3d cartridge with the christmas ornaments and lanterns.

  39. Nicole Becker says:

    I would be all over the digital cartridges if I could save onto some sort of online account and then upload it to my Craft room and have Craft room be able to save for me to upload to my Gypsy easily. If this is already an option, then good instructions on how to do this would help.

  40. sandi says:

    As usual my problem with Provocraft in general is that they do not seem to follow-thru on their products that have problems. It seems like they would rather pretend the problems didn’t exist and just keep creating more and more new products.

    With that in mind I would not want anything to do with the Craft room or digital images that could only be used in it. I own an Expression and an Imagine and have purchased over 100 cartridges. I also bought the Gypsy which I have given up on and don’t use because it never worked correctly, especially with the Imagine carts. I spent tons of time on it with nothing to show for it. I also purchased the design studio software which I don’t think worked with the Imagine either.

    I own my own business and work 10 or more hours on most days. I bought the cricuts so I would be able to relax and enjoy a stress-free hobby. So far all it has given me is more stress. I am still optimistic that I will eventually be found enjoying myself while I create beautiful works of art in my own craft room at home. As far as buying anything more from Provocraft, the jury is still out on that!

  41. sandi says:

    I would like to be able to purchase them either digitally for a lower cost or the regular way for the regular prices. Digital woulds be great when I need one ASAP, but I like the feeling of security of having the hard copy just in case. Over the years I have had to repurchase downloaded software when it accidentally got erased on my computer.

    On another subject, does anyone know where I can get either or both of the Hello Kitty cartridges? It is discontinued and a few copies are on EBAY but really expensive. If you have one to sell, please let me know!

  42. Doris Parker says:

    I think the CCR exclusives are awesome BUT I feel they are WAY to expensive for what you get. I do like having the hard copy too.

  43. christina says:

    I won’t buy digital because I like the physical item if I need it as well I bring my cartridges to my moms house to use plus the gypsy loading issue.physical cartridge is better.

  44. Lin says:

    I am pleased with the craft room, purchased a digital cartridge because it is no longer available and was selling at double price on ebay . I prefer for the price to own the hardcopy but am satisfied with my purchase and will purchase more as needed.

    Glad I made the decision to learn ( still learning :-) how to use the craft room, it is a wow experience for me.


  45. Debbi McCue says:

    I would be more likely to buy a Digital Cartridge, if, as many others have indicated, I could load it to my Gypsy..I really do like Craft Room…. but I like having my images with me, when I travel and teach….and I don’t always have access to the internet in those cases…
    Perhaps this is something that could be resolved..?

    • jean says:

      Hi Debbie i am quite new to the crafting world, and would love to learn more, i was told that the craft room was free so i down loaded it onto my laptop, but when i came to use it says that you are only allowed to use the plantin school book, ?

      I have at least 25 cartridges on my gypsy do i need to contect this to my computer to get the other kits, or do i need to bye the digital kits. I am really confused!!!

      any help would be very much welcomed

  46. Delia says:

    Price is just too high, it would be great to buy individual images.

  47. lin willett says:

    I love the craft room, love the mini. The craft room has been updated to eliminate the original big learning curve. The fabulous search feature now works. I just took my mini on a four day crop, had all the gals using the craft room with sparse assistance from me. Of course, we were able to use the cartridges on the premises. Easy to use, fabulous for doing complicated layers. I have purchased a digital cartridge as it was not available otherwise. I do like the “rental’ feature, good for sprint cropping :-0 I do wish there was some way to get around the ability to use the craft room on two computers only as I cricut on my mac and on my daughter’s computer when babysitting. If the kids need the mac, I need to switch to their laptop.

  48. Khuee says:

    I am so lost. i just bought 2 digitals. how was i suppose to download it to my cricut? I’m lost, can someone explain to me how it works?

    • Anne says:

      When I purchase online, it automatically shows up in My Cartrdiges. Did you get a confirmation e-mail that you purchased it?

    • lin says:

      Your cartridges are accessed through the Cricut Craft Room. I assume you have set up the craft room on your computer. Look under “My Cartridges”.

  49. Kb says:

    I purchased a digital cartridge – the charge is visible on my bank account statement but the cartridge is NOT showing up in Cricut Craft Room – I am not happy!!! Someone please help!!!

  50. Martha Mejia says:

    Last year, I bought a digital cartridge, but after a few months, it dissapeared from my CCR. That’s way I never again bought this cartridges.

  51. Ashlee G says:

    I have a cricket expression. Can I buy digital copy’s and if so how do you use them. Please help me….

  52. David Laing says:

    I want to download a few of the digi packs for my cricut cake but im in the uk will they work here?

  53. Sheri J. says:

    *I can use my laptop to provide a larger screen when scrapbooking in the craftroom

    *I can only use my laptop with digital cartridges
    *Digital cartridges are as expensive and never seem to be on sale

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