Official Provo Craft Statement About Third-Party Software

Provocraft has released their official statement about 3rd party software, and the law suits that are going on between Provo craft and other companies. Provocraft states they would like to

address some of the comments that have been made recently about steps we have taken to address the sale of unauthorized software programs

Many comments like this have been brought up and been commented on by readers of this blog.

Here is the link to read the Official Statement from Provocraft.

What do you think of their statement, are they within their rights to defend their products and creativity as they have outlined in their statement? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Jodie says:

    I don’t know I see their point about creating the products, but when the BIG company takes the little guy to court it almost always looks bad…

  2. Malena says:

    Yeah, I get it. But there are images you can’t get on their cartridges. I’m hoping they let you cut your own line images. I work in a school and it is really nice to be able to cut our logos and mascots.

  3. jenni says:

    You have every right to protect your product! I appreciate the effort that Provo Craft has made to bring us greater abiity to “play with” the cartridges they have created ie.: design studio and the gypsy, and to further that creativity by providing the cricut craft room!

  4. Sherree Smith says:

    I currently own 2 Expressions and a Personal Cutter as well as 94 cartridges, Design Studio and a Gypsy. I have created many custom images using the Gypsy and Design studio, and I would have no problem using only Provo Craft products if they would fulfill their promises. They make promises to their customers that they do not keep, such as creating 2 more design functions for the “Xtra1 and Xtra2″ buttons–buttons that no absolutely nothing! Instead of fulfilling their promise to complete these functions for the customers that had already invested in their machines, PC chose to create more new machines. Now they say “we know that some of our customers want the ability to cut with their Cricut certain images that are not available in the Cricut library. Many of you know that in April we are releasing the first version of Cricut Craft Room, which is an all-new, free, online design platform for Cricut. Though this feature won’t be available initially, we intend to provide our customers the ability to cut some of their own images in Cricut Craft Room in the future.” Customers need to read that very carefully, because if Provo Craft commits to “provide in the future” I will believe it when I see it! I would have better odds spending my crafting dollars on lottery tickets than I would investing any more money into promises made by Provo Craft!

  5. Jan Wilkins says:

    When a company like ProvoCraft has large investments in their products and the constant developement of those products, they have every right to protect their property.

  6. Liz says:

    I can understand Provocrafts point about investing so much money to bring their product to life. But, I also feel that just because provocraft did not come up with a software that would allow us to cut our own graphics…and that being because that would minimize their cartridges sales, that does not mean that noone else should be allowed to make any improvements to a product just because its thru a third party. I feel provocrafts has great cartridges of which I own many. But the truth is they couldn’t possibly have a cartridge for every graphic we would want to cut. So maybe in the interest of us their customers by which they make millions…they should try to see how they can work together with third party companies instead of wanting it all for them. I feel others should also have the opportunity to improve a product and benefit from the improvement part of it. Imagine if many of the products out in the market that we use everyday would not have been allowed to be improved To provocraft…..think of you customers first and what makes us happy.

    • Lisa Ritchie says:

      I agree with this person. I own almost 200 cartridges but I frequent many SCAL sites and appreciate the flexibility they offer. I don’t think PC can gripe when 1: they have clear market share and 2: they don’t offer the capabilities and creative freedom these products do. Until such time, let the consumer make their own choices. They will dictate the market without dragging the already bogged down legal system into this. That’s just silly.

  7. sandi says:

    I am a writer so I understand the importance of safeguarding my work from copying, however Most hardware companies are happy have additional companies creating additional programs or “apps” that can run on it since it makes it more valuable. I wish there was a large library of images that we could pick and choose from since it is really expensive buying a cartridge because I need one or two images. I have an expression and an imagine. I don’t understand why all of the cartridges are not the same size. Just to sell a new machine and cartridges I guess. I wish there was a way to license or purchase “open source” software for people who want to create and sell custom images. We should be able to import any images and separate them into the layers we want to, not just the ones PC has chosen for us. Photoshop or Fireworks software can do that easily and then the image can be used on a website, print, even embroidery or YUDU to create a complete coordinated image for a small business, family, club, school, etc. Or for coordnated decoration such as matching Xmas cards or invitations, ornaments, wreaths, napkin rings, etc. etc.I do feel that after thousands of dollars spent, I am not getting the capabilities I need. If another manufacturer (like craftwell) would come out with the print and cut features it would be a much better choice. No cutting mats needed – huge time and money saver and lots of other features. Please let me know if you know of other machines that are more flexible.

