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  1. Sharyn says:

    Just got my Lacy Labels and am having a good time playing with the shapes.

  2. Deb M in BC :) says:

    I just LOVE this cart! I hope our WM will get it in soon! Deb M :)

  3. Julie C says:

    Deb M – You can order online from Walmart and have it shipped to your store for free. No need to wait!

  4. cal says:

    how do you even begin to know or learn the combinations and what is on the cartrdge? no instrucitons and not very large images need a larger diagram of what is on it

    an y suggetions

    • Caroline says:

      Hi Cal

      The Design Studio is a realy good tool for looking at all the cartridges. You can see all he images clearly and what each key do’s. I hope the new craft room is as good. {plus the craft room is free}.

  5. Kay Moon says:

    I’ve recently gotten the Cricut lite lacy labels at Walmart but I just do not feel everything is there. Instead of the spiral booklet, now there is a trifold card. I find it very hard to read. Plus I do not seem to have the rubbery keypad for layer as is shown on the trifold. So I am having quite a time getting it all together. What am I missing and what should I do to help my problem?
    Thank you!
    Kay Moon
    PO Box 3
    McVille, ND 58254

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