6 Responses to “Elegant Edges”

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  1. CJ says:

    lovin these edges!

  2. Deb M in BC :) says:

    Love this one too!!!

  3. Bought it and loving it!

  4. Rachelsmum says:

    Please hurry and send it to the uk – I want this one xsue

  5. GumalP says:

    I want this one sooooooo bad. VERY TOP Of My Wish List!!!!! Soooooo envious of all you ladies that can purchase these cartridges as soon as they come out!!!! I’ll have to wait a bit longer & watch E-Bay for the cost to come down. You know what they say, “Good Things Are Worth Waiting For!” EnJoY, eNjOy, ENJOY ;-)

  6. Eileen Babka says:

    This is on my wish list too, however, even at ebay, it is too much money

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