  8. Chloe says:

    If Provo Craft were my company, I would most certainly defend my copyrights, as well as my products, as I’m sure anyone would.

    It would be nice to have the ability to cut different objects not available on a cartridge, but there is so much freedom and creativity in the use of Cricut Design Studio software and the Gypsy, I have no problem designing and cutting just about any image–even a logo. I may not have the luxury of scanning it and cutting it, but I do have the ability to imagine it, design it, save the file for future use and, finally, cutting it. I am not sure what more I could ask for!

    I am not alone in saying that it is just as much fun collecting the cartridges as it is using them.
    So, if Provo Craft is worried about losing business by giving its customers the ability to scan a logo and print and cut it, don’t worry because we Cricut lovers will continue to purchase the cartridges no matter what.

    Keep up the good work Provo Craft!

  9. Gail says:

    Everything comes down to choice, the market has many machines that work from downloaded designs and designs that you want to create yourself. To make the choice of owning and using a Provocraft machine is up to the individual. One, choose a machine that will cut your own images or choose a machine that gives you the choice of having all the images designed for you with all the various steps created. To expect one company to provide all its own images as well as allow other companies to over-ride its machine software is unacceptable. I have chosen the Cricut Expression because I can buy so may images that have been created to use on the machine. I bought another cutting machine because I thought a the time I could create and download images and cut out anything I wanted the fact of the mater is I am not as good at designing the build up of layers that the Provocraft team are so I now own a Provocraft machine and love it. It all comes down to respect of the intellectual right off the designers of the company. Being a designer of needlework and having people photo-copy my material has made to process of designing non profitable so now I have stopped designing, so have many other people that I know. Not respecting the rights of the copyright owner of designers and companies involves people and companies moving at of field, we all suffer as a result. I respect the right of Provocraft to protect their product.

    • Craftyteaspoon says:

      Very true. If you want to design your own things to cut buy a machine that does that. I have a wishblade (blue one) that does any true type font, design my own, or buy images others have made. BUT when the computer world changed from Windows XP to Vista guess what? My wishblade was no longer usable. They refused to upgrade their software to make it compatible with Vista (and thus Windows 7). So I was stuck with a machine I could not use with a current operating system or I could keep using an old operating system just somi could use the Wishblade. Then they did have a solution! They made a new Wishblade (pink) that was compatible with the current operating systems. Ugh. Then on a complete impulse buy I purchased a Cricut and it is great. Since a computer is not necessary to use it it will not become obsolete as computer technology advances. Sorry, for the rambling posts. It’s late. LOL

      • Karen says:

        I have to agree there are CNC machines, my friends bought the silhouette and never learned it, it sat in their craft rooms without being used. I have friends who bought pazzil and never fully learned them. They eventually bought a cricut. I own the original and expression with the gypsy and now just under 180 cartridges. Copyright laws are there for a reason. I feel you are right in what you are doing. People can buy the other machines if they want to do things not supported by the cricut. They need to buy the other machines, and understand the cricut is there for a purpose… to assist those who cannot use the computer well. The gypsy enhances and allows you to creat, design your own shapes with other cartridges using the layers. I feel you need to defend your rights.

  10. Jean says:

    When I found the SCAL software at a scrapbook “convention” I was curious about copywrite issues then but felt that these issues were certainly addressed before being sold to the public. I have to tell you that it took me one year to getting-around to installing it. I found that it is only a compliment to the cartridges and I must confess that I’ve bought about 10 Cricut cartridges since I bought the SCAL program. Provo Craft cartridges are classy and versatile….not to mention…easy to use. I understand the legal issues but don’t feel these programs are much of a threat to Provo Craft. Your customers are loyal to your product…..

