Provo Craft Angel Policy

What is the Provo Craft Angel Policy?

The Angel Policy limits the re-selling of products created using the images, shapes, and fonts from Provo Craft products such as Cricut and Cuttlebug.

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  1. samantha raughton says:

    Can you sell cards and other things you make? What do I need to do to get permission. What are the limits on reselling”

    • cricut cartridges says:


      From what I can tell, as long as you are not “Mass Producing” items you are okay. They currently define Mass Production as:

      “Mass Production means any of these: (a) production in quantities of more than ten thousand (10,000) Finished Products per year; (b) production by more than one person in an assembly line fashion; (c) production by a person other than the individual who created the original craftwork item or Finished Product, or by a member of his or her family; or (d) production in a factory.”

      Also item 6. states:

      “Each Finished Product that incorporates any Copyright Material must be conspicuously marked with the notice “Includes Copyright Material of Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc.” in a reasonable size and location on such items, or on tags or labels for such items.”

      I would suggest reading through the angel policy document on the Provocraft website.

  2. debbie says:

    does anyone know where i can get a printable list of all the cricut current cartridges. I cant find the page on provo anymore where i used to be able to view and print out one page of photo contents of the cartridge to keep in my cricut bible – im so ocd im lost without it – thanks

  3. Grace says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a good used Gypsy? Mine has never worked properly and now it won’t even let me cut layers. I’ve been trying to cut them by hand. Ridiculous!

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