“Just Because” Cards

"Just Because" Cards Cartridge is just that... all about cards! This cartridge is loaded with fun and imaginative images and words. Animals, flowers, and even food are included inside this cartridge. A full forty cards with layers and and 10 envelopes, and includes cuts for phrases, stickers, and stencils. Release Date March 2010.

"Just Because" Cards Cartridge"Just Because" Cards Cartridge Shapes

"Just Because" Cards Cartridge Sample

Just Because Cards Cricut Cartridge

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  1. kathy reich says:

    This cartridge needs words such as Happy Birthday, Good Luck, Congradulations,
    It’s a Boy/Girl,Happy Easter, etc. Then it would be a more useful cartridge.

  2. Darlene says:

    Kathy I agree. Would also like to see some card items I like to make such as borders, bows, layering items like background shapes. I can find these on some of my cards but would be nice to have a card that is just about making cards.

  3. T momma says:

    I am sorry, but I have to disagree w/ the other comments on this one. There are so many other cartridges in the huge library that include all those common phrases already mentioned. Repeats of common phrases AGAIN, would have bothered me. They are aiming at diversity within the context of offering the most options available, for the money spent.
    So, I think with this cartridge they are trying to be more innovative, creative and different, instead of doing the same old phrase over and over. And I think to get stuck on that mere point alone, is to lose out on the beauty and countless options offered in this neat Cricut Cartridge.
    As far as having borders on card cartridges, there is no reason you can’[t borrow for the many other cartridges and clip them to be used with the card. And if you look through many of the cards already have a decorative edge….
    Bottom line is that this cartridge is thoughtful, imaginative, valuable, beautiful and a wonderful addition to your creative arsenal. Blessings

    • T.K. says:

      I agree with you. It is called “Just because” which means just that just because, not because it’s christmas or your birthday. I have been looking into this cartridge and I think I am going to get it. You can always mix and match with sayings from the other cartridges (thank you design studio) plus the i love have the card and envelopes that go with them, that is quite nice so I don’t have to try and cut out a card and then find an envelope <3 it!!

  4. ANN says:

    I have a question. Maybe someone out there can help me. I have purchased this and am I wrong or in order to cut the cards, it is only for the Expression machine. I watched a video that was on another blog and the girl said that it was cut at 5 1/2″. I cut it at that and when folded it was very small. What I wanted was each side of the card as 5 1/2″. So I tried the 11″ with the CREATE and it said unable to cut, so I change it to sideways and still it wouldn’t cut, so I am assuming that this cartridge is specific to the EXPRESSION. Tell me it ain’t so and you will make my day. OR WHAT AM I DOING WRONG. Any help appreciated

    • Teri says:

      I have a similar problem with my expression with my wild card cart. There are cheet sheets out there to help you with some of the sizing problems, you just have to look on the internet hard enough to find them. For my wild card cart. I found a cheet sheet on a blog page called joyslife.blogspot.com and that saved me from throwing the cart. in the garbage because i was so frustrated with it for not working, when it was me who didnt understand how to use it. Also, I noticed with wild card, some of the cards are just meant to be very small (not one of my fave things either to hand some one a very small card that looks like you didnt try very hard to make it look nice). I havent seen or even looked for a cheet sheet for the just because cart but I bet there is one out there. Try the joyslife blog or she is also on facebook under that name as well, or try a google search for just because card cheet sheet and see if it pulls one up. you might also try a yahoo cricut group to join and see if they know of one.

  5. Sally says:

    I like this cartidge. I agree with the poster who stated this was diverse and wonderful. But I too would really like some of the same old “boring” phrases
    like Happy Birthday, Congratulations and It’s a boy/ girl. I do use those the most. Not sure how many cards I will make that say Families are Forever or Apple of My Eye or just like riding a bike……….. you get the idea. However, there are some words you can cut out separately from the saying and put your own together. I love the card shapes and envelopes and also the pics. So cute. The reason I would like to have the “boring” sayings on this is that I wouldn’t have to buy so many cartridges. I really can’t see buying a cartridge just to get a few sayings. Some of us will always have a smaller library of cartridges. But I still love my cricut and like this cartridge. I recommend it.

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