  11. andrea says:

    I cant understand why provocraft cant see that these other cutting programs can actually enhance the sales of the cricut machines. I have had my machine for about 5-6 years. I still buy cartridges but also love using sure cuts alot and I know MANY of my friends have invested in the cricut as it is the best cutting machine and the fact that you have the option of cartridges or do it yourself is what sells the machine. I know there is the gypsy etc but they are only of use to you if you own the cartridges first, so that is still too restrictive.
    If i am unable to keep using SCAL i would most certainly sell my cricut and not buy provocraft products again and buy a cutting machine that gives me the freedom I have now.

  12. Jenny Zender says:

    I do not own a third party software however I feel that it did give people a variety of uses for their Cricut machines. I think the third party software did not pose a threat to Provocraft because I think people still wanted the cartridges and products from Provocraft. I’m sure you had a select group that used only the third party software but you also had the select groups that buy whatever is new and avaliable. I think by not allowing people to use the software Provocraft will turn more people away then just allowing the software to be on the market. I often considered buying it but I am not a designer so I would have used it in a fashion like another cartrisge and would have continued to buy cartridges and added to my library. I tend to agree with others that we all have an investment in our Cricut collections and it would be nice to see Provocraft come up with new ways to enhance our machines we have now instead of creating new machines that current customers may not have an interest in. I believe a little competition does everyone good.

  13. Chloe says:

    As I said previously, I am in complete agreement with Provo Craft protecting its copyrights. However, I also agree with some of the responses in which the author wishes Provo Craft would continue to create products and new uses for the machines we’ve already got, rather than creating new machines, some of which are not compatible with the current products on the market. But this may be better expressed in another forum. Whatever the case, people love Provo Craft products and allowing customers more freedom to design can only create new avenues of business — certainly not hamper current business. But the right to do so belongs to Provo Craft and no one else.

  14. Rebecca says:

    The head of PC’s business development department should be fired. Their marketing department is very good at garnering interest, getting customers to drink the koolaid, but then everything seems to fall flat once we actually get the products home. Just look at this recent debacle. They tout a release of a new, exciting product – its nearly the end of April and we can hear crickets chirping…literally. Its like a beautiful, shimmering, gift box with nothing in it. People need to stop drinking their koolaid long enough to see the Emperor has NO CLOTHES.

    For all the hoopla they have raised over “copyright protection” and going after a company that was actually helping to SELL their machine and RAISE the value of those same machines – how is it that they, these sparkling, corporate gems themselves, stole the creative design for the Cricut Cake from a woman who has a patent pending? yeah. This was quite eye opening. Or, the Cuttlebug – this machine would be useless if it didn’t work with dies from other companies. The product development for this machine has no pulse on the market at all. But PC has no problem letting their machine be used with Spellbinders. Hmmm. I wonder why Spellbinders isn’t suing them? Oh yeah, its because it MAKES money when a company embraces multiple platforms for its products.

    If the rights clause mentioned above is really true, I am done. No craft machine company will ever tell me what I can or can not do with a product I create – most especially from flat little images cut from paper I buy to then compile a card or a gift that uses MY creative talent to complete – whether its to sell or gift. Puhlease. I have a suggestion. PC should pack up their toys and go home. No one wants to play with selfish, paranoid, unethical liars. Period.

  15. Susan Ackerman says:

    Could you imagine how limited the growth of personal computers would be without the open development policy developed by Microsoft and Apple? To increase the demand and value, both companies offered assistance to third party companies developing applications on their operating system platforms. That’s what I’d love to see from Provo Craft. I believe they should protect the copyright of the cartridges developed, but encourage others to develop for the cricut product line. It could only enhance the value of their equipment. Users would still have to purchase the support products (blades, mats, etc.) and I’m sure many users would continue to purchase images directly from Provo Craft.

