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  1. LF Jackson says:

    what is the smallest size these flowers can be cut?

    • Shelley says:

      The flowers are very big on this cartridge they are great for decorating but way to big for scrapbook pages or cards

  2. Teri says:

    I too am wondering just how “giant” giant flowers are. I am very interested in knowing more information about this cartridge and its possiblities before making the step of purchasing this. I have a niece who would love to get paper flowers in the mail and who would love to help me make flowers. What are the boundries of this cartridge?

  3. Doris Parker says:

    i just got the cartridge today. IT has 9 flowers with all the pedals, etc to make the flower realistic. It looks overwhelming and wondering… can I do this!!

  4. judith beaver says:

    Many times I can not find your cartridges and also have a very hard time finding the sticky plastic sheets you connect paper to so we can print the items out. Where can I get these with out hunting all over the counties.

  5. Shellie Profumo says:

    Love my Cricut & other cartridges, but very frustrated with this cartridge!!! Flowers must be cut very large in order to use the tiny slits provided for inserting the tabs, etc., to put them together. Paper selection is a problem because both sides show. Certainly not appropriate for scrapbooking or cards. Maybe decorations for a luau party? Not a fan of this one!

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