    In regards to the development of the exisiting equipment, perhaps Provo Craft should consider a support/release upgrade cost to augment their development cost of their current product line. If there are hardware limitations dictating the inability of software upgrades (new features) to their current equipment product line, it would be nice if Provo Craft would declare those. In the computer industry, typically the hardware is more advanced than the software. It takes software developers time to develop new software levels to utilize all the new hardware advancements.

    I do enjoy using both my original cricut and my cricut expression. I have just purchased the gypsy to take on road trips. I have collected quite a library of cartridges (over 120)and used design studio to create projects. I also, however, use Inkscape to convert files to svg and import into SCAL to cut. I love the designs others have created in SCAL and appreciate the openness of the SCAL/MTC community to share. I do not want to lose that ability.

    If Provo Craft does not offer the ability in the Craft Room in a short period of time to utilize our own images, I will invest in a different product line to assure I retain the ability to cut custom images. That’s money I will not be investing in Provo Craft.

  16. I purchased a Design Studio and have not YET been able to get it to load properly on my machine even with tech support help – they think it is a bad copy and will need to get a new copy of the software – so I got a gypsy instead but poor eyesight and the teeny, tiny screen is causing me frustration with using it – wish there was an easy way to use this – would like to use my computer. I have to buy some many cartridges to get maybe one or two desgines when if I could download from the internet at a ‘reduced cost’ then purchase the entire cartidge if I wanted to later that would be great – there are no real options. It is getting very expensive when my needs are limited at times.

  17. Jane Bradshaw says:

    ProvoCraft have developed a great product with the Cricut but it is very costly to keep purchasing the cartridges which greatly stem the flow of creativity for many who are computer literate. It is a super system for those who just want to ‘plug and play’ which I must admit I also do when in a hurry. Provocraft should embrace the idea that their product has proved itself for stability and reliability. Having purchased the machine and accessories is money enough for ProvoCraft who I should add have the worst customer service support of any company I have dealt with. I do not live in the US or Canada, can’t get an answer out of them as to how to redeem reward points etc and I have spent over 1000 pounds on their products as they do not seem to support overseas customers. I am looking to purchase a second cutting machine, probably the Black Cat Cougar next year and will probably not replace my Cricut when it dies. ProvoCraft are lacking vision which will be their downfall in the end.

  18. misscat says:

    This is in reply to Jane Bradshaw. The website to redeem points is http://www.cricutrewards. What you need to do is create a profile for yourself then it will prompt you to type/key in each of your codes. Each code usually is 90 points. After you finish then go to “rowse by points” on left side and you will be able to see what cartridge or other circut accessories you can win based on the number of points you have. KEEP IN MIND YOU WILL BE CHARGE SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES. I just received my free cartridge about a week ago, so I know it works. What I don’t like about the problem is that not all cartridges are part of the game. Hope this helps.

  19. misscat says:

    With third party like sure cut a lot and make the cut being out over a year, you would have thought that provo craft would have invented their own version. With some cartridges costing $89 I welcome sure cut a lot. However I will say that it still isnt the easier software to use. If provo craft come out with one on their own,I bet I would be easy and smooth in using it. Now on the other side of the coin I understand a company wanting to protect their products but why is it that their cutterbug is design to use “OTHER INDUSTRIES DIES”? such as sizzix, spellbinders, boss cut and quickut dies. They love it and the fact that their prodcut can be used with outside dies so why not let their sister machine do the same? Even though I have sure cut a lot I went out and brought new circut cartridges when Michaels had discontued cartridges on sell.

  20. Not A Cricut Owner Anymore says:

    I personally purchased a cricut expression on the Sole use of MTC, SureCutsAlot, or Fairycut – no choice made, but Provocrap made a choice for me. I MUST return my machine.
    How provocrap THINKS they CREATED the cricut is beyond me… plotters & cutters have been in existence since the 80′s, NOT 2006! All provocrap did was put a computer/cartridge system ON a HP based or other Based Plotter & called it cricut. NOW other companies have beat them to the punch of allowing SD cards and Computers instead of Cartridges. The lawsuits are FRIVOLOUS and should have never been awarded. When will someone bring suite to provocrap for STEALING the IDEA of a PLOTTER/Cutter?
    I have to say, I was excited to OWN a CRICUT and telling friends, but now provocrap has LOST Future sales. Michaels, HSN, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics and WalMart will definatley feel a pinch on SALES of a cricut product.

    LET HOPE they Learn of the eCraft Machines…
    I have already started spreading the word in my Area, I hope you do too..

    Good LUCK Provocrap Monopoly & Congratulations on Sabataging your own product lines…

    Will they go after signcut, inkscape, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, PaintShop Pro, etc… Next?
    Or did Provocrap come up with DESIGNING Software IDEA as well to send to PLOTTERS/Cutters/CNC machines.

    Make The Cut, Sure Cuts A Lot, Fairycut any everyone else Provocrap has threatend or stopped, SEEMS like PROVOCRAP STOLE YOUR IDEA’s.
    I would put suit on them for Coming into YOUR MARKET PLACE! With THEIR new online (WHAT A JOKE) Software.
    Like all the ladies have an internet connection or aircard where they scrapbook. USELESS… DID I SAY USELESS SOFTWARE… 80% of the people WILL NOT USE ONLINE SOFTWARE so you can WATCH what they design, so you can STEAL their IDEAS. IDIOTS!

    Just another MICROSOFT..
    NEVER ENOUGH $$$$ and can’t REALLY come up with their own IDEAS / Designs
    how many of the DINGBATS (High end graphics) have they stolen from FONTS on Windows, UNIX, Linux, etc..
    I JUST LOVE the Graphics. It’s like printshop on the Commodore 64 back in the 80′s.


    Oh, YOU already DID, back in April.

  21. Carrie says:

    This is to provide notice that, as of May 13, 2011, Craft Edge Inc. has agreed to stop selling, offering to sell or distributing its software product, Sure Cuts A Lot™ major versions 1.0 and 2.0, in accordance with the terms of a confidential settlement agreement entered into with Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc. The litigation between Provo Craft and Craft Edge will be terminated with all claims dismissed. To ensure compliance with this settlement, Craft Edge requests that all our distributors, partners and affiliates completely stop selling, offering for sale or distributing these versions by no later than May 27, 2011

    Craft Edge greatly appreciates and values its relationship with you and desires to work together now to close one chapter of that relationship and open a new one. We will continue to provide quality software for our shared customers in Sure Cuts A Lot™ version 3.0 and beyond.

  22. Kat B says:

    Provocraft is greedy. They should have predicted that scrapbook artist’s would want to create their own designs, as it’s only natural.
    I for one see this as their desperate attempt to make “nice nice”
    Instead of saying “sometime in the future”, they should swallow their pride and do it now.

  23. Gail L says:

    I agree that Provocraft have shot themselves in the foot by not allowing SCAL etc, it has upset too many crafters, most of whom use software and still purchase cartridges. I think that they had to protect their copyright because Make The Cut were planning to including cartridge content in their software, up until then Provocraft had turned a blind eye. I cannot agree that their customer service stinks. My Gypsy stopped working and was out of warranty. They arranged for it to be collected and a new one sent out with the same serial number, so that I could re-link my cartridges, free of charge. I live in England. I own the Imagine, Create and Expressions 1 & 2. I also own a Eclips, Pazzles, Slice and Silhouette SD and Cameo. My favourites are the Silhouette Cameo and original Cricut Expression. If you want a machine that uses both cartridges and software try the Eclips it has an excellent cut. But, for ease of use and extensive libraries with top quality designs, you cannot beat the Cricut machines, or the Silhouette.

  24. Emily B. says:

    I understand on some points. On others they are going to drive sales down and end results not looking good for procraft profits. Economy is bad and people are going to buy a product that allows them to design custom art and images that do not keep them in a cookie cutter box or in the poor house from buying expensive cartridges plain and simple.

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